Why can’t you live your Life Purpose?

oak tree rootsAs hard as this may be to believe, you can’t not live your live purpose. You are always living it in one form or another. Your purpose is what makes you “you”. Utterly unique. Even when you feel off purpose you are still living your life purpose, albeit on another level. Experience in the seemingly opposite direction is what is required for your purpose to blossom.

There are numerous ways to make sense of this. One way is to use an oak tree analogy: usually all we see is the huge sturdy tree, but as soon as you start wondering, how does it get to be so big, strong and sturdy? Only then do you become aware of its hidden “alter ego”: the massive, unseen “taken for granted” root structure deep underground. This part is often far bigger than the visible part. You can’t have the one without the other. So too with your purpose.
Similarly, there’s the lotus flower analogy: without the mud that it grows in there would be no blossom.
Another analogy is to think of your lifetime as a tapestry: you can’t create a pattern without creating the reverse pattern on the other side. This is the messy underbelly where all the work gets done, knots tied, threads backtracked, seeming errors made yet it all make perfect sense when you look at the beautiful pattern on the upper side…
Each of these analogies elegantly explains how experience is required and how opposites apply.

diver on bottomMy favorite way of explaining this is to use a diver analogy.
We live in a multi-dimensional world, much like a very deep ocean.

The levels of the ocean all exist at the same time and same place.
But you can go up or down and have a totally different experience.

So how can you change levels?
Manage your inner GPS using
1 Gratitude – the frequency of receiving. Rest here as much as you can.
2 Pattern recognition of feeling states and fingerprints shows where we currently are
3 Self compassion helps us feel whatever feeling arises without buying into any story that keeps us creative on a level we no longer wish to create at.

Constant re-calibration of your inner GPS – thoughts, emotions and intentions takes us in the direction of joy.

3 thoughts on “Why can’t you live your Life Purpose?

  1. Ruth Reply

    Hi Jena!

    Thanks for the reminder that ‘we are who we are already!!’. It is comforting and compassionate to self and others to remember this daily. Thankyou. I love the clarity of your writing always – the discipline of writing helps make us more succinct in these complex areas.

  2. mona Reply

    Interesting and important information. It is really beneficial for us. Thanks…..

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