Are people with a short life line more prone to burnout?

If you have a short lifeline this means you are a hard worker. When things aren’t going well or you’re under stress the tendency is to simply work harder.

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People with a short lifeline tend to work hard to be loved/get results. The danger is to link play and fun with guilt.

To avoid burnout you need to be aware of this pattern.  You may be good at working hard and have lots to show as a result, but even go-getters need to stop and enjoy life and sharpen the saw occasionally.

A reason to have more fun
For long term results you need balance and good bodily care.
Creative inspiration, intuition and higher guidance often come through play.
And as the Buddha said, happiness is not the destination but the way.

Other ways to feel more grounded:
Learn to breathe deeply into your belly. Read my posts about transformational breathing to find out more.
Start some sort of body practice. Tai chi, dance, a martial art or anything else that feels like fun to you and helps you feel in touch with your body.

Here’s an example of a short lifeline.

short lifeline palm marker means you're a hard worker
A short lifeline means you're a hard worker

In the past palm readers used to tell people with a short life line that they would have a short life but this is NOT true. Your lifeline DOES NOT tell you how long you are going to live but rather how grounded you are in your body. There is no correlation between length of life line and length of life. So do not worry about this if you have a short life line.

This Wednesday I’ll be interviewing Richard Unger on all the different ways burnout shows in hands.
It will be interesting to hear what he has to say about short life lines and other markers related to workaholics. To join this class or find out more go here.

This class will interest anyone suffering from burnout and also professional and trainee hand analysts, hand readers and anyone wanting to learn how to read a palm using professional hand analysis techniques.