How can hand analysis help with awakening?

Hand analysis is a powerful tool for conscious evolution. It shows you exactly what your unique contribution is to the mass awakening of the human spirit. It helps you heal and grow by showing how you’re bigger than all that’s happening to you.

It helps you see and let go of your ego.


It shows exactly what triggers you and it gives you powerful tools for managing your emotions.

It helps you develop a deep compassion and gentleness for yourself and others.
It shows you how you’re not just doing this work for yourself.
This is your role, your sacred work, in a bigger evolutionary picture.
It shows how everyone in your life is there for a reason, and how you can help each other exactly.
It gives you the tools to support each other’s spiritual growth in sacred partnership.

How does hand analysis work?

Hand analysis takes you instantly to the root of who you are, simplifying all contradictions and paradoxes of your unique makeup with humor and understanding. It shows the dynamics of your mind, body and spirit make up. And how these three parts of you are interconnected through your emotions. What triggers your emotions how you can use this positively instead of negatively.

Hand analysis is based on a few simple principles:
your thoughts impact on your body, both instantly and over time.
the energy running through the meridians of your body influences the shape and lines on your hands.
the lines running with the meridians show positive energy
the lines running across the meridians show how you’re resisting or blocking yourself.

Hand analysis is neither predictive nor esoteric however it is deeply spiritual.
It resonates with the work of Carl Jung, Arnold Mindell, Richard Moss, Byron Katie, Deepak Chopra, Michael Murphy, Paul Scheele and many others. It’s also compatible with the teachings of all the great spiritual masters: the Buddha, Jesus, Mohammad, the Dali Lama to name a few.

“The most basic form of service you can do is take responsibility for your own mind.” Richard Moss
“The most important thing you can do for this planet is be a happy healthy you.” The Dali Lama
“There is no path to happiness. Happiness is the path.” The Buddha

“Your thinking influences your emotions and you can choose to have the thought or not.”  Byron Katie

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