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Can hand analysis diagnose health?

What you balance on your fork predicts more about your health than the lines on your hands.

Are you killing your family with kindness?

cool trick1

Is the fork a deadly weapon?

I met a manufacturer of insulin recently who said: more people on this planet die each day from overeating than from starvation.

This may sound shocking and unbelievable (my first reaction) but actually Continue reading

Spain wins the first 30 day life purpose challenge

Image of Erica Landfors from Facebook
Image of Erica Landfors

The first 30 day life purpose challenge was won by Erica Landfors of Spain.

Erica was the only person brave enough to actually post a video of herself tapping on her life lesson. Well done Erica!

Estrella - the prima Donna

Estrella - the prima Donna


Erica wins time with me and she also gets to see “Estrilla” (above) her Prima Donna as the very first image in our Shadow and Light arena.

If you have whorls (or highest ranked fingerprints) on your right hand thumb, index and ring finger then living the Prima Donna, making a big splash in the spotlight, is part of your life purpose too.

You can view the video of Erica using emotional freedom technique on her life lesson here.

What’s your life lesson? This is a palm reading marker that shows up in your fingerprints. The least complex of your prints shows your karmic wound. What some people call your archilles’ heel, others your core fear.
I call it your master switch because its what controls your internal weather and therefore everything in your life.

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The 30 day life purpose challenge. Spain is leading the world. (EFT plus hand analysis. It works!)

Spain shoots ahead of the rest of the world in the 30 day life purpose challenge.

Here’s Erica Landfors of Spain tapping on her life lesson to unlock her life purpose.

Interrupted my hliday to post this and some essential free info. Knew I wouldn’t be able to truly rest until it went out. Now I’m free to relax.)

If you’re reading this and can give Erica advice how to turn her video
(besides turning her camera on it’s side ; ))
please post your suggestions in the comments box below.

What’s your life lesson? This is your single biggest hurdle.
The issue that keeps tripping you up.

Read other posts on the 30 day life purpose challenge
and join in.
Can you make a better video than Erica?

Post your videos below.
you could win a free handanalysis session with me.

You could also set yourself free! It works!!

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Can you benefit from free stuff?

You cannot benefit from free stuff unless you pay for it somehow.

I’ve just created this page on my site. I’ll be updating it regularly.

why can’t you benefit from free stuff?

It’s physically impossible.

Information is energy.
Energy cannot be transferred unless equal and opposite.

An energetic exchange needs to take place for you to benefit from free stuff.
Online marketers know this and that’s why the flood of free stuff. You need to become very conscious and selective of what you take.

You can do this 4 ways.
1. service exchange: the easiest, is to simply tell your friends (free promotion)
2. an exchange of skills
3. pay money somehow
4. end up paying through loss of your lifeforce/ taken through your cell tissue. This results in illness.
see Carolyn Myss’s book Anatomy of the Spirit.

(If you don’t want to read it then pick it up in the book shop and look at the first few illustrations of power leaking out of your body to the things you’re attached to.)

If you don’t pay, your system will try to protect you by blocking your ears:
You’ll undervalue the work
or not read or use it
or forget it
or you’ll get angry with the person trying to give it to you because deep down you know if you don’t pay it’ll cost you in some other way.

Read my post on the dangers of free stuff and then if you still want it, figure out a way to pay for what you need.
The easiest is promote (tell others9 what resonates with you for free.

Here’s another way: Click on the tea cup if you feel like treating me to a hot cup of tea as thanks for all the information. ūüôā

Free stuff

Free stuff that will set you free

There are as many paths to ascension as there are people on this planet.
Find one that resonates with you.

Tom Kenyon is a free one to explore:
Access the recordings of his recent global meditation free.
all the background information and recordings here:

Also on Tom Kenyon’s site is a free healing recording. These healing sounds are freely available.
They come from ancient Africa, from a plant that is now extinct. You can acces the recording here.
Download it and give the CD free of charge to anyone you know with HIV.

Money issues? Here’s a free resource http:/handanalysisonline.com/ScienceOfGettingRich.pdf

Relationship issues? Access the work of Byron Katie free

Learn more about EFT free

Most important works are available free but have been hidden.

The real danger of taking free stuff is that it could scatter you and send you off track if you’re not conscious of your long term goals.

Can you free yourself of karma?

The structure of part of a DNA double helix
Image via Wikipedia

Your “karma” shows up in your fingerprints.

You can see what will really turn you on in this lifetime (your life purpose)
and you can see what baggage you have to drop first (your karma).

Richard Unger, the man who decoded fingerprints over 30 years ago calls your karma your life lesson.
You could call it your blind spot or your archilles’ heel or what’s blocking you.
Or DNA family baggage.

I call it your “master switch”.


Because it’s what turns the lights on in your life
or switches them off.

All you have to do is be conscious of yourself
wrestling with your karma and then you automatically get given the biggest gift you can imagine.

What’s that?

Your life purpose blossoms.

So how do you free yourself of karma?

1. figure out what your master switch is.
2. alert your inner witness
3. praise yourself (Raise your vibration) rather than beat yourself up (lower your vibration)
each time you wrestle with your karma.

(EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) is a quick, reverse psychology method for achieving 2 and 3,
but there are 1000s of other ways)

You can learn how to use EFT on your karma or anything that’s blocking you
for free during the 30 day Life Purpose Challenge.
If you’re not sure what’s blocking you, tap on your inner critic.

How do you figure out what your karma (master switch) is?
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how to get rid of your inner critic

Here’s a powerful way for you to get rid of your inner critic once and for all and win a hand analysis session worth $250 at the same time.

All you have to do is be brave and have a bash. Nothing ventured, nothing gained.

Try EFT tapping on your inner critic or anything else that’s blocking you and you’ll be surprised what happens.

Surprisingly, what’s blocking you shows up in your fingerprints and other palm reading markers.

Here’s how you use this technique. If I can do this so can you!

Scroll down to view tapping pints.

Make a video of yourself EFT tapping on your inner critic and post it in the comments below.  At the end of the challenge I’ll select the most genuine attempt and Continue reading

Are you a wise counsellor or someone who can’t make decisions?

If you struggle to make decisions and suffer from “fence sitting” or “Mr Next Year” syndrome, the good news could be that you’re a natural born wise counsellor, according to palm reading markers that show up in your fingerprints.

If you have more than one tented arch (scroll down to see ) in your fingerprints you’re born wise.¬† Know this and apply it.

Are you a natural born counsellor?
Are you a natural born counsellor?

You’re here to share your wisdom with others.

The downside of this is you could get stuck on the diving board, wanting to be the expert first or know all the facts before making your decision or committing your marbles.

A major part of what you’re here to learn is….just do it

Learn through doing, commit, risk failure or criticism.

A good analogy of this is those children’s games where you slide blocks around until the pattern works.

If you don’t slide any block you freeze and can’t see a solution. It doesn’t really matter which block you move as long as you move one.
You can always recorrect if it’s the wrong one but you won’t know til you actually do it.

Here’s what a tented arch fingerprint looks like. One of these¬† prints and this is partly your theme. Two or more tented arches then¬† this is an overriding theme in your life.¬† Commit your marbles. Live your wisdom now!
Do you have one or more tented arch fingerprint?

Do you have one or more tented arch fingerprint?