What is hand analysis?

I’ve just posted this video explaining what hand analysis is and how it relates to life purpose

Your fingerprints are a mindfulness tool. They are about how you manage your energy: what makes me feel fulfilled and what drags me under. A lot of people think you can tell life purpose from fingerprints, and from a broad perspective that is true. But if you are looking for something more specific, like career or how can I get paid or serve other people, while fingerprints are part of that, it’s a much more specific question. There one needs to look at the whole hand, at personality. These are strengths and talents and various archetypes. You can think of the cluster of these types as an “inner team” that support you on your journey. These team players are visible in your hand, like hand shape and various line formations.
Knowing from your fingerprints what makes you feel fulfilled and what triggers you and being kind to yourself in that moment, that shifts you radically.
Knowing your fingerprints means knowing yourself on a deep foundational level. Basing your life on this blueprint, you can then choose the colors you need to have the life you want. It is all about managing your energy – mindfulness.
This is the great gift of fingerprints.

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  1. Anuradha Reply

    Amazing video Jena. I love using this tool in my own business and it is so empowering to see the change in their lives (and my own).

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