Scars, wounds, cuts on fingers – what do they mean?

One of the most fascinating things about hands is just how precise this language is. For example, why do scars, wounds and cuts show up on the fingers or on the palm exactly where they do? If you study it awhile you won’t be able to dispute it – cuts and other marking always show up in the place that refers exactly to what is going on in your life at the time. Why this happens is one of the world’s greatest mysteries.

Here’s an example from my own life of how this works, how to interpret injuries to your fingers plus a chart to help you figure out exactly what your own cuts, wounds or scars on your fingers mean.

cut on right Saturn finger, cuts wounds and scars on finger tips, lifeprints by Richard Unger
Cut on right middle finger

Last December I took some cake around to a friend and then felt like a real heel because she had a present for me and all I had was the cake.
I hammered myself for making such a blunder and found myself wanting in both generosity and forethought. An hour or so later, I promptly cut myself while searching for something in the glove compartment of my car. It was a rather deep gash on my right middle (Saturn) finger and the wounding made me conscious of this finger for at least a week while it healed. I couldn’t type properly or use two fingers to scroll down on a touchpad. Still I had to laugh. It came as no surprise that it was this finger that was cut and no other.

What does the right middle finger represent?
Your perception of how other people value you, or what you are worth. Your value out in the world.
That’s exactly what the issue was that I was hammering myself over. I felt value-less.
The wound jolted me out of my extreme judgment of myself. And, even though the wound was physically painful, it saved me days of emotional pain and reconnected me with wonder and awe of just how precise the language of hands is.

What do cuts or wounds on each finger mean?
Think of the wound as similar to the LifePrints fingerprint interpretation of “Life Lesson” except it is a temporary situation rather than lifelong exploration.

The way to interpret the meaning of an injury is to look up the meaning of the finger on which it occurs.
For example, right hand relates to issues out in the world. Left hand has a more inner world significance.
Right index (Jupiter finger) is about power issues, left index is about inner power (boundaries, or not knowing what you want.)
Right middle (Saturn) is all about value out in the world. Left middle finger (Saturn) is about inner value or self worth.
Right ring finger (Apollo) is about creativity and being seen/showing up
Left Apollo is about being unique or different/reputation fears.
Right pinkie (Mercury) is about communication and left pinkie about inner communication/intimate relationships.

The inverses:

Look at where the wound is – which finger – this is probably what the issue relates to.
I think the wound happens to remind you to pay attention to what thoughts you are entertaining instead of being fully present.
understanding cuts, scars and wounds on fingers
Similarly in the palm itself, we look at what zone the wound is in.

518 thoughts on “Scars, wounds, cuts on fingers – what do they mean?

  1. Doreen Dickens Reply

    Wow! This is completely new to me and i never thought about fingers from the perspective of the author.Thank you for the insightful article!

    • Denise Reply

      This week I have gotten 4 scratches on my middle right finger. I had to Google it because it was too crazy that it was only that finger! The analysis is unbelievably accurate! I am struggling with someone else’s opinion of me. I’m not really sure what to do with it but so cool how that was incredibly precise!

      • Lorraine Reply

        I too sustained a deep cut to the middle finger on my right hand which you acknowleged/interpreted personally as denoting that you were struggling with someone elses opinion of you…..Thanks for this explanation….it resonates with me now i think deep about it….must EFT tap on that.. hmmm…

    • Jacek Kowalski Reply

      We are separated. Shes moved out to her family with our boy. Shes mental ill as I am and her phase is depression. It was total mess from their parents but it will be rejuvenating fit our love. I think that from her side its as clear as mine.

  2. Alex Reply

    I have never heard about such kind of a thing and interpretation that judges the cause or result of getting a finger cut or hurt by mistake. However, I am surely going to try and interpret what the wound or scar means when I hurt a finger of mine next time.

  3. Amanda Adams Reply

    This is interesting..finger cuts have meaning? I get lots of them and i have never looked at them beyond the cuts… for thought!

  4. kewpie Reply

    Thank you for this. I just got several cuts around my left ring finger around the same time, and I was wondering if there were any meaning to that. It might be because I just started rehearsing for a physical theatre piece where we are developing our own characters and the show itself. Interesting!

