Protecting yourself in a hand reading session

phyllis crystal cutting tiesIn our call about burnout Richard mentioned that healers often suffer from burnout when they are not doing the right kind of healing or when they don’t know how to set clear boundaries.

He mentioned that his brother, who is a psychologist, received practical training to develop healthy boundaries with his clients whereas many alternative healers just don’t have this opportunity.

All healers, coaches, consultants including hand analysts need these essential skills.

Also, it works the other way round:
You as a client need to protect yourself from your advisor!

This is probably more so with hand reading than most other fields. (Not just professional hand analysis but all other forms of hand reading too such as palmistry, palm reading, chirology etc.)


Because the hand is an open door to your energetic system. Energy flows out through the meridians but it also flows in. This is why shamans don’t usually shake hands. Each of us, even highly advanced spiritual advisors, carries emotional baggage, and the trick is not to pass this on or have other people’s load passed on to you.

Phyllis Krystal’s figure of 8 “Cutting ties that bind” exercise is the most powerful exercise I know of, not only for letting go of people and groups, but also for establishing clear boundaries between you and another person.

Do this exercise to put closure to old relationships and also to make your current (or future) relationships more healthy.

In a consultation session: do this exercise before your client arrives, or if you’re the client, before you go to see your coach, doctor, spiritual advisor, hand reader or whoever.
This exercise protects both parties.

You can also start doing it during any meeting if you suddenly feel you need to protect yourself or strengthen your boundaries.

We’ll be discusssing Phyllis’s work more in the coming weeks because the topic for November is
“Can’t say no.”

Here’s briefly how it works

Imagine 2 golden circles. One around yourself and one around the other person. The two circles touch and are on the ground. See image above. Then imagine a neon blue light drawing a line around these circles in a figure of 8 pattern. The blue light goes clockwise around the circle of the other person and then anticlockwise around you. Imagine this for 2 minutes before you meet or even while you are in your meeting if you feel it is necessary.

More about Phyllis and how to use this system here.

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