Do you have a Jupiter star in your hand?

A Jupiter Star is a gift marker indicating leadership and high achievement, according to Richard Unger, the man who first identified this gift marker and 16 others.

Are you the power behind someone else's throne?
Are you the power behind someone else's throne?

Sometimes one sees multiple Jupiter stars, or 8 pointed varieties.
These, according to Richard Unger, indicate the capacity to be a leader of leaders.

Only a few percent of people have this marker and even fewer have multiple stars.
If you have a Jupiter star it’s a big deal.

As with all star formations ask yourself:
What lines make up the star?
Are any points missing? If so, which?
What quadrant of the Jupiter mount is the star positioned in? This indicates what type of leadership.

The shadow side of the Jupiter star appears when these qualities are not fully owned and occupied.

The danger?
You’re built to take a leading role but instead of finding your own throne and sitting on it, you help someone else by playing second fiddle.
You take a supporting role in someone else’s mission.
The problem is, often this other mission is not your mission nor your purpose.
Then you’re in danger of losing the spark in your eyes.
You’re succeeding at the task but it doesn’t feel satisfying.

Jupiter star on a sunny day:
you have found your own particular throne and are sitting on it.
– the project resonates with and is driven by your purpose and passion.

Shadow scenarios:
• A constant feeling that one is underachieving, even when this is not the case.
• Attempting to be the power behind someone else’s
throne: president’s wife syndrome.
• Bringing out one’s ambition through another.
• Power plays or giving away one’s power.
• Trying to control the person who is in charge.
• Diminishing oneself to please others.

If you recognise any of these scenarios, don’t feel shamed.
You can’t have the light without the dark, and the dark serves the light
to add contrast and show you what you have.
Instead focus on the sunny side – the magnificence of what you have –
a powerful gift that’s begging you to own and fully inhabit it.

You’ll notice as with any marker, there isn’t just light and dark.
There are two shadow poles.
One is too much of a quality and the other is too little of it.
In this case, power.

This is what Richard Unger calls the “Goldilocks principle” :
too much, too little, just right.

Action steps you can take right now?

Be gentle on yourself when you err in either direction.
And keep making small corrections. Like an aircraft going from A to B.
90% of the time the aircraft is off course but through small constant
adjustments it reaches its target anyway.

In last week’s advanced threading call with Richard Unger we discussed this marker and its shadow side in relationships. We also discussed this marker during our first threading call earlier this year on knowing what you want.

In the hand we discussed during last week’s call, this marker was on a man’s hand
(see image below.)

These days this gift marker is found far more frequently on women’s hands than on men’s. Richard says this never used to be the case when he first started reading hands over 40 years ago.

I find this fascinating.
Why? Is it an indicator of the new spirit sweeping our planet? humanity re-owning its feminine power?

When I work with clients who have this marker in their hands I give them a picture of Imperia. The formidable statue by artist Peter Lenk that stands on the end of the jetty in Konstanz, Germany.
She’s magnificent albeit highly controversial. Full of positive female power, holding in one hand the pope and in the other the kaiser, both wearing crowns. Two little old naked dissatisfied men. They’re in stark contrast to her happy spirit and lythe female vibrancy.

Why do I give them this image?
It’s a good reminder to own and embrace this inner friend. Both the positive and the negative sides of her.

Jupiter star one of 17 Gift markers
If you have a Jupiter star, Imperia is both an inner friend and an inner enemy. Acknowledge her and give her space to reign.
What does a Jupiter star marker look like?
Jupiter star, palmistry, palm reading, how to read a palm
jupiter star gift marking
Do you have a Jupiter Star?

You’d like to know more about this marker?

Why listen to what other people have to say about this gift marker?
Why not listen directly to what Richard says?
(Update to post. January 2014: here’s a call with Richard on this topic)

I have a Jupiter star in my hand. Oops!

Like to know more about other gift markings?
What do they mean? How to identify them. What if you have no gift markers?
Download my free report on gift markers here

121 thoughts on “Do you have a Jupiter star in your hand?