      • tara Reply

        Hi Jena,
        I had been really trying to flatter and pursue a guy I am interested in online who had been often re-reading my messages to him but not responding to help instigate the relationship I want for us. I eventually got fed up and have messaged him to tell him this will be the last message I will be sending him if he will not contact me in the future- In that message, I tried to resolve what I think the reason of his reluctance is by clarifying some things to him, but lastly ended the message telling him there is only so long I can wait before I will decide to move on and I wish him all the best if he chooses not to contact me again. The next morning following this message, I prayed hard for God to give me strength as it has been draining and I put hours into sending him messages for about a month and I was heartbroken, and then as I made breakfast afterwards, despite never experiencing this before with the cheese grater, I cut my left thumb deeply and it is still sore since yesterday. What could this mean ? that I have been trying to pursue him at the expense of spending more time with my family and friends ? Or …. ? X

  5. Michelle Price Reply

    That is amazing only just recently had a fight with my husband and cut my jupiter finger on my left and the discription is exactly how i felt.

  6. Luca Pierucci Reply

    hello, thank you for your postings, the info is really appreciated. Is Jupiter the pointer finger? I just got a wound on my left pointer finger, and this is very helpful, have a great day

      • Eli Reply

        what would it mean if you pinched the skin of your upper palm, a half inch below the first web, between first two fingers and it created a blood blister. I have a lot of things going on right now callus on interested here what it could be related to.

        • Jena Griffiths Post authorReply

          it is not clear where this is. Is it also on heart line?
          Middle finger is related to Saturnian issues such as responsibility and index to Jupiter issues such as authority or ambition. If also on the heart line then connect these 2 also to issues related to communication.

    • Carolina Reply

      I just cut my left index close to the tip. I usually tape this finger when cutting into fish skin. I have been given notice that my apartment is going up for sale. I am a senior and cannot buy it. I am happy it stopped bleeding.

  7. Alisa Reply

    Last week I cut my pinky finger, at some point I also cut my middle finger. Both cuts healing then two days ago I really cut my middle finger again on the top. Within the hour I cut across my ring, middle, and pointer fingertips. The next day I cut my thumb with my own pointer fingernail. All on my right hand. I’d say I have a rather complex issue that I’m just not getting. Thank you for sharing this information, maybe I can figure out what my issue is and heal it before I loose a finger entirely.

  8. Michele Reply

    I notice the reading is for fingerprint side (might be misinterpreting). I have had a very obvious scar over the middle of the first knuckle on my left pinkie since childhood. It doesn’t fade and no one knows where it came from. Is it different from the fingerprint side?

    • Jena Griffiths Post authorReply

      HI Michele, yes it is. Left pinkie is usually related to inner or intimate communication.

  9. Rhonda Reply

    My son just cut off his left Jupiter (Index) finger. What is the message when something so permanent happens?
    Thank you,

    • Jena Griffiths Post authorReply

      Wow Rhona, what a shocking thing to happen! Sorry to hear that.
      Left index is about violations, particularly boundary violations and also about knowing what you want. Inner power, living one’s passions.
      How old is he? Perhaps he/you could explore whatever was doing on in his life with this in mind.

    • Liz Marsden Reply

      Thank you so much for writing this. I’ve just deeply cut my left pinkie, but can’t decide if it’s to do with my intimate communication with my husband. Or the work I’ve started to do as a healer. Thank you anyway ☺️

      • Jena Griffiths Post authorReply

        Hi Liz, It could be either of these. You will know which based on the thoughts running through your head at the moment. What are you curently torturing yourself about? The cut reminds you to stop thinking and be more present to whatever is arising. The theme of the left pinkie is all about becoming a master of insight, over surrender vs under surrender to the intimate partner or to the Divine. Are you mistrusting inner guidance? Are you over surrendering or under surrendering? Each time, course correct with self compassion. Center yourself and come back to your breath. See yourself and your partner afresh moment to moment. Here’s a related article I wrote about this.

  10. visnu Reply

    what do you think is the meaning of a long dark stain that just appeared without explication at the base of both middle finger on the outer hands and and the same middle fingers on my feet are swollen and painful because i twisted them recently ?

    • Jena Griffiths Post authorReply

      base of middle finger relates to your foundation, taking care of yourself, your bodily needs…

  11. Nancy Reply

    Last Saturday the 8th, there was a nasty little chip on my right ring finger. I bit it off and it wasn’t bad (it did bleed a little) but what made it worse was a couple or few days later, there a hang nail that I also pulled off and now it’s a bit swollen. Don’t worry it’s not infected. I kept hitting or banging it on accident (obviously because I didn’t pay attention) but today, I stopped to slow down and really pay attention. A few less bumps today. So I had to search what this meant and came across this site 🙂 I still don’t know what it means exactly but I know that’s within me to be even more present. Thank you!!

