On re-dreaming your life. Part 1. Celebrating today

I’ve just gone from wearing snowshoes in
Switzerland at a heart chilling -8 to barefoot
in the bushveld  at a pulsating 38 degrees in the shade.
It’s glorious to be basking in the sunshine while
visiting my family in South Africa

But what has this to do with re-dreaming and celebration?

Winter solstice and year end are a double whammy
for going inward and reflecting on oneself and one’s
journey. Summer is about going out and taking action.

So maybe this is why you are actually getting this festive
message instead of me just wandering about in
snowshoes marveling at inner snowflakes.

2009 was a year of radical closure for me, probably you too.
I’m busy re-dreaming my life, with birdsong in my ears and
sunrise trying to paint moving clouds and life back into the lush greenery.

Driving up here through the night Mother Nature put on quite a show.
Hours and hours of flashes and crashes and electric veins dancing through cloud.
And then the smell of rain soaking into parched African soil.

Just goes to show. You don’t need to spend millions on fire crackers at New Year.
This is just the cherry on top. And added extra if it turns you on.

You already have front row seats twice a day to the greatest show on Earth.
Sunrise, sunset.
All you need to do is enjoy.

We are all so incredibly lucky to be here
With wind in our hair and birdsong in our ears.

What are you celebrating today?
Sea spray, snow flakes, a stranger’s smile?
A child’s hand in yours?

The miracle of being alive

Celebration is applied gratitude
and the first step in re-dreaming your life.

With love and blessings for the coming year,

If you’d like to see where I’m staying in South Africa right now go here

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13 thoughts on “On re-dreaming your life. Part 1. Celebrating today

  1. Susan Reply

    What a lovely blog, it sounds like you’ve had a great year and many fantastic experiences. Your philospophy on life is also very interesting, that you should live each day to the full, especially with all this ‘world ending in 2012’ rumours!

  2. Mad Reply

    We should thank you for giving such a informative weblog. this site happens to be not just useful but also very creative too. We come across only few people who can think to create not so easy articles that creatively. we look for information with regard to something like this. I Myself went through many blogs to build up on information regarding this.Keep posting !!

  3. faisal Reply

    yes for a person it is very important to re-dream his life afterall in this stressful life. this is really great and appreciating work for everyone. ThaNKS fOR SHARING.

  4. Joe Reply

    I like your post, the fact that your site is a little bit different makes it so interesting, I get fed up of seeing the same old boring recycled stuff all of the time.

  5. oliviya Reply

    Thanks for the post. Isn’t it great when you find a jewel like that? it just seems to speak from the heart and gives you exactly the information you were looking to find.

  6. silver Reply

    awesome post, im wondering what your thoughts are on those who are not religious but rather believe in science, evolution and that sort of thing?

  7. Nereida Reply

    Hi there!
    Just wanted to say I love reading your blog
    and look forward to all your posts! Keep up the fantastic work!

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