Important date changes – online hand analysis classes with Richard Unger

Next call in the hand analysis interview series with Richard Unger
will be on Wednesday 27th Oct instead of Thursday 28th.

Time: 8pm Central Europe, 2 pm US Eastern, 11am US Pacific time.
Topic: Burnout. It’s in your hands.

Apologies for the inconvenience.
We will try to keep all future calls with Richard to Thursdays.

Please dairise these dates:
18 November. Topic is “Can’t say no.”
How not being able to say no shows up in your hands in different ways and what to do.

Future dates: Dec 16th 2010, January 27 2011, Febuary 24th 2011.

You can register for this series of online hand analysis classes here.

Jena Griffiths and Richard Unger 2007. Photo by Ronelle Coburn
Jena Griffiths and Richard Unger in Advanced IIHA class January 2007
Richard Unger is founder of the International Institute of Hand Analysis and author of LifePrints: deciphering your life purpose from your fingerprints.
I spent 6 years studying the IIHA system under Richard Unger’s personal supervision.
I also spent 3 years with Baeth Davis, who also uses Unger’s IIHA system of analysing hands and fingerprints.

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