    • Jena Griffiths Post authorReply

      right ring finger is about being seen, being out there in the world, and about creativity.
      So perhaps your hands were telling you to pay attention to this part of yourself.

  12. inserachofland Reply

    Ok this site is wonderful I have been trying to recall the significance for a while now! Please could you help me. I left a partner a year ago and we lived on some land together. I left with my baby girl in the night as he was violent and I have been wondering if he is a psychopath. As such I have not been able to quit him and have been wondering if it is love or if it is just a resultant feeling of a trauma bond I have with him. This morning I made a decision to go and get my own land and start again with my little girl and the result would be that I would not be going back again most likely. I put a request in for renting the land for me and then made a sandwich and cut my left thumb. Please could you help me understand the significance in my circumstance? Have I made the wrong choice? Should I believe in him and go back?

    • Jena Griffiths Post authorReply

      Left thumb is to do with family/community. Perhaps cutting yourself here is a way of warning yourself you yourself are injuring this part of your life. If I were you I would look inwards and try to find a more harmonious solution. Are you projecting qualities on him or are they real? Get quiet and seek guidance.

      • Plum Monkey Reply

        Hi Jena,

        What about my left thumb at the very fore-finger section being itchy?

        A guy who I know as a family friend kept asking me out basically and I finally told him very very clearly I’m just not interested in him that way. And he was kind of childish back after having pursued me repeatedly saying, “oh yeah I’m not that into you either”

        And I really just wanted him to take him a hint.

        It was awkward because I’ve never had to turn down someone whose parents are friends with my parents before….

        Any insight? Thanks

        Also I love ur website I’ve been using it since 2016

        • Jena Griffiths Post authorReply

          Plum Monkey, the itch is telling you you are losing energy related to family stuff/ probably thinking too much about this and how it impacts all of you. Just be really kind and also really firm. You are not rejecting him as a person. How can you help him save face in the group? Perhaps let him know you have his back by keeping it between just the 2 of you?

  13. Karen Reply

    I just recently started a new job working as a prep cook in a kitchen of a restaurant. In the past 3 days cut my right pointer finger two different times. One slice up by my finger nail towards the pad of my finger. The other, a couple days later, took a large chunk of flesh out of my knuckle on the same finger. I really don’t like what I am doing. I would rather be studying and working towards being in ministry. I am a natural healer and that is my hearts desire, yet I have to take care of my children and pay the bills. What is the message in your opinion? Namaste

    • Jena Griffiths Post authorReply

      Karen, the right pointer finger is about power issues. So maybe this indicates something is going on there with another person where you really need to stand your ground.
      Regarding your job, start with coming from a place of gratitude. It doesn’t matter what for. For example, thanks that I have family to care for, thanks that I have this job and can put food on the table, thanks that I’m healthy etc etc and really feel it in your body. This then shifts your energy so that you can see opportunities that are more in alignment with your talents and interests, and opens you more towards hearing guidance. But probably you know all this, I’m just reminding you..

  14. Maja Reply

    Dear Jena,
    I’m writing to say thank you for this article.
    I never heard or thought of my body talking to me in that way.
    On few occasion now in my life & the life of people close to me
    this information proved to be sooo accurate!
    I consider it absolute mastery of yours that you did boil down
    Complex issues to very few words and presnted it
    in such a straight forward way in 2 tables for quick reference.
    Great and handy tool! Thank you again. Maja

  15. JA Bosworth Reply

    Some people will say anything, or propose an unprovable idea, just to draw attention themselves. They may think it’s fun, but you shouldn’t believe everything you read.

  16. Jane Ashdown Reply

    Jena, this is such useful information, thank you.

    About 10 days ago I got a large splinter near the base of my right Apollo finger which has more or less healed and tonight I got a bee sting near the nail of the same finger. Can you help with this for me please?

    • Jena Griffiths Post authorReply

      Jane, base of right Apollo finger is about getting out there, mixing and being social. Near the nail is about being visible.
      The whole of this finger is about creativity and being seen. So perhaps you can fill us in on what was going on in your life related to this.

