Can hand analysis diagnose health?

What you balance on your fork predicts more about your health than the lines on your hands.

Are you killing your family with kindness?

cool trick1
Is the fork a deadly weapon?

I met a manufacturer of insulin recently who said: more people on this planet die each day from overeating than from starvation.

This may sound shocking and unbelievable (my first reaction) but actually its true.
Most illnesses and deaths are self inflicted through misinformation.

The problem is, with so much conflicting information out there, how do we know what’s good and what isn’t?
And, even more confusing: What’s good for one isn’t necessarily good for another! Which is why one should never force children to eat their food. It could well be good for you but toxic for them.

playing with food
One person's food is another's poison

So how can you tell what’s good for you and what isn’t?

The body knows. You just have to find a way to ask it.
The most effective way I’ve ever come across is “Gansheitliche kinesiology” this is a system developed in
Switzerland that allows the body to choose solutions across a broad range of techniques, but any simple form of tuning into the body and asking should work.

Can hand analysis diagnose illness?
I steer away from health diagnosis. Even though your hands are an accurate mirror of how your body, mind an spirit interact, hand analysis is designed to solve emotional health issues (relationship and life meaning, purpose and career) rather than physical health. Even though all are interrelated.

“Your biology reflects your biography” Carolyn Myss

Many people have made the study of physical health, and how spirit and emotions impact on it, a life work.
For example, Norm Schealy and Carolyn Myss. Follow your inner wisdom to find the right system for you.

Richard Moss says there are three spiritual teachers that we learn from.

One is the body.
Sooner or later this is a teacher we all must meet.

“the body will humiliate every idea you have of yourself” until you see that you are not your body.
More than anything else, the body brings us into the present, which is where we connect with the divine.

If you would like to learn how to manage deep-rooted emotions, that illness stirs up, or vice versa, then hand analysis can help you understand the broader picture. You can manage your emotions very effectively using EFT but then you won’t necessarily understand the dynamics of what keeps triggering you. The combination of the two together is very effective.

The body as a portal
Many spiritual people totally ignore or neglect the body but it’s how we connect with the divine.
A daily practice such as tai chi or yoga or dance helps you do this.

Transcending the body
The person who has made this study his life work is Michael Murphy, author of The Future of the Body.
I find this subject fascinating.

Our health is our most precious possession. Take good care of yours.

4 thoughts on “Can hand analysis diagnose health?

  1. Lasik Reply

    I don’t know if it’s actually possible to know someone’s illness by just simply reading their palm, but I’ve already heard something about it. Maybe, we should still rely on our doctors in that case.

  2. Georg Smith Reply

    Palm lines are the handwork of genetics. So it could be proved scientifically that a person is prone or susceptible to such and such diseases and conditions. So in my opinion it could be a possibility that needs further investigation.

  3. Brent Reply

    This is very interesting but we should not rely hundred percent on this, maybe it will good as an alternative.
    Nice!!! Can’t wait to another.
    Please provide me new article soon.

  4. Elmo Reply

    But, I think it is possible because we can have a clue of our illness by just checking our eyes or feet so why not knowing it with the use of our hands.

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