New Life Purpose Course

I’ve decided to focus the rest of this year on sharing how to effectively
decode life purpose from fingerprints.
And how to use this material as a powerful transformational tool.


This is the most vital information you can learn from hands.
It is the key to freeing yourself on many levels.
And, it can be learned in one day.

Also, I would like to share my unique perspective on activating life purpose
based on wherever you are right now.

This new full day course will be held in both Zurich and London in the coming months.

Zurich Saturday, November 15, 2014
London Saturday, November 22, 2014
See forthcoming events page for updates

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Who is this training for?
The course is perfect for healers, coaches, counsellors or anyone
who feels called to do this incredible work. It’s also for you if you wish to
connect deeply with your own life purpose and at the same time help others
to do the same.

What will we cover?

About fingerprint identification, Jena says:
“When I was starting out, I spent the whole day learning to read life purpose
from fingerprints. Then I went home and tried to read my husband’s fingerprints.
His prints were so complex and unusual I couldn’t figure out a thing!
He laughed and said, ‘So what did you learn all day long?’
I would like to make sure this does not happen to you. You will receive ink sheets in the post
the week before the class so that you can make hand prints of all the people who play a significant
role in your life. We will then use your fingerprint collection during our class to deepen your
understanding of your own personal relationships, while covering the course material, at the same time.
It is more fun to learn while you are getting experience applying what we learn to real people right away.”

About reading skills and communication, Jena says:
“This is an enormous piece of the puzzle. I have found that one needs to talk very differently to people
depending on which of the 4 phases of life purpose activation they are in right now. I will teach you how to do this.
You will also learn a daily practice for mutual support”

The course includes a comprehensive manual
You will get follow up support from Jena
plus a certificate of completion.

Course facilitator: Jena Griffiths
BA. BSc. BSc.(hons) PCE (Post Graduate teaching diploma). CHA. AHA.

By the end of the day you will be able to:
1. read life purpose and life lesson from fingerprints with confidence
2. know how to use this material in a way that will transform your life and the lives of others
3. start helping others to know and activate their life purpose right away

You will also learn how to help people using:
– the four phases of life purpose activation;
– how to recognise which phase a person is in, and
– how to modify your communication accordingly so that the person you are helping can benefit most.

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