  1. phil Reply

    I have looked for information of this caliber for the last several hours. Your site is greatly appreciated. Such a nice article that is worth reading for.

  2. melissa Reply

    I have spent the last 20 minutes looking on my hand to see if I have one lol!! Really interesting article, thank you for sharing I had been looking for this information and did a search on google and found your site, very interesting, thank you.

    • Jenna Griffiths Post authorReply

      You need to decide if you want more information about yourself and your hands
      or if you want more information about other hand markers like this one, or this marker in other scenarios, eg in relationships.

      For more information about you and how this marker connects to other markers in your hands – have a private consultation.
      To find out more about this marker in relationships see this class on this topic.
      To take a foundational course in Hand analysis.
      To become a professional hand analyst email me.

  3. gomish Reply

    the palm print above of the star position in Jupiter mount is located at base, so this person will be in touch with great personalities or people who drove the nation!
    thnx in advance!

  4. abracadabra Reply

    i think i have 2 stars on my right palm and one on the left. wat can i expect from life?

  5. Kiran Katawa Reply

    Hi Jena, how does it make difference – when its on left hand and not on right hand?

  6. Narasimha Reply

    Hi Jena,

    I have Star,Cross and Triangle on the Right Palm and Cross and Square on the Left Palm.

  7. Narasimha Reply

    The above picture does not have star rather it just lines crossings.A star should be independent to have proper effect.

  8. Narasimha Reply

    I have sun line running from Fate line from the Middle of the Palm and also the the Sun Line branch goes between in between Mercury Finger and Ring Finger

  9. Pratik Reply

    I’ve got clear mark of star along with a cross on my active right hand. should I consider this sign to be good?

  10. ray lynn Reply

    hahaha! lol i just found it on my hand! lol! i have one on each hand. I still dont get it but if its something special then thats great! Im pleased with my hands that God gave me!

  11. Balaji Dileep Kumar Reply

    Hi there, I have a jupiter star I hope so below the thumb and below the line of heart and head where it starts on the left corner of my left hand…

    It’s a pointed dot with 8 lines from it.. but I have been struggling so far… nothing good… my dob is 28/12/1986 .. will anything better happen to me?….

    • Jena Griffiths Post authorReply

      HI Balaji, if it is below the heart line it isn’t a Jupiter star but something else depending on where it is.
      Trust that this is a supportive universe. Look for how it is trying to help you.
      Good luck.

  12. Deb Reply

    Hello, greetings from Melbourne Australia, I thought I had what looks like a star in the middle of my left palm, like 2 triangles, a little misaligned, but a star none the less,all the other examples I see are lots of criss crossed lines, more like asterisks. Thank you so much for your guidance, cheers! Deb ( Cookie x)

  13. Smita Reply

    I have a big star sign on the Mount of Jupiter in my left palm. Its exactly where my Heart line ends. There is also, what they call, a Ring of Solomon (i.e. Below my index finger) on the same palm. What does it indicate?

  14. Maria Reply

    Hi Jena

    I seem to have a multiple star just on the outside edge of Mount Jupiter on my left palm, i.e. I have to turn that palm 45 degrees to see it properly (by contrast, if I keep my palm flat, I can only see half the star). Is the star still relevant to Mount Jupiter in that particular position? In the centre of the mount itself, I have a quite large cross (that’s true for both hands).


  15. Harsha Reply

    Hey Jena,
    I have 1 clear & independent star and 4 others(small/fine lines) on the mount of Jupiter on my left hand, I’m curious now…what should I expect ?

  16. Nicholas Maroulis Reply

    Hello I read this page but don’t have an answer. I have two 5 pointed stars on each hand. I’ve spent my hole life trying to help everyone I could solveing the problems of many friends and people I have met. But I’ve never been able to fix my own troubles. My luck has always been strange. Ill have good luck for about a week or so but it’s always followed by months of Horrible luck. I’m not a bad person or at least I don’t believe I am. I just don’t know what to do any more and would like advice on what I could do to be happy and or contint with my life and self.

  17. Nicholas Maroulis Reply

    I’m sorry I recounted the stars I have 5 on my left. And 2 on my right.

