Learn hand analysis directly from the maestro

Last Thursday’s practical call with Richard in Earth School was content rich and full
of profound wisdom.

Earth University hand analysis classes
One of the 5 hands discussed with Richard Unger

We moved at a fast past, covering relationship red flags in 5 different hands.
Exploring how heart lines interact with these and other markers in the hand.

What was covered in the last call?

Richard explained how he decides which is which type
with confusing headlines. This piece of the
recording is worth listening to several times.

What other markers did we discuss?

We covered so much I think I’ll have to listen to the call
again myself.

Some of the markers discussed:

Reserved (Clint) heart line variations and relationship challenges,
Simian line and Romantic idealist (Michael) type challenges and what to do,
Big Heart (Donna) type challenges,
Solomon rings,
Worry lines,
A rare heart line type: Wham bam thank you ma’am,
A rare hand shape: the Samurai,
A worker bee hand shape,
Illuminator hand shape,
A career archetype: The master of my domain hand shape,
Jupiter star in relationships,
Jupiter mate selector,
Mercury mate selector,
line of genius,
healer lines,
Point of intimacy attack,
Moon attack lines,
Left Apollo life lesson,
Long Apollo line (Sammy Davis Jr line),
Spatulate finger tips,
braided heart line,
doubling on heart line,
moon composite,
Missing moon,
Power guilt life lesson,
The defining characteristics for “cosmic staircase”.

If you’d like the replay of this call for your reference library
purchase here.
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