Are you hiding something about yourself?

Look at your ring finger and compare it to the other fingers on your hand.

Does it stand straight up on its own or does the whole finger topple over towards the middle finger?

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If it topples  it means you’re trying to hide something about yourself from others.

The thumb represents the will.  Any finger that topples in the direction of the thumb is being pulled by that force.

The energy that runs through the ring finger (also called Apollo or the sun finger) is related to your image and being seen. IN other words, how you wish others to see you.

So when this finger topples towards the thumb this means you are trying to impose your will over your image. In other words, you’re trying to hide something you don’t want others to know about you.

This interpretation of why fingers topple over comes from Richard Unger of the International Institute of Hand analysis.

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50 thoughts on “Are you hiding something about yourself?

  1. Martha I Muñoz Reply

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  2. Twitter Vacation Reply

    I am actually pretty fascinated by all of this. My hand sits without toppling at all, yet I feel like there are parts of my self I hide from certain friends. Does this mean my subconscious is ok with the things I have chosen to keep to myself?

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