  18. Pri Reply

    Hi Jena,
    I have one big star in a square on Jupiter and three other stars linked to each other. I have the salomon ring also. One among the sister life lines cuts my life and headline and joins the big star on Jupiter (which is the one in the square), but two other short lines (one sister life line + another coming from my head line) join the end of the big star’s branch in a curved way which form an island divided into two (at least it looks like an island divided by the sister life line)… I was just wondering if that meant anything? What do these indicate? Many thanks for your time!

    • Jena Griffiths Post authorReply

      Hi Pri,
      It’s hard to say without actually looking at a hand print or your hand itself.
      Sounds like you are a leader of leaders.

  19. Pri Reply

    Many thanks Jena.
    I’m looking for that throne to be able to sit on it 🙂

  20. Ray Jackson Reply

    I have the Apollo star and Jupiter star on my hand! Someone tell me what that means! Lol I am a very creative and musical person!! Lol I do have good luck but some one please fgve me more info about the Apollo and Jupiter stars on my hand! thank you 🙂

  21. alee Reply

    i have 5 pt star on my right hand at mount of jupiter plus a double V sign at end of life line…..what is the significance of these marks?
    need help???

  22. janelle Reply

    Hi, jena. I think i have a six pointed star on my jupiter mount. However it intersects a grille on the jupiter mount. What does it mean? Thank you very much;)

  23. Olivia Reply

    Hey Jena I have three stars on my right hand and two stars on my left hand and there 5 pointed I have just noticed them and one on my right hand is beneath my finger on the left from my thumb and the other one is right in the middle closer to the left and on my left hand is in the middle close together but I have wondered why cause they were never there before and also my lines are really see-able on my hands and it’s really weird

    • Jena Griffiths Post authorReply

      Hi Olivia,

      Lines change, fingerprint patterns don’t.
      That’s the difference between personality and soul psychology.
      Happy exploring!

  24. Olivia Reply

    And also mine are 5 pointed exsept the one on my left hand that’s a 7 pointed one

  25. Len Reply

    On my right hand I have a cross that joins my life line. I also have a star on the side of the right hand. On my left hand I have the same cross that joins my life line. I have a smaller star on my left hand than on my right hand.

    • Jena Griffiths Post authorReply

      HI Len,
      Hard to say what they are without seeing them.
      Sounds like ambition lines challenged by a part of you that undersells yourself.

  26. Shabnam Reply

    Hey Jena,
    I liked your article 🙂
    Jena i have two asterisk at the end of my heart line on both of my hands. And i also have a asterisk straight below my middle finger on my right hand which meets with my fate line but its not that much clear. Furthermore, I have a clear straight line just below the ring finger slightly above my heart line and parallel line on my pinky but above heart line. However, i heard that having asterisk at the end of heart line is dangerous. Anyways, i am struggling with my study’s and my visa got rejected. I am going on hard times and sometimes i feel to die. I think my greatest pitfalls of my life is my laziness and i feel really sleepy during morning. 🙁

    • Jena Griffiths Post authorReply

      Hi Shabnam
      Be gentle on yourself and give yourself a chance. It’s hard to say what any marker means without actually seeing the hand.
      Probably you have a hand full of talent markers.

      Good luck there!

  27. Kay Packard Reply

    Hi Jena! I really like how you wrote your article about the Jupiter Stars. I have a string of 3 on one hand! I’m looking forward to participating in Richard’s classes this year. While I’ve heard his teachings before, I’m guessing he’ll have many new jewels. I do also like hearing other teachers, and students, talk about gift markings because of the infinite number of stories describing how the gift markings reveal themselves in life. Thanks again for being an incredible facilitator of the insightful and accurate practice of hand analysis. Kay

  28. Tanveer zond Reply

    Hi Jena me Zond ! i have star sign on my right lies in the mid tip of the heart line what does it means.shape is some thing large ……….what is the actual meaning of this shape…..zond

    • Jena Griffiths Post authorReply

      HI Zond, the meaning depends on where exactly it is/which finger it is under. Also the stars we are looking at here aren’t on the heart line but above it.

