Do you have a Saturn Star?

A Saturn star is star-like formation of lines in the palm directly under the middle finger.
It’s quite a rare line formation, and is considered a “Gift Marker”, indicating a tremendous talent that needs to be used.
So what gift does this particular star indicate?
In some hand shape types it indicates organisational ability. In others, it indicates a unique ability to generate wealth or abundance for other people (and hopefully oneself too) by connecting people to the resources they need.
The tendency is to put oneself last, and herein lies the challenge: recognizing one’s ability, developing the self worth and learning to reap the rewards.
We’ll be discussing the interpretation of Saturn stars in detail today with Richard Unger, the person who first identified this star/line formation as a gift marker. We’ll also discuss with Richard his further interpretations on how the nuances change according to different hand shape archetypes (personality and temperament).
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A lot of palm readers tell clients that this marker is negative. Please note that all markers are neutral. You are beating yourself up unnecessarily by buying into a negative interpretation.
May you recognize the gifts you have and share them with the world.
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68 thoughts on “Do you have a Saturn Star?

  1. rajashri Reply

    Hello Jena,
    I have a curvy ring of solomon ending in a double line with a 7 pointed star just at the base of the middle finger but not at the center but the top right side of the finger? Is it an apollo star or related to the ring of solomon?

    • Jena Griffiths Post authorReply

      Hi Raj,
      Solomon rings are under the Jupiter finger and sometimes make up part of the Jupiter star.
      Apollo star is under Apollo finger (ring finger) Saturn star is under middle finger.

  2. rajashri Reply

    Hi jena,

    OOps! I am sorry I made a mistake. I put up the same question again. I wrote Apollo star instead of “Saturn Star”. The ring of Solomon ends with a 7 pointed star which is exactly below the Saturn finger on top right side but not in the center. So, should it be considered as the Saturn star?

    • Jena Griffiths Post authorReply

      Raj, impossible to say without looking at a hand print. Right side on right hand or left? Right hand would be towards thumb. Left away from thumb…
      Use the 4 quadrants rule to fine tune the meaning.

  3. raj Reply

    Hi jena,
    Thanks ! Its the right side of right hand. I think its the “Saturn star” following your first reply.It must be born out of the influence of ring of solomon as it is at the end of it.

  4. esd Reply

    hi,friend.i have a clear solomon ring under jupiter finger right hand.also i have nother good mark my hand but i still have no job no money for business.i want know about solomon ring..pls reply.i wait 4 u.

  5. Dean Reply

    Hello. I’ve the Saturn star and I’ve read that it is a sign of fatality and doom. Should I be worried or should I be positive that it also represents a midas touch?

    • Jena Griffiths Post authorReply

      Hi Dean,

      You breathe life into whatever you focus on. So why not dump any interpretation that doesn’t serve you?


  6. Dakota Reply

    ihave a star on my actual saturn finger it’s in between two solid lines on my bottom segment… tell me this isn’t th same thing….

  7. Sam Tan Reply

    i have a five pointed star under middle right finger And a big star in the middle of my right palm,,does it have meaning,,Thanx..

  8. Michael Reply

    Hello dear Jena,

    What should I read out from a hand that has, gifted healer of healer markings on both hands. I also have the saturn star together with the apollo star. On top of that I got my heart line going all the way up to my finger, giving it the pure heart/humanitarian. I also read something about, if the head line goes straight through your hand and then turns downwards into the mount of the moon am suppose to be a very intuitive person. Sorry for my bad english, am from Sweden.

    What should I read from all this Jena. I have to add to this, I am totally new to all this and always been somewhat reluctant to believe in this till some person told me I should check this up. He said, that the gift is there for a purpose and needs to be used by them who has it, to help others. So is it my obligation to help others?

    • Jena Griffiths Post authorReply

      Hi Michael

      You are under no obligation to do anything. Always check in with your body to see if any idea makes you feel expanded or contracted. If contracted, ignore the advice.
      If you have gift markers and a heart line going up to your index finger then the challenge is me vs you. The gift markers want to be lived but your heart puts people close to you first. So when you feel conflicted can you still have self compassion? Without looking at the fingerprints all hand reading is just fluff. Good luck, Jena

  9. arwa Reply

    hi. i hav saturn star on my both hands & 1 line on both stars meet fate line..??is it auspicious or sign of some fatality as said on every other site..?/

    • Jena Griffiths Post authorReply

      sorry Arwa, only seeing your comment now. A star indicates a lot of energy related to the theme/finger it is underneath. It doesn’t necessarily mean good or bad. Simply energy that needs to be used. If you tell yourself a story that it is bad then you set yourself up for that to occur. Take it as auspicious. A gift you have related to the mythology of the finger it is under. Perhaps the line linking it to your fate/career line means you want to make this gift part of your work/career.

