Are you a professional hand analyst or someone interested in learning how to read hands professionally?

Is your hand analysis knowledge a bit out of date, shaky, or with weak foundations?
We can fix fix this. Right here. Right now.  Online.

Come update your data base, fill in the gaps you’re missing in your own knowledge and deepen your understanding of hands by learning directly from me and the man who invented modern hand analysis.

Richard Unger is the genius behind professional hand analysis, founder of IIHA and author of LifePrints, deciphering your life purpose from your fingerprints.

Every month I interview Richard in an in depth class on a particular topic.
You can ask Richard any question you like about the topic under discussion.

The questions do not interrupt the class.
You can ask them before the call and during the call by typing questions onto your screen.
Asking questions before the call is a way of co-creating in this historical series because your thoughts help Richard crystallise his own thinking on the topic.

If your question doesn’t get answered during the call, it will get answered during question time the end of the call.

Here’s some more information about the next call on 28 October 2010.

The topic for te next call is Burnout.

Free bonuses
When you sign up for this call series with Richard, you also get free access to my member’s zone -the inner circle of Earth School. In this circle you learn an extremely simple way of understanding and working with Richard’s fingerprint system.

Plus you’ll get 2 free hand analysis classes  from me (one mp3 on moon markers and one on fingerprints) and lots of tips and advice from my six years of studying hands under Richard’s direct supervison plus my 3 years of learning hands with Baeth Davis (another student of Richard’s).

Register here for the next call on 28 October 2010.

You can start typing in your questions on burnout as soon as you’re registered.

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