  29. hassan Reply

    Hi Jena….
    i have star sign right at the mount of jupiter on my left hand…what is its significance???
    how a star effect ones life???
    need reply as i got no clear answers from anyone


  30. shabi kazmi Reply

    hey ..!
    i have a cross sign at mount of jupitar on both palm
    will u tell me about cross sign

  31. trish Reply

    what does leader of leaders mean?
    does one help other leaders find their way?

    (today i was randomly given the information that i have two interconnected stars below my pointer finger on the left hand)

    also. because it is of interest to me.
    i have been given information over and over again (different methods, same message) that i am some kind of leader.

    but, any time that i have ever behaved with any kind of power/knowing, i have been met with great opposition (even vicious)

    how can one be a leader if all opportunities are dashed?
    the job is given and then taken. people see to prefer me in a non leading light.

    • Jena Griffiths Post authorReply

      Why not heal that thought? Just say I love you to yourself and whoever is involved. You’re a high achiever and it’s time to step into this.

  32. Manas Dutta Reply

    Date : 30.04.2014 at 10:50

    I have an one star at the Jupiter on right hand palm and that is very clear & like the hand picture which has shown. So, I want to know very interestingly “what is the meaning of the sign”, please tell me clearly. Thank you. Manas Dutta.

    • Jena Griffiths Post authorReply

      That’s what this whole article is about!

  33. Lash Reply

    Hi Jena,

    I have two crosses in the mount of Jupiter. Please let me know what that means?? i have heard cross signs are good in the mount of Jupiter..

    • Jena Griffiths Post authorReply

      HI Lash,
      No marker in itself is good or bad. It’s just information about yourself you can use (good) or ignore (bad). Crosses depend on what lines they are made up of. For example, (this is hypothetical, I haven’t seen what lines your cross is made of) it could be an ambition line + D Fork (a line flowing off your heart line saying you can’t say no.) In this case the D fork impacts on the ambition line. Meaning someone with this marker does things that may not be in their own best interests at work.

  34. Kunal Reply

    Namastey , jena .
    Myself Kunal ,
    I have gone through your article and found it very helpful and informative for one and all .

    It has also helped me in understanding myself and letting me out of my grief of being only a supporter to others achievement and not giving required time to self .

    I try to crub my nature but always fall short as a result ppl use me and my contacts and channels for their welfare with out taking into the consideration of my emotion .

    I will keep it short ,
    My name is Kunal kishore , DOB .27/09/1983 . Birth time ,12.30 PM .Birth place , Patna , ( Bihar , India ) .
    I can clearly see a cross mark and a star mark within square box on my active right hand on the mount of jupiter .

    What does it mean , I am still struggling at all fronts of my life ,let it be carrer , love or friendship .
    Other ppl gets credit of my hard written materials or work .
    Plz helph me ,up .
    Looking forward to ur expert guidance to came out of my gloomy world .

    Regards ,
    Kunal .

  35. sachin Reply

    Namaste jena

    I have a star marking on my jupiter mount of my left palm only,I m not able to deduce its meaning.
    Kindly help me with that.
    Thank you.


  36. Stephanie Reply

    I have five point stars in the lines on both palms I’ve been trying to find anyone else with them I’ve looked for years if you know anyway to find out more info please let me know thank you and you have a great site

    • Jena Griffiths Post authorReply

      All the advice you need is right here. Act on it.:-)

  37. caesar Reply

    hey i have a star on mount of jupiter on both hands and its a big one covers aall of the mount..but its not prominent..i mean its not prominent like other lines

  38. priyankaa Reply

    Hello I have 4 stars on both the hands right on the mount of Jupiter, all the stars are 8 points can you let me know what does it means? If success how long would it take to get one?

  39. jenny Reply

    I have a few stars on both hands and crosses not in Jupiter’s but right in the middle of my palm
    what does this mean

  40. Kislay Chauhan Reply

    Dear Jena

    Hello, Nice to read some of your posts. I do palmistry too from some years. but I could not identify meanings of some of lines in my hands. there are 2 parallel bow shapes lines under index finger, after reading your posts, its true that I am immensely spiritual, and intend to know mystic things. Kindly also tell that if one of these 2 lines, touches luck then, what symbol is it? I have full luck line starting from moon mountain.

