Depression what to do?

More than 10% of the American population is on antidepressants. But, according to Dr Daniel Amen of Amen clinics, there are at least 7 different types of depression and antidepressants are not the solution and often have dangerous side effects.

Amen says you’ll have better results using daily exercise, fish oil supplements and positive thinking.
But what else?

If you’re feeling depressed
here are some key thoughts and solutions:

Dr Paul Scheele – adjust your posture to adjust your mood
find something bigger than yourself to fight for
Dr Judith Kravitz – breathe!
Dr Richard Moss – be present in your body and feel appreciation even if you don’t know why.
Guy Finley – examine, then lose interest in this false sense of self instead of giving yourself over to it.
Dr Raeffaela Colombo – manage your sleep to manage mood swings.

Over the coming weeks I’ll be exploring the work of several experts who can really help you overcome depression without taking antidepressants.

I’ll also be exploring how your hands can help you see and hold a higher vision of yourself.

The first call is 23 September 2010 with Richard Unger. We’ll  be exploring hand analysis  markers related to depression, melancoly, mood swings, sadness as part of one’s identity, feeling suicidal, sad thinking, bipolar tendencies, hope, hopelessness and ascension, conscious evolution, turning negative states to positive  and lots more.