Are you a wise counsellor or someone who can’t make decisions?

If you struggle to make decisions and suffer from “fence sitting” or “Mr Next Year” syndrome, the good news could be that you’re a natural born wise counsellor, according to palm reading markers that show up in your fingerprints.

If you have more than one tented arch (scroll down to see ) in your fingerprints you’re born wise.  Know this and apply it.

Are you a natural born counsellor?
Are you a natural born counsellor?

You’re here to share your wisdom with others.

The downside of this is you could get stuck on the diving board, wanting to be the expert first or know all the facts before making your decision or committing your marbles.

A major part of what you’re here to learn is….just do it

Learn through doing, commit, risk failure or criticism.

A good analogy of this is those children’s games where you slide blocks around until the pattern works.

If you don’t slide any block you freeze and can’t see a solution. It doesn’t really matter which block you move as long as you move one.
You can always recorrect if it’s the wrong one but you won’t know til you actually do it.

Here’s what a tented arch fingerprint looks like. One of these  prints and this is partly your theme. Two or more tented arches then  this is an overriding theme in your life.  Commit your marbles. Live your wisdom now!
Do you have one or more tented arch fingerprint?

Do you have one or more tented arch fingerprint?