    Thanks for your helpful advice.


    Kislay Chauahn

  41. daley Reply

    I have a triangle on my right palm with a star on top of it exactly on top of it..

  42. kranthi kumar Reply

    i have cross on the mount of jupiter but it is big, one of the cross line touches from the headline. my doubt, it is cross sign or not.

  43. Yumie Reply

    I got both hands with Jupiter star exact same spot on the image and I also got Solomon ring on both hand so what does that mean , feel like I’ll be doomed

    • Jena Griffiths Post authorReply

      No Yumie, you are never doomed unless you really believe that. Be careful what you think. You create the future with what you believe today.
      Jupiter stars are good news and Solomon rings too.
      You are a wise leader. See this part of yourself and help others to stop tormenting themselves too. You can lead the way. Here is a simple but powerful technique to practice. Good luck!

  44. Moon khan Reply

    I have a pentagram type on star on my jupiter mount, although not fully marked. I am extremely ambitious and leading others come naturally to me, however i cant find satisfaction in anything i do. I always want something more and fast. I have too many interests which really tires me and my motivation dies.

  45. Mona Lally Reply

    I have five sided star on jupiter an actual star, although one point missing. Leadership comes naturally, i dont like being told what to do. Im super ambitious, but i have too many interests which really brings me down coz i cant focus on just one thing.

  46. Erin Reply

    I have two large stars in the palm of my right hand plus multiples in different areas. I have always wondered what these mean but your article only denotes the ones on the mounds. What if it is on the fate line?

    • Jena Griffiths Post authorReply


      Usually only the free standing stars count as gift markers. Or under Middle finger above heartline if it is on the “fate line” (Saturn line)
      Lower down on this line, it might have been an event in the past or one you imagine in future.

  47. Chris Reply

    Dear Jenna,
    My heart line is forming a trident, with lines ending on saturn mount, start of jupiter mount and center of jupiter mount. Yes, it’s a pretty big trident.

    The third branch, ending on the center of jupiter mount, ends with a star. And very thin lines are getting formed around that star. The shape looks like that of a star inside a square. And that entire geometry is so clear and exact, that it seems someone has actually made it using proper tools.

    I strongly believe in “karmic theory”, and try to do good karmas always. Nothing satisfactory in my life yet. Can I expect improvements?


    • Jena Griffiths Post authorReply

      Chris sorry I don’t know. This site is not about prediction but repetitive thinking patterns that show up in your hands and how negative thinking can be a hindrance.

  48. rakesh kr roy Reply

    i have a star on jupiter on right palm. what a meaning of that ,means what it is indicating.
    pls clear me about that.

  49. thelma Reply

    Hi Jena,

    I have a star on the Jupiter mount. My fear is that one of the lines seems to be an island – could I send you a picture to see if that is true?

  50. Utkarsh Reply

    Hi Jena,

    I have a very prominent star right on the edge of mount of jupiter towards outside. I used to have a cross right next to it placed exactly on the mount, but now I see that the cross is changing into another star accompanied by another tiny one. It is like having 3 stars starting from the edge of the mount.

    What is the significance of having 3 stars on the mount of jupiter? I have been following your article for some years now and I am convinced you will have the knowledge to answer this.

    Thanks alot!

    • Jena Griffiths Post authorReply

      Hi Utkarsh

      Multiple stars on this mound is the leader of leaders…
      So if you are putting pressure on yourself to achieve you know why!
      Good luck!

  51. Utkarsh Reply

    Thanks again Jena 😀 . This is motivating. I am a left hander and these stars are on my left hand. I hope the stars are read from the dominant han only. Fingers Crossed 🙂

  52. Asad tariq Reply

    the one star is in my right hand appearing on the start of head line attached to fate line…

    • Jena Griffiths Post authorReply


      Stars on the 3 major lines (head line, life line or heart line) are not gift marker stars. What they are depends on exact location.

