Are you ready to trust just any palm reader?

People are often afraid of having their hands read, even by certified hand analysts, and rightfully so because there are many  charlatan palm readers out there.

I think having your hands read by anyone (good or bad, informed or misinformed) is potentially one of the most dangerous and potentially harmful things you can do to yourself.  But, on the other hand, its also the most potentially transformational.


Because it can help you  break the habit of staying smaller than who you are.

How does this work?

Your hands are portals to your psyche.  They respond instantly to your thoughts but it also works the other way round.  Energy goes out through them, but energy also comes right in. When you open your hands up to another you become utterly open to suggestion.

This vulnerability can easily be abused by the hand reader.

The Fortune Teller
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Who is anyone to say who you are? You are infinite.
As the Buddha says, you are what you think you are.

Listening to what anyone says about who you are or even what your future is represents a massive power give away.

You are putting yourself totally at the hand reader’s mercy. And you just have to trust that they will expand you rather than shrink your spirit.

That being said, we are at a point now where we know deep down that we have a giant sleeping inside us, but we don’t know how to access this potential, or why its being blocked. This is when life purpose hand analysis can really help.

Most people know in their heart of hearts what their true calling is, but they can’t see their blind spot. The thing that holds them back from living on purpose. This is visible in your fingerprints. But, don’t take my word for it. Check it out, see if it resonates.

And, when choosing a hand analyst, check them out on facebook or blogs or other social media.  

What are they writing about? Are they on a similar wavelength to you? Are they likely to expand you or contract your spirit?

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72 thoughts on “Are you ready to trust just any palm reader?

  1. mark@bunn coffee makers Reply

    It’s interesting to hear hand reading being described as both dangerous and transforming, so I don’t really know what to make of it. I do understand what you are saying about unleashing potential, though.

  2. Staysure@travel insurance over 65 Reply

    Excellent post. I completely agree that a) people have full control of their lives and b) someone who isn’t in control of their life can have a palm reading change their life (for good or bad). Are certified readers trained in sensiblity to understand when bad news can affect someone who isn’t in control of their life negatively and avoiding to give that advice?

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  4. Amy Rich@directory Reply

    As a teenager i was really interested in the getting my palms read and also wanted to become a palm reader, but as i grew older i realised that most palm reader simply say things based on some old studies and facts which may not be true in your sense, now i know that I am the master of my own destiny, if i am determined enough to achieve something i will! No one can stop me,not even the lines etched on my palms 🙂

    • Jena Griffiths Post authorReply

      Actually fingerprint analysis and hand analysis can really help you become a master of your own destiny. You just need to be careful who you go to and use it to empower rather than disempower yourself.

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  12. Charlie@4WD roofracks Reply

    I do not really believe in Palm reading and dont even show it to anybody to read. Why want to know what’s store in future and who knows what they say is true or not?

  13. Giovanni Vieu Reply

    I do not generally comment on web sites but I needed to drop in and say thanks for making this, I absolutely agree with the fact and with a little luck people today can understand this argument.

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  18. paxil Reply

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  19. Diamond Glass Reply

    You acknowledged that Palm Reading is difficult because the mind and the hands are dependent upon each other and are always changing. So if I have my hand read and analyzed today and then again in 12 years, could I receive a totally different reading? 12 years could establish some pretty significant change within me and my thinking. Does that change the validity of a palm reading?

    • Jena Griffiths Post authorReply

      Everything changes. Not just you, also the person reading your hands.
      Ask yourself, is this person helping me see my divinity?
      hand analysis is not palm reading. huge difference.

  20. Marianne Reply

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