  17. Kristine Reply

    I just cut my second finger on my left hand. I see it means mentor, teacher and having issues of guilt which I am. On my spiritual path and following my Souls promptings. Moving out of state for a new job opportunity with my same sex partner. My children and parents are absolutely livid with me and are trying to keep me in my role and unhealthy patterns from the past and are being so mean to me. I know this is part of the path to enlightenment that one can lose friends and family…They just can not be happy for me and support me at all. Really hurts. So what does this exactly mean for me. That I am the teacher and feeling guilty about teaching them their Soul lessons?

    • Jena Griffiths Post authorReply

      Kristine, cutting your middle finger, left hand is about guilt, self worth and or integrity issues. Stay true to yourself, not other people’s expectations. This is how you build self worth. From the inside out.
      Good luck,

  18. Marja Reply

    Hi Jena,
    Thank you for this great info! Last night i’ve cut my pinky finger really bad. Also my past (family) knocked on the door and just didn’t leave me alone. I still try to be strong about the situation, i have come a long way after i broke my connection with them.

    Kind regards

    • Jena Griffiths Post authorReply

      HI Marja,

      Pinkie finger is about communication. So maybe speak your mind.
      Good luck,

  19. Chel Reply


    I had literally just come to acceptance that all is well in meditation in relation to my recent split with my true other and am currently reliant on others for food and shelter living moment by moment felt such peace went to cut a bagel sliced my left thumb…im assuming i need to stop alienating myself? Hummmmm any views welcome its throbbing as i type haha :/

    • Jena Griffiths Post authorReply

      Chel, interesting timing. Left thumb is all about family and community.
      Maybe explore how you might do this in a more loving way to yourself.
      Good luck,

  20. June Shapter Reply

    Hi Jena, Very interesting take on ‘fingers’. I’ve looked this up because I’ve had a bee-sting my middle-left finger recently, bad enough, but it seems some of the ‘sting’ is still in there & it’s beecome inflamed & sore over the past few weeks. I’m going inward to heal the inner work that might be linked to this & am using homeopathic remedies to ease the physical discomfort which are helping on that front, but there’s still something in there that I can’t seem to get at!! It’s a really interesting one, I feel, any ideas or suggestions to help shed some light on this would be greatly received. Thank you.

    • Jena Griffiths Post authorReply

      HI June,
      Middle left finger is all about self worth, integrity, keeping your promises, especially to yourself…

  21. Victoria Bruce Reply

    Many thank’s. After cutting my jupiter and thumb on my left hand It all makes sense. I have recently escaped domestic violence and am being stalked and trying to unblock my artistic abilities as a painter and illustrating a children’s book. My Angel healing card’s and friend’s help and protect me. Very grateful 🙂

  22. Annie Reply

    last week as i massaged my hands i notice a slight piece of skin curled down that felt as i had a splinter , after close examination there was nothing in there .
    it is on both index on the outter side at the same place on both finger .
    i ve been having uncomfortable tingling pain in my pointing index and ring fingers on both hands and my wrists for over a 10 days .
    what can this be

    • Jena Griffiths Post authorReply


      I think you should go and see a medical practitioner.
      Good luck there,

  23. Caroline Reply

    Hi Jena, I just found your site searching for meaning on a deep cut on my, now known, right Saturn. Thank you for posting this. My cut, which is a little slice removed on the nail side of the finger, sorry to ask more questions, you’ve been really patient answering all these equiries.. did I read that the message is different on the nail side?

    I am about to build a business so it all makes sense to me.. its quite amazing. I used to create quite a lot of these kind of ‘accidents’ but haven’t in so long yet this past week or so, I keep causing injury. This morning I burned my leg with boiling water. Left leg lower, I must search your site to see if you’ve spoke of this.

    Thanks so much for your info and bright blessings <3

    • Jena Griffiths Post authorReply

      HI Caroline, Left middle finger (Saturn) is about self worth, feeling guilty and about keeping contracts with yourself and others.
      Maybe you can think how this ties into whatever is going on in your life

  24. Sandra Reply

    Hi Jena,
    About 3 weeks ago I woke up with a stiff left thumb, which turned into a trigger finger. It has worsened despite PT. I started to wonder what the underlying cause might be. After reading your webpage I connected the dots. I’ve been having issues with my siblings after my parents’ passing. It is a transition period. I wonder if you have any advice. Thank you!

    • Jena Griffiths Post authorReply

      Hi Sandra,

      Perhaps see them as a mirror. What are they reflecting? Some energy or fear that needs to be let go of? Maybe feel that fear feeling until it turns to joy. Then you can come from a place of love and appreciation and they’ll mirror that back.
      Good luck!

