Venus stars – Do you have one ? What do they mean?

Venus stars have a different meaning depending on precisely where the star is located on the Venus Mount.
Is it in the Family circle region or in the Second Circle of influence region, or the Inner Child area or in the Missing Mother’s Milk area of this mount?
Or is it slap bang in the middle of the Venus mount?
Most Venus stars have precise meaning that is useful to bring into consciousness or discuss. Often this star provides the ah-ha point of your session that ties everything else together.
Stars slap bang in the middle of Venus are however more tricky and don’t have an exact meaning.
Here’s what Richard Unger, the originator of the Gift Marker theory and with over 40 years experience, says about centrally located Venus stars:
“Stars that occur right in the middle of Venus confuse me. I don’t have a good rule for what to do with them. I know that it’s an explosion in Venus and I have my “Venus Possibilities List” to check every adjective about Venus – from sex energy, to play, to family, to charm etcetera, etcetera, and I have no idea what the star in the middle of Venus is saying. I’m just looking at the entire Venus List and making my best guess based upon the rest of the hand.” (Excerpt from an advanced threading call on multi-gifted hands 30.50 )

(If you look through IIHA year long course material you’ll see that he hasn’t isn’t even listed it among the gift markings.)

Two Venus stars that are far more useful to talk about are the Wounded Child star and the Influence of the Second Circle Star.

The standard Venus star is the Wounded Child star. This is a marker low down in Venus, towards the lifeline. Actually it’s inside the second chakra part of the Venus mount. It’s by far the most common of the Venus stars.

Here’s the location.
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These are particularly important when they jump out you and catch your eye. Sometimes the lines seem to gravitate to this point. As in the image below. This is an abuse indicator. The good news is that people who have this marker have the tendency to rise above their past and help others avoid or heal from similar wounding.

Sometimes there’s a wart on this spot or some other blemish. These are more to do with not taking care of your inner child; not having enough fun.

The Influence of the Second Circle Star is more rare but when it appears it also takes center stage in the analysis.
We’ve discussed this marker with Richard during several Earth School calls. (The links to these calls are at the bottom of this page.)
Here’s Richard’s opinion on this marker:
“The first ripple is the family influence, and this one is the next influence out; close friends that you’ve held over a lengthy period of time. The group that was there for your thirtieth birthday and which ones from that are still around for your fortieth, I am calling your second circle. That is what this star indicates, a strong second circle, a strong circle of friends; could be co-workers or combination of these. It might be schoolmates that have maintained relationship over a long period of time. In general, I consider it a positive marker. It shows support for you.”
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We discussed this star during the following Earth School classes with Richard Unger:
Hephaestus Advanced Hand Shape second call
Forest Ranger hand shape call 2
The challenges of the Multi-gifted – advanced threading call
Axiom 3 of soul psychology – advanced threading.

How to access these calls?
Topic and threading calls can be bought individually here
Advanced Threading
or for a discount in whole sets of calls available only inside the free members zone of Earth School.
Advanced Hand shapes calls are all part of an ongoing two year course. Available here. These calls cannot be bought individually.

(* Venus mount = the entire fleshy area at the base of your thumb.)

9 thoughts on “Venus stars – Do you have one ? What do they mean?

  1. charmaine Reply

    I’d like to share the following from the perspective of defining abuse: Some years back I came across an extremely clear Venus star in the wounded child area. At around the age of twelve, the ‘owners’ mother had a failed suicide attempt and the marriage between her parents dissolved due to ‘instability’.
    As a young girl she became ‘mother’ to her siblings. In addition to this she was torn between her parents who were both tugging. Her dad needed her as he had custody of the children due to the mother being unstable, and mother, because of her condition needed her daughter.

    Jena, what is your input on this in relation to ‘abuse’.

    • Jena Griffiths Post authorReply

      Hi Charmaine

      I think this would be enough to cause this star:
      “At around the age of twelve, the ‘owners’ mother had a failed suicide attempt
      and marriage between her parents dissolved”
      and this too
      “As a young girl she became ‘mother’ to her siblings”
      because she wasn’t able to be a child herself.

  2. Ingrid Reply

    Hi Jena,
    P. Landers & I just discovered I have 7 Venus stars on my left hand. Clustered all together, mainly in the central area of the Venus Mount. The lowest 2 are about even with the top part of the base of my thumb. (So they aren’t really low, or off to the side) Yes,I have had abuse situations in childhood and also in adulthood, yes. I also have had past difficulties with being overly indulgent in mind numbing substances. I have always enjoyed luxury, and am very kinetic- love the all things of physical pleasure- body, touch, luxury, etc.
    We were looking for strengths for me to focus on as part of my new work as a life coach to women, specializing in relationships /divorce. I have changed gears on my “niche” a number of times in the past year, feeling as if the right one was still being uncovered. (Also, as School of Wisdom my need to gather more info and not commit… My LP is Successful Healer in Community with Love and my LL is Victimization Numbness Shame.)
    I am wondering what your thoughts would be as far as the meaning/importance of the 7 Venus Stars, and how it may be an indicator of an even more specific “niche” I am naturally here to serve in my work… I would be so appreciative to hear your thoughts & perspective on this, as I feel this may be the missing key I have been knowing was out there to discover.
    Thank you for reading this and your consideration of the situation!
    In gratitude,

    • Jena Griffiths Post authorReply

      Hi Ingrid,

      Venus stars, with the exception of the wounded child star and second circle star, are mostly events.
      I think you need to focus on whatever your fingerprints say, specifically your life lesson, as that is the key to managing your emotional body.
      If you have worked through your abuse experiences you could really be of service to others who are needing or in the process of healing from a similar situation.
      Not having seen your hands I can’t really say much more.

      Good luck

  3. sonu rai Reply

    Hi jena….
    I have a circle on the left hand palm. what does it is good or bad for me. will it help me to make my future

    • Jena Griffiths Post authorReply

      Hi Sonu,

      Give it a good meaning and then every time you look at it it will help you shine from the inside knowing everything that happens is for your benefit.

  4. Kiran Katawa Reply

    Hello Jena,

    Any reason/logic for associating ‘wounded child’ to the star nearer the life line. on Venus?
    The meaning of the star in the 2nd circle in understandable. Thank you.

  5. Shalini Gupta Reply

    Please explain the meaning of the star in third circle below the thumb

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