Breaks in the life line and breaks in the heart line

“The lines are poetic” says Richard Unger “and breaks are really no big deal.”

From my perspective, the hand or palms, are a mirror of the psyche and, because they are so visible and ever present, they can be used to either beat oneself up (by believing misinformation) for one can use hands for contemplation and self awareness or personal growth and strengths discovery. They enable one to ask, “In what way am I limiting myself ?” For example, why am I torturing myself with this particular destructive belief?

Breaks in the life line is one hot spot where too many people are getting hammered by believing nonsense regarding longevity. This is an unfounded rumor and dangerous if you waste many hours thinking and worrying about it. If someone plants any fearful belief in your mind, cancel the thought immediately. Bless them and walk away. DO NOT give your creative power away.
“Each hand is a poem” says Richard Unger, author of LifePrints who has read over 60 000 pairs of hands. Like a poem, the meaning is not always obvious. In order to help people stop torturing themselves and others with the belief that length of life line is predictive, I invited Richard Unger to share his interpretation on breaks in the life lines and/or the heart line during an online class. We’ve been holding these classes weekly for 6 years for students all around the globe and because this was such an important topic I decided to make the 2 classes on this topic freely accessible to the public.

It’s a one and a half hour discussion.
In summary, the life line is NOT linked to longevity.

We need to dispel this myth once and for all. Many people live long happy lives with broken lines or even no lifeline ta all!!

You can access the second call too:
Log into Earth School to view these classes free of charge here: Breaks in lifeline video classes

Several hand analysts and also palmists from other schools of thought were invited to participate in this discussion but unfortunately no one with a totally different perspective showed up to discuss their views.

Also discussed during these classes
In these video classes another topic discussed was the “3 for 2” marker. This is a broken life line that indicates that work (or rather a special calling) is more important than family to fully ground or anchor the person. (In other words the traditional roles of the two lines (family and career) is confused. We also discussed the notion that a break on any of the major lines can be seen as a break in a circuit that, like an electrical switch, can be either on or off. This is useful information to know.
hand analysis classesWe also discussed dots on the life line which (as a chronic stress indicator related to family issues) – a sign that you need to start paying attention to whatever is causing this stress. Particularly related to family issues.
This is what dots on this line look like.

family stress indicator
Dots on life line

Also discussed were Simian lines and breaks in the heart line.

Right at the end of the discussion we looked at a hand with virtually no life line, which Richard considers another version of “line confusion”. In other words, not a big deal provided one is aware of one’s own internal wiring.
The Simian line ( single palmar crease) (2 instead of 3 lines) was also mentioned in this discussion as being similar in effect to the “3 for 2” marker, with respect to fanaticism or needing a focus or mission or special calling. The difference being in the Simian this is not necessarily linked to career.

24 thoughts on “Breaks in the life line and breaks in the heart line

  1. Mark Reply

    Thanks Jena, that was great! I love Richard’s diverse knowledge, metaphors, humor, and humility. There’s no substitute for good sense and lots of experience. I feel like Richard was speaking directly to each of us. I’m one of those modern palmists who are trying to reach a larger public. Richard and I have brainstormed on several occasions about doing that. We haven’t figured it out. Our styles are very different. Richard rambles. He’s wordy and loves telling stories. I tend to be blunt and direct. The world of palmistry needs both ~ a Cheiro/Deepak Chopra combo who’s willing to do the work.

    Re: Breaks in major lines – we must see clearly, put on our critical thinking caps, and use our imaginations to objectively address symptoms and how they create corresponding scenarios. We must dialogue with clients in a way that leaves them feeling hopeful.

    • Jena Griffiths Post authorReply

      Mark, thanks for your feedback, and valuable input regarding the importance of how we communicate what we see to our clients in a way that empowers them. I really appreciate it that you took the time to sit through the fireside stories to find the gold nuggets. It would be wonderful if you could join us live next Tuesday at 12.30 noon your time. We could then see how it worked with the two of you together. You could express any differences in interpretation you may have on specific markers. Or any additional insight. We will also look at a few more examples and it would be wonderful to have you participate in the conversation.

  2. Ruth Reply

    I SO relate to reading the hands as a form of poetry. As I read more, poetic forms come quite naturally as a response to what I see. It is a search for language that is nuanced and suggestive and open ended enough to begin to touch the complexity of the human experience. I look forward to next Tuesday!

  3. ParenderSethi Reply

    Being emotionless in communication is the right phrase.Here we should take communication in broader sense. It can be imparting or exchanging of information by speaking, writing, or using some other medium like particular gesture, I mean a movement of part of the body, especially with a hand or the head, to express an idea or meaning. giving bad looks, speaking in satiric way and for this you have a particular thinking pattern of course and then we adapt attitude and then act. So this is correct and I think this is possible. And this usually happens because chances are the person is compelled to carry on the ‘fractured’ relationship/union. This person is generally angry and disappointed and we know anger is unsatisfied emotions. But I had a client who possesses a clear-cut broken heart line is most emotional and loving nature,but, suffered a severe heart attack, got blocked 2 valves. Got operated and now well. Heart line can also show physical organ condition too. This is your test to diagnose as the problem is emotional or physical organ of the body. Broken heart line is not all about the unfulfilled emotions for all the time. Broken heart line people can also enjoy closeness without being emotionless!