  25. Estelle Kenyon Reply

    I was a full time artist for 17 years but took up a art teachers post in a Kazakhstan a year ago due to loss of creativity (abandoned by the muse) I have noticed that I have a hard growth(feels like bone) on the base of my right hand ring finger.It is on the inside(palm side)at the base and more towards the middle finger. It is also quite painful if I touch it. It is about2-3 mm long.

    • Jena Griffiths Post authorReply

      Hi Estelle,

      I don’t think you are ever abandoned by your muse. The callus under your ring finger (creativity) is a sign of how you are blocking this energy with a limiting thought.
      Ask the part of you that is a limitless being to help you let go of this thought to free your joy here.

  26. Leo Reply

    Hi Jenna.

    This is my first time on your site. I like:)
    Mamamia!! On monday I cut my left index finger (thumb side second digit if nail is first digit) it kept popping open and was still bleeding today. Today i cut about a quarter of my nail off. Ouch!! (also thumb side)

    I have read through the stuff above and have a good idea what its all about. My question is the digits and the nail and is there any specific significance?

    Thanks so much

    • Jena Griffiths Post authorReply

      Hi Leo,
      Apologies for the relay in replying.
      There is a difference in meaning.
      Each of the 3 zones (phalanges) of each finger has a different meaning.
      Generally speaking, the lower zone is about the visceral/body world, the middle zone is about the material world and the upper zone is about the mental or spiritual world.
      So, while the index finger is about power issues, the lower zone is about territory, the middle zone is about material stuff/ having stuff eg yachts and houses
      The upper zone is about ideals or holding a vision. So a cut on this zone could mean compromised ideals, whereas a cut on the middle zone would relate to the material world – an issue about things you own or don’t own.
      Left index would be more inner world or in the family whereas right finger would be more out in the world or work place.

      Hope this helps,

  27. Vibha Reply

    Thx for the explanation.
    I got my nail snapped of left ring finger and cut my left middle finger
    So just thot of finding the metaphysical connection.
    Thx for the update.

  28. Lori Reply

    I wonder if the same thing applies to biting your nails. I recently noticed that I am biting my thumb, index, and pinky nails, but the others are fine.

  29. Sunny Reply

    My 27 yr old son recently was assaulted and punched back with his left fist even though he is right handed. In doing so he fractured his left knuckle of his ring finger and snapped his tendon. After a week in hospital he came home and a couple of days later he was stretching and hit the same injury on an overhead fan! I do believe this has some meaning as he has issues he is facing. Would love some clarification to enlighten us how to best deal with life circumstances. Thank you

    • Jena Griffiths Post authorReply

      HI Sunny,

      The left ring finger is about daring to be different vs fearing social rejection – Think of the Rudolph the red nose story or the ugly duckling story.
      Perhaps remind your son of this fable and if he relates to it advise he find his “swan group” rather than try to fit in with ducks.

  30. mary Reply

    Hi, On my right index finger, Fingerprint side, I have Developed a callous- for about 3-4 years now. I bite this when i get stressed and reopen it. I am feing drained and burned out from being the decision maker, and wage earner most of our married life( im a woman, married 33 yrs) im tired and burned out inside esp. mentally. I have found myself saying to my husband” I will let you decide on that” He cannot make any decisions and we are in the midst of marital therapy. Is this related to power issues? Can you expound on this weird callous i keep reopning? Its about 3/4 inch verticle. All my other fingers are fine! tgsnk you.

    • Jena Griffiths Post authorReply

      Hi Mary,

      Sorry only seeing your comment now.
      re the callous on your right index. Yes, this is related to power issues. Everything we are engaged in is a spiritual collaboration. You would need to know what your fingerprints are saying about your and your husband’s soul agendas to understand what is really going on. Ifyou’d like a consultation type in happy2015 into the discount code for $100 off

      Good luck

  31. Sandra Reply

    Hi Jena, I’ve got a mallet finger on my right middle finger- & the healing process is very slow. What does it mean? Thx Sandra

  32. Jena Griffiths Post authorReply

    Hi Sandra, right middle finger is all about value out in the world. In other words things like money issues, or time management or having systems in place.
    Be fully present and Good luck!

