Do you suffer from mood swings? Are you the melancholic type?

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Mood swings, melancholy and depression show up in hands in a number of ways. Sometimes depression is circumstantial but often its a characteristic of one’s personality.

People who have  long, narrow, blueish hands with lots of fine lines (typical water hands) and a long middle finger are naturally prone to depression, says Richard Unger who identfies at least 5 different types of depression and how they show up in hands.

Another personality type prone to depression is the “Persephone” type.

Queen of the underworld and guide for lost souls
Long curved headline = Persephone gift marker

This type of headline indicates a creative, highly intuitive, subjective thinking style.

Like the mythological queen of the underworld, there’s a cyclical tendency to go down under. One dives deep, and each time one comes back, one returns with riches, just as spring follows winter.

And like Persephone, having explored the territory oneself, one can be a guide for other souls lost in the underworld.

The “validity of the personality’:

Unger’s advice as a way out of depression for “moody types” is to fully inhabit and “be your type”. It wouldn’t serve Beethoven to try to be cheerful all the time. This means seeing and supporting the positive as well as the shadow sides of one’s personality.

Unger has mapped several personality markers related to deep inner exploration, such as the persephone type. Sometimes one isn’t aware that there is a positive side to dark tendencies. This is where Unger’s work transforms lives.
If you’d like  more information about the light and dark side of the persephone gift marker and other moon markers, you can access a class on these markers here.

If you’d like to access the call with Richard on depression markers in hands you can do so in Earth School where Richard is giving classes every month for the next 6 months.

If you’re prone to mood swings and would like to know how to manage mood without taking medication, come and join me online on on October 24 2010 for the interview I’ll be doing with Jungian psychiatrist Dr Raffaella Colombo.

On the call we’ll be discussing different gradations of mood swing and states of mood ranging from mania to depression. Dr Colombo will be sharing her knowledge about how sleep plays a role in managing these states. You can register for this free call here.

For more information on how to read a palm using professional hand analysis techniques take a foundational course here.

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  1. Alice Reply

    Mood swings are characterized by a drastic change in emotion from one side of the spectrum to the other.If one moment someone is contentedly going about their daily tasks and the next moment is suddenly upset, irritated or downright hostile, they may suffer from mood swings.

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