  53. Asad tariq Reply

    jena the exact location of star is in my right hand on starting of head line…and triangle’s or trident’s different areas in both hands…

  54. keyenza Reply

    I have a 5 pointed star and a second one below it in intersecting line, and a small third one by itself on my left hand. Also my name start with k and I have a visible k on my right. please email me asap!

  55. Yakthung Khawang Reply

    Hi Jena, I have a 6 clearly pointed star just under the index finger (right hand). I also have 2 big squares–one under index finger and the other one between index finger and middle (long) finger. Look forward to hearing from you. -Yakthung

      • Yakthung Khawang Reply

        Hi Jena, thanks for the response. I visited the site after almost a year. Yes, I am a teacher (good teacher); I really want to be a leader (social reformer), but how can I perform to be a/the leader? I need your expert suggestions.

  56. Sophie Reply

    I don’t know if you know about this stuff but, I have like 26 X’s on my right hand (with one H) and 10 on my left with another H and one huge M.

  57. David Anthony Hart Reply

    I have been studying my hands & astrology for many years now probly since I was around 10-12 years old is when I began delving into it & even other areas of the occult but for the most part have steered clear of the negative side of it other than to be aware of it & it’s aspects. I have had a difficult life pretty much since the time I was in 3rd grade I am usually ostracized by most people especially authority figures who seem to take an instant dislike to me, with some exceptions being those who really hold me in high regard. Usally there is not much of an in between I get either love or hate lol, it can be hard to deal with. I also have instant karma & I mean instant, if I do anything wrong I answer for it right away. I just being near others tend to bring out unresolved issues people are hiding or holding back too which is also difficult to deal with. My birth chart is one of the craziest I have ever seen, I am packed into 1 corner of the zodiac with no element of earth at all & the majority of my planets reside in endings, I am also a Libra/Scorpio which is like really being at war inside at times. I draw connections between astrology & palmistry because they go hand & hand (pun intended lol). Anyway I am right handed primarily & have a star on both Jupiter mounts. My left hand has a 8 pointed star inside a pyramid almost in the center of the mount & on my right hand I have a star inside a pyramid with a crescent scar just beneath it. The scar has been there since I was around 10 years old. I have recently had multiple 4 pointed stars appearing on my finger tips which were not there before, which is what prompted me to look back at some palm reading.

    • Jena Griffiths Post authorReply

      David, regarding authority figures, you’ll find the answers in your fingerprints. This is a blueprint which helps you become conscious of what thoughts you are letting go off; what triggers you.. the key is self mastery. Good luck, Jena

  58. Thilini Reply

    I have those two Jupiter stars in my left hand that just like you mentioned in two hand palm stamps in this article. What kind of job will suitable for me?

    • Jena Griffiths Post authorReply

      Thilini, you can’t make a guess like that based on only one marker in the hand, but Jupiter states indicate leadership.

  59. Ruvi Reply

    In my left hand at the end of the life line I have a star and a square connected with the star. What it means?

    • Jena Griffiths Post authorReply

      Sorry Ruv, no idea. Do you mean near the wrist?

      Some people think Stars on lifeline might be events (in the past) or in your imagination.

  60. hanan Reply


    i am left handed the 8 pointed star in my right hand on the mount of jupeter which does means sr plz reply

    • Jena Griffiths Post authorReply

      Hanan hard to say without looking at your hands and fingerprints. Leadership (Perhaps in the family? if your left hand is significantly larger and more dominant than your right.)

  61. Kavi Reply

    I have both star and cross sign on jupiter but I passing through in very difficult situation.

  62. Megha Reply

    I have this 6 pointer big star in right hand of jupiter mount but i used to show shadow side of marker. Hope there is light in darkness.

  63. thinley Reply

    i have 6 moles in shpe of aries star and i am aries on my right hand what does it mean

  64. m Reply

    i have multiper star type or 8 point the probability to find this type star is 1 in 1000 people??i will be the king.. 🙂

  65. Nusy Reply

    I have a star on the right hand exactly as in the picture and I am preparing for government job of high position.

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