  10. Cynthia Reply

    I have a six pointed star directly in the center of my left hand what does it mean?

  11. SRISHTIE Reply

    Hello there,
    I have a star right below my right hand ring finger and it creates a small triangle in there. I have been confused for so long about it.. is there a different meaning to it

  12. vane Reply

    can it be considered star of saturn (seven pointed star) when this line is dependent from other line but this star is noticeable? this star is also connected to the apollon finger and jupiter finger…what does it mean..? thank you

  13. Amber Reply

    I have a 5 point star directly under my index finger, another 5 point star directly under my middle finger, an 8 point star directly under my ring finger, an 8 point star on the palm of my hand towards the top (the top of my head line goes straight through it), and an 8 point star in the center of my palm. This is all on my left hand. I also have an 8 point star in the center of my right hand.

    any Insight would be greatly appreciated.

  14. marie Reply

    I appear to have a 7pointed star in the saturn mount it is connected by vertical line (one of its point ) from the headline and my fate line seems to end in the headline(but I think the the vertical line which connects the star is the fate line.) please do tell me any significant explanation why the star appears..thank you..may you please reply…

    • Jena Griffiths Post authorReply

      Marie, the info on this post tells you what this star means 🙂
      you are very good at connecting otehrs to the resources or people they need …

  15. Carrie96 Reply

    I have a star on my fate line in the middle of my palm , under my head line , what does it mean ??? :))

  16. MPS Reply

    does a three line intersection at a point be considered a six-point star?

    • Jena Griffiths Post authorReply

      yes, if they intersect at a common point and are not located on any of the 3 major lines (life, heart or headline)

      • MPS Reply

        THanks Jena.
        I was sceptical about the star on the mount of saturn… there are various versions.
        My star is well formed one centimeter below the middle finger. I have a well formed fate line which terminates at the line of heart.
        And my two sun lines starting from the line of heart going up till the ring finger.
        What does these three indicate in unison?

  17. Ara Reply

    Iv a star saturn at ending of fate line and a square near too.iv heard its a disaster.

  18. Sam Reply

    Hello there!

    Is a 5-point star significant or does it need 6 points to be considered a star? And does it count as a star if the intersection point forms a little triangle? I think I have a star on the mount of apollo on both hands connected to my sun line (which is more defined on my passive hand).

    Thank you for any answers!

    • Jena Griffiths Post authorReply

      Sam, they lines grow in and out. It sounds like a messy star. Do the work if this is your dream… then see results

  19. sahil Reply

    Hi jena…

    I have a five pointed star on saturn mount.
    – What is the meaning of star on saturn mount?

    • Jena Griffiths Post authorReply


      Please read the post above which is all about this marker. And bear in mind, all markers are neutral. You make them positive or negative depending on whether you are living in fear or in love and with an open heart. Positive Saturn vs negative Saturn themes.

  20. mohit Reply

    hi jena…
    mars and venus combination in my horoscope in 2nd house this is sitting in gemini sign so plz jena this combination is good or bad

    • Jena Griffiths Post authorReply

      Mohit, I analyze hands. I don’t do horoscopes and I don’t do fortune telling.
      You are opening yourself up for trouble asking someone else a question like is it good or bad? What if I said it is bad.
      And then you freak out and take yourself mentally to hell.
      You create your own reality by what metal state you put yourself into.
      Watch this clear explanation.
      simple advice.

  21. Haider Kazmi Reply

    My Fate Line starts from “Moon Mount” and ends at “Saturn Mount”.6 months ago,I have a trident at the end of fate line on “Saturn Mount” so I was happy.But now in these days that trident converted in to a 8 forks big star on “Saturn Mount”.According to many Palmists and palmistry websites the star on “Saturn Mount” tells clear-cut that this person will go to prison on the charges of murder.So now I’m too stressed. What should I believe?
    what is the meaning of big star at the end of Fate Line that is developed on “Saturn Mount”?
    Thank you

    • Jena Griffiths Post authorReply

      Haider, that’s a load of rubbish.