  33. Lenore Reply

    I was suggested this blog by my cousin. I’m not positive whether this submit is written by him as nobody else
    understands so distinctly my trouble.
    You are amazing! Thank you!

  34. Wim Reply

    Great info, thanks.
    A few questions:

    I am mainly left-handed, should I flip the meaning of the hands?

    back in 1994 after a voluntary job that went on too long for my liking I cut my right hand Jupiter finger with a circular saw just opposite the nail and was “allowed” to go home. It still hurts when the weather gets cold and damp. Just this week I chipped a part of the nail and some flesh off of the same finger. I have been cooking and chopping veggies daily for some 23 years now and never took a cut. This happened just as I was considering giving professional vegetarian cooking classes. My girlfriend is moving out, finances on an all time low. What do you think?

    There was a wart on my left-hand middle finger, junction of 2nd and 3rd bit for many years which has been removed in a week with Vinegar. Any ideas to that? It feels like a victory… 🙂

    • Jena Griffiths Post authorReply

      Wim, you can only fully understand this by including the perspective of your fingerprints – your soul agenda – to understand the spiritual collaboration.
      Get my free report to help you figure out what yours are. If you are unsure I’ll do your fingerprints only for you ($67)
      or if you would like a full consultation type in happy2015 for $100 off on this link. (

      re wart on middle zone of middle finger this is a victory as this zone is to do with material wealth.

      Happy New Year

  35. Louise Reply

    Hi Jena, This is very interesting. I am currently feeling that I need to leave my relationship,Just for the purpose of further personal growth. To see new opportunities open up. On 01/01/15 I sliced the top of my Right ring finger. The next evening I needed to remove gauze that was stuck to the open wound. Very painful. But at the time I connected it was a metaphor for my current life – The gauze had to come off sooner or later. It was painful and I was stuck in the confusion of whether to rip it off or soak and allow it time to dissolve further. It felt like my relationship – not knowing how to move forward in life. During the gauze removal that took a few hours(soaking finger etc) I also realized that sitting in the confusion and fear was creating further pain. I was desperate to know- should I leave the gauze to come of slowly or rip it quickly. Hence the confusion I am currently ‘stuck’ in my life. I saw the gauze ‘stuck’ to my finger and could see my life sitting within the gauze. I also read in comments above to do with the three zones. I find that also relevant as the injury is the top right edge of my finger- Reading your informative comments above – its wonderful to see you giving your time to comment and share your work further. Much appreciated.I would love to hear your comment on my current situation!!

    • Jena Griffiths Post authorReply

      Dear Louise,
      It is very important to trust that clear voice from within. Your wound (right ring?) could be to do with feeling your creativity or individuality cramped in some way?
      Perhaps also ask, how is whatever is going on serving you to demonstrate who you really are?
      There is always a spiritual collaboration going on in the background that serves you but is not visible to us on the surface, or is only visible in hindsight.
      Good luck there

  36. Fran Reply

    Wow! I am so glad I found this because I was totally off in my interpretation of something that happened today. My Saturn, Apollo, and Mercury (left)were affected and I panicked that it meant something bad about my marriage. I had been cleaning up a broken light bulb and when I was done saw black residue over and between the three fingers, and of course, I had my wedding ring on. In reading your interpretations, the light went on. It had everything to do with what I was feeling inside at work, EXACTLY. I was struggling with how a group of people seem to “see” me; regardless that I have the ability and talent to do my job and do it extremely well, and am appreciated by management, I get upset when some younger people I work with make fun of me behind my back and I begin to question my place there, and get depressed. This was going on my whole shift. Thank you so much for this! It doesn’t really matter what they think.

    • Jena Griffiths Post authorReply

      Great conclusion Fran! Choosing not to torture yourself unnecessarily. I like the guy who wrote “the 4 agreements” Ruiz’s take on this,. He said, “what other people think of you is none of your business!” 🙂

  37. Fran Reply

    what if you wound on top…like a burn at the end of your thumb, but top side of hand? It was a bad burn, but I was laughing about it! I used herbs (which I am learning about) to handle it and it’s healing nicely. Is this area still about family ties/community?

    • Jena Griffiths Post authorReply

      thumbs are about manifesting/creating something in the world. Right thumb out in the world, left thumb is more inner orientation or related to family. So maybe its saying pay attention to this.

