Is your girlfriend a Red Queen?

Somehow we all know someone who is this type.
Is she in your bedroom? Or is “she” perhaps you? 😉
All of us have a Red Queen in us somewhere.
Red Queen advanced hand shape hand analysis classes with Richard Unger
I remember mine coming out once while visiting family.
(What’s that classic saying again about if you think you’re spiritual or emotionally above everything go home and visit your family?)
Anyway, this happened awhile back when I took my Swiss sweetheart home to visit his future in-laws.
It was a warm African night and we had had a wonderful evening in the Boma sitting round the fire listening to far off hyenas pierce the emptiness of a sky full of stars. Granted the red wine was flowing and people were saying what was closest to their hearts.
I can’t remember what we were discussing but my father quoted something totally misogynistic that he attributed to Dick Francis:
(Dick being an appropriate name here, whether the quote was accurately attributed or not.)

What did he say?
My father turned to my boyfriend and said, “Just remember this young man and you’ll be fine: ‘Scratch any woman deep enough and you’ll find a witch!'”
Anyway, that did it!
My Red Queen was let out of her cage and I went into rage mode.
I threatened beheading but in the end locked him out of the house for the night. Granted there was a large verandah with lots of cushions if need be and all he had to do to be let in was apologize. But instead, he sat down in his favorite chair and promptly fell sleep. Unfortunately my Swiss sweetheart, who hardly understood a word of the conversation and didn’t know our family, particularly that volatility evaporates, thought the end of the world had just happened. He went walk-about in the bush worrying that the continents had split, crashed and drifted apart. Meantime all any of us needed to repair the damage was sleep and perhaps an Aspirin.
That was my Red Queen moment but I’m sure you’ll agree I was severely provoked.

But what if this is how you are normally?
without provocation.

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Do you know someone who chops people’s heads off over really trivial offenses? Or who gets really angry and upset and can’t be pleased no matter what?
Or is this how you could be much of the time if you hadn’t done lots of self awareness courses plus three yearlongs in hand analysis 😉
This is the hand shape we’re exploring with Richard Unger in our next two calls.
Here’s what the Red Queen hand shape looks like.
Narrow palm with long fingers, dominant or high set index finger.
Note: This isn’t just a women’s hand shape type but it’s easier for us to recognize the archetype when we look at mythology, fairy tales or movies or urban myths.
We’ll be discussing the strengths and weaknesses, the pitfalls and positive possibilities of this archetype during three hours of on-line classes. 19 and 26 March 2013. There’ll be a replay if you can’t attend live.
If you’d like to join this series of classes we have a limited time trial offer for you to take full advantage of.
More about this series of hand shape archetype classes with Richard Unger of the International Institute of Hand Analysis and yours truly of Earth School.

For more about the Red Queen plus some video clips of her in action go here.

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  1. Dyon Reply

    I have always believed that our body type says a lot about our personality, the actual person we are. Hand analysis is an art to find the same thing. And it is really a sad truth but I feel men minunderstand women.

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