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There is a huge difference between hand analysts and palm readers.
Hand analysts use hands for self discovery and self mastery. Palm readers focus on prediction.
If you are looking for all breeds of hand readers you can get a comprehensive list of hand analysts as well as all other types of hand readers, palm readers, palmists, chirologists and so on from Martijn Mensvoorts’s site:
It is a very mixed bag so be careful.

well known hand analysts: Richard Unger, Baeth Davis, Jena Griffiths, Ronelle Coburn, Pascal Stoessel,  switzerland.
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Which hand analyst is the best one for you?

Do your research. Check on qualifications and years of experience.
More expensive doesn’t necessarily mean better. (Some practitioners prefer to teach than to work one-on-one and so push their consulting prices way up to lend credibility to their training courses.)
See if the person resonates with you or has had to solve similar problems to you in the past. All accredited hand analyst were once a student of Richard Unger or a student of one of his former students. However, some stopped studying with him years before much of the system was developed.

Be careful because there are also people out there calling themselves “hand analysts” who are way out of date or even practicing totally different systems. This can cause confusion.

If you are looking for a life purpose reading, at the very least, make sure your analyst can read your fingerprints using the Lifeprints system. For a free report on how to do this yourself, look among all the free classes inside the free member zone of Earth School.

What does certification mean?
Training starts with a 3 day intensive weekend. (Some schools call this level 1 which can cause confusion.)
After this entry course, there is a yearlong certification course (CHA), this requires the person to have passed a written and oral exam and have read at least 100 hands. (Some schools call this level 2.)
Advanced yearlong (AHA) also requires and written and oral exams and 500 hands.
Then there is Master hand analyst certification (MHA) which requires a lot more experience and training.
MHA level is only offered by the International Institute of hand Analysis, in English or German.

What’s the difference between hand analysis, palm reading, palmistry, chierology and all the other modes of hand reading?

Think of each system as a different language. Like languages, they are often radically different.

How is hand analysis different?

Hand analysis is a system of analyzing hands developed over a period of 40 years by Richard Unger, author of LifePrints. It’s based on the principle that the energy running through the meridians towards the fingers influences the shape of your hands and the shape and length of your fingers and influences line formations.
Some people call this system scientific hand analysis because it is non predictive.

More about what the hands reveal
The lines on both hands change as they mirror your thoughts and emotions (personality psychology)
but the fingerprints never change (your soul psychology).

When you know how hands are influenced by the energy running through them (one’s emotions) and you know how most of the line formations are caused, you can make an educated guess about what a rare marker might mean.

To understand this principle better, here’s a free call:

To access more free talks and classes on scientific hand analysis register for the free auditorium of Earth School.
Or search this site for in depth articles. There is a search bar on the right of this page.

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