  38. Lauren Reply

    Hello, I found your article interesting after I was googling about accidental scars on your hand impacting fortunes, and was curious to hear your input. A few days ago I was half awake trying to feel my cat when my hand slipped opening the can and I ended up needed three stitches for a nice straight 2 inch gash on my palm. It begins just between the top two creases on my pinky side and extends just above my wrist, at the padded base. Does that accident mean changes in my life? Like have I impacted my life in any way from such an accident? It’s all on the edge of my palm right on the outside. I would love to hear your thoughts.

    • Jena Griffiths Post authorReply

      HI Lauren,

      This part of your hand is called “the moon” it is the place that the will (your thumb) can’t reach. Deep intuition, imagination and so on. Perhaps the wound here can be taken as a sign that you are ignoring your own deepest intuition at the moment when it happened. So perhaps go back to whatever was going on in your mind when this occurred and then go within and trust your inner knowing.

  39. Daniel Brown Reply

    My son cut the palm of his left hand while hanging from a tree. The cut starts at his middle finger and goes down to the right just past the mid point of his palm.

    He’s going through a lot emotionally with me and his mom not being together.

    • Jena Griffiths Post authorReply

      Daniel, this cut is indicative of what he is feeling right now related to the family. The left hand relates to one’s inner world or family. I think try to be as present with him as you possibly can irrespective of whatever is going on. So he feels loved and safe. That it is a supportive universe even if changes are happening – the universe is conspiring for his good even though he can’t see it right now.

      Good luck,

  40. robin Reply

    Hi. Just reading this site. my mother recently died after a brief illness. during her illness I got a splinter under my nail on my left index finger. I have been trying to get it out I cannot . it became infected and I had to go to doctor for antibiotics and to cut out part of the nail. I feel untethered and unfocussed due to grief. In the midst of changing the kind of work I do and in the beginning of a new relationship I hope will work out. You chart suggest boundary issues and blocked passions. what is the message for me. I need to figure this out. The night before my mother died she appeared in a dream about happy times I had as child with her and my siblings swimming in our backyard pool. I was holding my baby brother. we were very happy.. Then she held my finger and squeezed the splinter out only in my dream. it did not come out in real life. What does this mean?

  41. chel Reply

    Hi jena
    I posted back in August an two days later got back with my partner. Since then i have been goin through layers of release from mind towards living in my presence and the relationship has always been a catalyst for this
    Now i am leaving again since its been too much for my partner and he now claims he wants children which was a concern i had when we got together he is 10 years younger. We have a profound connection but mirror each others darkness ego suffering its very confusing. Last night he went to his mothers who is the cause of alot of misidentification in our egoic state raising both our issues and he put his hand through a pain of glass closing a door severly cutting his saturn finger could you shed any light on this i was thinking its about guilt for changing his mind and no longer wanting to marry me because i trigger his mother issues. Very hard learning yet again…

    Thanks in advance x

  42. Sara Reply

    What do you do once you have this information about your hands and ultimately yourself?

  43. Rachel Reply

    Thank you for this interesting article. This week, I simultaneously sliced a chunk out of my right thumb and ring finger using a mandolin. Just at the same time as a show I was singing the lead role in was cancelled! Would love to hear your thoughts.
    with appreciation for the article, and thanks x

    • Jena Griffiths Post authorReply

      Hi Rachel
      That’s exactly it. Creative success. Take it as a sign from your guiding principle that this is just a temporary challenge. Time to step out there into the spotlight.

  44. DG Reply

    Thanks for this info.
    I developed eczema at the point where my left hand ring finger meets the palm, where I wear my wedding ring. This means that I keep my ring off majority of the times! I have also for some time have been unwilling regarding intimacy with my spouse.I have always seen the obvious connection. Could you shine some tight on your thoughts about this. Thanks.

    • Jena Griffiths Post authorReply

      DG, not sure what you see as the obvious connection here. Left ring finger is about concerns over what others think/social disapproval.
      Unwilling re intimacy with your spouse sound a bit like passive aggression.
      Your thoughts?

  45. Newly new Reply

    Hi Jena, Thank you for such beautiful introspection about hand analysis! With much appreciation for your work and individual responses, I wished that you would answer my query. I fell off in the woods today. On my left hand, the base under index finger has a clear cut.Base between index and middle finger is bruised & hurting. Please could you tell me what this means. I think I’m entering a transitioning phase spiritually and I’m sure this means something which I’m keen to find out! Many thanks for your input.

