Richard Unger agrees to give more hand analysis classes online

Whether you’re a hobby hand analyst wanting to know what the markers on your hands actually mean or if you’re a professional hand analyst looking to improve your skills, I have great news for you:
Richard Unger has agreed to an extention of the interview series we’ve been running since September.
The master and originator of modern hand analysis will be staying on in Earth School to teach you personally the finer nuances of understanding the language of hands.

The series will continue for at least another 9 months.

Each month we explore in depth a different topic.

Next week is the 4th class: Topic: Indecision.
More information or register here:

Previous topics?
September was Topic 1: How depression shows up in hands Purchase this class here
Oct Topic 2: How burnout shows up in hands Purchase this class here
November was Topic 3: Can’t Say No Purchase this class here

These calls enable you to fine tune your understanding of numerous hand markers and what they mean for their owners.

If you actually have any of the the markers under discussion then these calls are a way for you to get the pure essence of what they mean. There is so much misinformation out there and also so much “broken telephone” going on that you may only get to hear a fraction of what your hands are actually telling you.

Scroll down to earlier posts for some exerpts from previous calls in the series to get an idea of the richness of these calls.

If you’d like to learn how to read your own palms using scientific hand analysis techniques come learn directly from the master.

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