How much hand analysis or palm reading do you need?

Some people only need 10 minutes of cutting edge hand analysis.

Other people will really benefit from hours, weeks, years of exploring every palm reading marker in their hands in great detail.

Which type are you?

Look at your hands right now.
Do you have lots of lines or only a few lines on your hands?
If you only have a few lines you probably only need a few minutes of hand analysis to figure things out.

What do all types need?

You need fingerprint/Lifeprints analysis to figure out your master switch and then you need to see if you have any giftmarkers or if anything else shows up that indicates how you might be holding yourself back.

This can be done in less than 10 minutes.

If you have a lot more lines on your hand you’ll need and will appreciate more hours of hand analysis.

Jena Griffiths is a writer and also professional hand analyst, certified with IIHA. She is dedicated to sharing cutting edge hand analysis information with as many people as possible and also with other professionals  in the palm reading, palmistry and hand reading worlds.

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