How can EFT aid hand analysis or palm reading? Free Webinar today

EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) is a self help healing technique that works well with hand analysis (modern palm reading) to help you overcome fear, overwhelm, stress or other blocks standing between you and your highest potential.

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Join us in a few hours for a free webinar

demonstrating how EFT plus Hand analysis

can help you on a daily basis

to live your life purpose.

Join Swiss based Hand Analyst Jena Griffiths

and New York  Life Coach Tomar Levine

for their first combined webinar combining hand analysis, EFT and other theraputic techniques.

Jena GriffithsTomar Levine

Tuesday, 7 April, 2009
12:30 noon Pacific / 3.30pm Eastern.
9:30 pm Swiss/Central Europe
9:30 pm South Africa
8.30 UK
8.30 am NZ (8 April)

Topic: Are you worthy of love?

How your hands reveal the key to resolving this feeling and how you can use simple EFT (Emotional freedom techniques) on yourself to shift instantly.

You’ll learn:

– How each person has a master switch or a core issue that
pretty much controls everything in your life.
– Tips how you can figure out your own master switch.
– Tips how you can control your own switch daily using EFT.
– How to use EFT on yourself to stay on purpose.
– How to manage core feelings whenever they surface.
– How you can use EFT to  balance fears, doubt and overwhelm

Each month, New York Life coach Tomar Levine and I will be exploring a different life lesson and how you can work with yours using EFT and other coaching or self help therapeutic techniques.

What is EFT?

EFT is a relatively  new,  incredibly simple  technique that you can practice on  yourself or over the phone with a  practitioner.

It’s a free call just this once for observers.
Space is limited.

Here’s the replay

Download File
Looking forward to having you with us.

IIHA hand analysis is a modern form of non predictive hand reading/palm reading.

Find out more here:

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9 thoughts on “How can EFT aid hand analysis or palm reading? Free Webinar today

  1. Richard Reply

    great post, i think anything that can give people confidence is a great thing.

  2. Amos Hartage Reply

    Another great write-up with valid points, We have been a lurker right here for a short time but hope to become more involved in the foreseeable future.

  3. Bobby Reply

    This certainly won’t work for everyone, but I know that EFT and palmistry can be used to gain insight by merely triggering key sources of our most powerful daily emotions. It’s as real as you make it. Thanks for sharing!

  4. susan s snow Reply

    hi jena,

    how are you?
    was wondering if there is a replay of this old


    hope all is well with you feel comfortable answering one question. i noticed that marlene hear line
    had a deep line going into a fine line leading to the ring finger.. ( i believe i have a simitalr one)
    is it still considered as stopping at the jupiter finger even tho it’s a thinner line.

    thanks jena

    • Jena Griffiths Post authorReply

      HI Susan

      Yes it is. But if it is very thin and the rest very thick you might have both a Clint/reserved type with a bit of the expressive type mixed in.
      Yes there is a replay. Not sure why it isn’t showing. Will check.
      All the best

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