  4. Oracle Laura Reply

    As a Psychic Medium I usually know & sense most things (which my clients love, but annoys my daughter & my bfs. LOL). However when palm readers keep telling me I have 2 life lines & each of them tell me a different reason why, it makes me even more curious to solve the mystery (especially when one who’s a good friend of mine insists I already know the reason why. He says I live 2 lives at once). Perhaps one day someone will finally solve it for me.

    Thanks for posting your awesome video & keep at it!

    Love, Oracle Laura

  5. Jo Hayden Reply

    So interesting especially were the breaks are and how they apply to under the fingers. Having a break on my life line at around the age of 50 I can confirm that I broke away from my family. I have also seen breaks on others hands and a couple of them have related to people having walk ins. This may sound controversial, but it was literally a person having a near death experience where they clinically died and another soul walked in. So the gentleman was married with a child and after waking up from the accident was a differant soul with a differant way of being in all areas of his life. I have seen this only twice but it is quite amazing when the client aligns with it. I really enjoy the humour of Richard. Great session thank you.

    • Jena Griffiths Post authorReply

      Jo, interesting story. I resonate with the concept that the break on the “family line” represents breaking away with family. Regarding your client who had the near death experience, it would be interesting to see if the person’s fingerprints change. Because technically they shouldn’t change. Do you perhaps have before and after hand prints? I have heard rumors (not sure if accurate or not) that in some extremely rare cases fingerprints have changed.

  6. Kathy Caskey Reply

    Dear Jena,

    Very interested in someone who could read my palms as I have Simian lines on both hands.
    Love reading your comments

    Regards Kathy Caskey

  7. Kristina Reply

    Thank you Jena for making this video available ! Thank you for your and Richard´s work.
    The second call will be accessible from the Earth-School membership site ?

    I am the owner of the double heart line, both of them are broken, but in the place of brokenness, the other heart line jumps in and covers the free space. I am a hermit, so yes, my communication is more brainy. I did not know much about the broken heart line, but those people who I mentioned made “uffff …you have a broken heart line, you poor one”. Recently my postraumatic stress disorder broke out….since that time, I understand why I have the broken heart line (lots of emotional abuse, borderline personality mother, grandmother)…I forgot it all. Part of the PTDS is that one cannot feel emotions, because they are stucked. I also suffered as a baby from medical neglect, medical trauma, leaving me to have a long-term slow-dying experience (which is all I did not know, I had to search a lot for). The broken heart might speak also about my broken body from the physical traumatisation, about the helplessness I went through as a baby, as a child.I am an empath, thus the broken heart line is a big controversy in my life. I learn to like my broken-heart line. It will remind me of the suffering that my body, mind and spirit hold.

    • Jena Griffiths Post authorReply

      Dear Kristina, thank you for sharing your story. I love your spirit and decision to like your broken heart line as a source and reminder of your own strength. From one perspective, we are all wounded healers. The wound is where the light comes in…
      Second cal lwill be posted on this page and also in the Earth School member zone, which has links to the documents, names and website addresses of the active participants and so on.

  8. Janet Li Reply

    It is a great video about broken heartline and lifeline. In the old palmistry book, the broken lifeline really indicates bad health. I like Richard’s new interpretation of the broken lifeline. How about the broken headline?

    Will Richard talk about the broken headline in the future? I am looking forward to seeing it.

    • Jena Griffiths Post authorReply

      for breaks or bubbles on headline, look under which finger it occurs:
      For example under Saturn finger – might be a stress indicator related to career choice confusion; under Apollo related to uncertainty re type of creative expression…

      • Janet Li Reply

        But some said that it is a good sign. It is the turn of the new thinking way. Or it indicates the talent for sports activities. Some said that it is a double headline and enhances brainpower. Whether is it a good or bad sign?

        • Jena Griffiths Post authorReply

          Interpret it in a way that feels good to you. There are no good or bad markers. markers are always neutral. If you project good or bad onto them then that’s the outcome you expect.

          • Janet Li

            Dear Jena,

            Thanks for your reply. However, in old palmistry books, there always have bad and good signs. Are they all outdated?

          • Jena Griffiths Post author

            Yes, in my opinion they all are. Each person’s mind is a fertile field. Any book that sows harmful or worrying thoughts is out of date. The purpose of ahnd analysis is to make people more present to themselves and others not less present due to worry or overthinking.

  9. Ravin kumar Reply

    Such a wonderful content. Thank you so much for the post it is very helpful, Keep posting such type of articles.

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