      I suggest you watch the following video
      and then start asking yourself healthy questions regarding your capacity to connect people to resources. For example, how can my gift for connecting people to what serves them be put to best use?
      Watch that video about 10 times and start applying it on a daily basis.


      • Ali Brown Reply

        I’m referring to this YouTube link! This link doesn’t work at all! It says the video is not available!

        • jena griffiths Reply

          Thanks Ali, for pointing out that this video has been removed.
          I’ve forgotten what it was so I can’t replace it, but will delete the links.
          The main thing is to take responsibility for being the gardener of your own consciousness. Don’t accept any disempowering interpretations or opinions about yourself. What people say about you has more to do with wherever they are now, and what you are reflecting back to them about themselves, than it does about you. Treat it all as interesting but questionable information. At your core you are always peace, love, joy, compassion. If you are not feeling this or whoever comes into your life and triggers you into no longer feeling this, this indicates you are thinking instead of feeling. They are helping you drop your energy to access blocked feeling states that in your family may have been buried under a layer of concrete for generations. Can you notice the person has inadvertently triggered you and then hold the feeling without the thought that took you to that level of mind, until the feeling softens and dissolves and turns into oxygen or a sense of more spaciousness in your heart area? They will then have served you fully no matter what they said as you will have freed up your sense of who you really are by coming back to your core and touching home base.

  22. Teslah Reply

    Hi, I am wondering if you can help me. I am not sure if I have the Saturn star or not, but I certainly have some strange things happening on my palm. It’s kind of disturbing. Odd. I am left handed, and on my left palm there is a pentagram (one point up) intersecting the head line and life line underneath the middle (Saturn) finger. There is also a pyramid shape on top of my heart line with a six rayed pattern above that. This is underneath my ring (venus?) finger. I also seem to have what is called the “secret cross” in between 2 and 3 fingers above head line. What do these strange lines mean?

  23. vaidehi sunil bhavsar Reply

    hie jena,
    i have 5 line star just below my saturn mount what does it indicates ?? Does it cause defamming of my name??

  24. Jordan Laurin Reply

    Hello! Thank you for this super informative site!
    I have 3 triangles in the formation of the Egyptian Pyramids under my Apollo finger, and I can’t find any explanation for what that could mean. Do you happen to know? Thank you so much.

  25. Ali Brown Reply

    Hi Jena, thank you so much for clarifying that the markers on people’s palms are neutral and this is ourselves that can give them meanings (positive or negative meanings) or not!
    Here is the video that clearly states the scientific reasons that why people have those lines and markers on their palms:
    On the other hand, unfortunately, that YouTube video that you put a link for or referring to it many times is not valid, when I click on that link the Youtube says the video is not available. Is it possible to put a right link?

    • Jena Griffiths Post authorReply

      Hi Ali

      What YouTube video link are you referring to? There isn’t one referenced in this post. Please send me the linked where they are referred to so that the links can be fixed.
      By the way the businessinsider video you refer to above is misinformed and could cause people with a single palmer crease to worry about themselves unnecessarily. Also, the site you link to insists on installing tracking cookies which may not be safe to my readers. This makes me question your overall objectives for writing this comment.
      For more information about the single palmer crease and medical research which is totally blown out of context see this post where there’s an image that helps people see this research in its proper context.

      • Ali Brown Reply

        One day I was really freaked out because of the lines and markers on my palms by a stupid guy in the coffee shop who tried to tell me what those mean! Then, I did massive research and figure out that those lines, signs, and markers are totally neutral and some uneducated people use some unknown and old methodology to predict peoples’ lives, to predict only and only to make money!
        That’s why I posted that comment to just educate people as you do! I do have a great respect for you that you educate people that those markers and lines are neutral and doesn’t have any “BAD” or “GOOD” meanings and do not predict ANYTHING for peoples’ lives!
        I would be happy to get your viewpoint on what I described here!

