Re-dreaming the planet. It’s in your hands.

flower bud bursting open,transformationpoppy,flower blossoming,transformationtransformation,blossoming,blossom,poppy,flower bursting from budnew blossom,poppy,rapid transformation
Here are some images of what Earth is doing now. And you too.
Letting go of the old to blossom.
You are this flower opening. So is the New Earth.

Its a delicate process and its happening now.
And your help is needed.

Look at it this way:
What would happen if you put a worm on this flower?
And then another and then a whole handful?

Every negative thought you have is a worm eating your delicate flower.

What to do?
Think like a gardener. Be vigilant.
Remove every single negative thought the minute you spot it.

It’s your job
1. To hold a vision
2. To Protect yourself. Your flowering.  And Earth’s
by monitoring and managing your thoughts moment by moment.
Whenever you have a negative thought about yourself or the future, remove it immediately.

What has this to do with palm reading? Palmistry? or even hand analysis?

Only buy into an idea or belief or theory if it supports your highest vision of yourself.

There’s a lot of old, negative information floating around. If you go searching for it, then hammering yourself with it, that’s like going looking for worms to put all over your beautiful flower.

Use hand analysis only to support your highest vision for yourself and others

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Re-dreaming the planet.

What’s your highest dream for Mother Earth?

What’s your highest dream for yourself?

Hold the vision with all your senses. Feel it, see it, smell it, hear it, taste it. love it.

2 thoughts on “Re-dreaming the planet. It’s in your hands.

  1. Matthew Reply

    Wow that’s inspiring stuff. Love the idea of getting rid of every negative thought in your head – easier said than done though…

  2. pedro Reply

    really inspiring post.
    kill the paradigms – remove all negative thoughs and replace them for neutral or positive ones
    that actually really helps!

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