        • jena griffiths Reply

          Ali, I kind of answered this above, in the reply to the comment where you asked about the broken link:

          The businessinsider link you posted is just just another opinion based on hearsay. It’s based an a belief in materialism and is doing more harm than good by referring to research that has been blown out of all proportion by not being put into its proper context regarding relevance/ percentage of the overall population. The person who created this video is misinformed about how the human body functions because they don’t yet have the complete picture. The hand reveals the wiring of the brain (of an electromagnetic being). Here’s an article I write a few years ago related to this:

          • Ali Brown

            NOBODY can predict or foretell about people’s lives based on magical signs or lines on their palms, or based on cards, or anything else.
            Yes, you can go to a doctor and the doctor can give you the probability of getting a disorder or diseases like diabetes based on your family genetic history or your blood results or your genetic information gained from a legit lab.
            The article that you have written is not a scientific research paper, it is just your own science fictional ideas; therefore, it is your own research and doesn’t mean that it’s true or not! It is basically your own thought. Let me ask you these questions if you insist that your research is true:
            1- Has your research or article been published in any legit ACADEMIC JOURNALS? No
            2- How did you conduct this research? On how many people? What are the demographic info of people in your research?
            3- Has your research been recognized by any legit scientific sources? If so, put the link with “.edu” domain?
            Obviously, you do not have any info and trying to fool people and STEAL their MONEY! Basically, you are making money off people’s stupidity.
            By the way, each person’s DNA is UNIQUE, that’s why different people have different palm’s textures. There are approximately 3,000,000,000 (3B) base pairs, each of which is made up of adenine (A) + thymine (T), or cytosine (C) + guanine (G). Their random decorations in the time when an egg and sperm meet each other make a human with certain physical characteristics.

  26. jena griffiths Reply

    Hi Ali, I don’t ever attempt to predict the future. And I don’t steal anyone’s money. So perhaps take a careful look at the person in the mirror that you are accusing. Regarding research, at the moment I am in the middle of discussing a project with a research team and if you would like to be part of that project you are most welcome.

  27. Ali Brown Reply

    Trying to know yourself or predict future by looking at your palm’s texture?!!!! Sorry to say, but its all pure BULLSHIT! Stop misleading people…!
    Don’t buy into some stupid bullshit that some uneducated people (with dark spirits) mostly from India spread for many years and these days all over the Internet… Those are all bullshit. Palmist or psychics who are mostly uneducated and don’t have any other beneficial skills use these methods to earn money since it is a easy money. All the signs and markers on your palm are TOTALLY NEUTRAL. It doesn’t mean anything good or bad, they are just there to give more flexibility to your hands and they are different from one person to another person since the DNA of people are different from each other.

  28. Ali Brown Reply

    By the way, I understand that you don’t predict the future and doesn’t spread that false information, I wrote my previous comments for those “palmists” or “psychics” whose job is to fool people. So, the subject of my previous comments is those…

    • Jena Griffiths Post authorReply

      Ali, I’m glad you realize that you are picking on the wrong person. The palmists you are referring to do not read my blog and so will not see your comments. By writing these comments here, under articles written by me to help people stop beating themselves up, the only person you hurt is me. I am wondering why you are hurting so badly. What happened to you?

  29. George Vassiliades Reply

    i have it on my left palm but not the right… what does each hand mean?

  30. Mark Reply

    Hi Jena,
    I have a big independent triangle on apollo mount and a STAR situated between apollo and saturn mount. What does it mean?

    • Jena Griffiths Post authorReply

      Hi Mark, I’m not sure what the triangle means. The Apollo/Saturn star will have characteristics from both these gift markings.
      It depends where it is exactly.

    • Mary jane luna Reply

      Hi sir i have star on saturn mount connect the lutos 2 square and star also on apollo mount,what does it mean?

  31. Michelle culajay Reply

    I have two star formations under the middle finger . One star forms at the end of the heart line and crosses my fate line that goes up to the base of my middle finger . The way I see it looks like at age 52-57 something will happen that isn’t good .

    • Jena Griffiths Post authorReply

      Michele, I totally disagree with using hands to predict misfortune. From my perspective, what you focus on is what you bring alive. Firstly, it’s impossible to know what you are refering to without seeing a print or image. Secondly lines often show repetitive thinking loops. So get out of the hole you are busy digging for yourself. Think of the line formation as being there to remind you to pay attention to the content of your thoughts. How does that make you feel? Let that feeling wash through you for a moment. Then shift gears to gratitude. Gratitide for anything, even reading this post. Smile. Breathe. Focus on your preferred best outcome and then take a step in that direction. Good luck!

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