    • Jena Griffiths Post authorReply

      Hi Newly new

      Do you mean on the finger itself or at the base of the finger on the palm?
      Left hand – it relates to your inner world or in family, right hand is out in the world eg at work.
      In the palm under the index is related to ambitions but it depends where exactly. base of the index finger is about territorial issues, left hand family territorial issues.

  46. F gottshalk Reply

    Very interesting. Amazed at how the body speaks to us. …it was pinkie left hand that lead me to this site….cheers for the insight and posting this information.

  47. Meena Reply

    Hi, I got led to your website when searching for spiritual meaning of getting finger hurt

    Yesterday I had an insect bite on my right index finger.

    Right now I am going thru multiple issues, but career with other things was on the surface.

    Waiting for the inflammation to subside.

    Thank you for the article. Good info.

  48. Andrea Reply

    Hi Jena,
    I lost the top of my right Apollo finger the day before my 14th birthday, over 40 years ago now. How does this effect my life purpose?

    Also I have a friend who was born with the same portion missing from her left apollo and then 2 fingers missing on the right – Jupiter and Saturn, I think. What is the signifigance with a birth defect like this?

    Thank you.

    • Jena Griffiths Post authorReply

      Hi Andrea, you need to reflect on to what extent you were hiding when the injury took place.
      It doesn’t affect your purpose except in that it might be some form of purpose avoidance. An oak tree is still an oak tree even if it receives a few scars. A wounding doesn’t suddenly change the tree into a frangapani…

  49. Marina van der Merwe Reply


    I looked this up, as I found this cute prayer of love, I said it now and my left hand pained badly on a scar that I have leading from the ring finger to the wrist (the scar is over 30yrs old) and never pains, hence I thought I would check out to see: “what-the-heck-just-happened”

  50. Jed Torregosa Reply

    in my dream I have to break the glass plate but it won’t break no matter how I smashed it so hard, and I need to cut off my right index finger to feel comfortable because my right index finger had diabetes in my dream. so I cut off my right index finger and the glass plate still won’t break.. what does the dream mean?

  51. joanne frame Reply

    Hi Jena, Really interesting blog, thankyou I am trying to understand joint inflammation that I suffer on waking. I have noticed it is more extreme on the right hand and in particular the middle and index fingers. Your blog talks about wounds, would it be just as appropriate to apply this information to joint pain?

    • Jena Griffiths Post authorReply

      Hi Joanne

      Not sure but always worth considering the meaning of the related fingers.
      Maybe also look at Louise Hay on the meaning of various afflictions. And re-look your diet, could be wheat?

      Good luck

  52. Tahli Reply

    Hi Jena,
    Great site. Very helpful. Just wondering if I could have some extra help as I couldn’t find anything on palms… I work as a chiropractor and kinesiologist and the other day I cut my left pointer right on the top which I understand is possibly an internal struggle with vision. Then at work I had what I think may be fiberglass stuck in my palm below the left pinky. It has taken a long time to come out I am still working at getting it out in fact… (An extremely painful process) and I was wondering the significance of this area. Thank you

    • Jena Griffiths Post authorReply

      Hi Tahli
      Left tip of Jupiter is about compromised ideals especially related to family.
      And under the Pinky is usually about partnership. So maybe reflect on whatever is going on in that region of your life?

  53. yvonne Reply

    wow what a wonderful website !!thank you so much for all this information I would like to know though I woke up a few months ago with pain in my left thumb and it quickly turned into trigger thumb what would be the information on trigger thumb ?thank you so very much for all that you do!!!

  54. yesenia Reply

    Thank you for insightful article! What would a cresent moon shape burned in to forked head line mean?

  55. Renee Reply

    Hi Jena,
    I had been “pulled” away from family since 1996 and had my path that I was lead on….We have not spoken since then, only my twin on and off and mostly off. I finally started looking at them from a higher consciousness and it was only then that I got back in touch with them. Things are going great! Then a couple of months ago, I woke up with pain in my left thumb. It steadily got worse and then it was snapping. I looked it up and it was trigger thumb. Never heard of it. It quickly locked and is still locked as of now. If it goes into the bent position, it is very painful and then I have to manually snap it into the straight position which is even more painful. I wonder after all these years of negative family issues and then now we are all talking and forgiving, that I get this trigger thumb? Would love to hear what you have to say about it!
    Thank you!

    • Jena Griffiths Post authorReply

      How interesting Renee

      Left thumb is all about family. So the healing going on in your family is at core but maybe you should see a dr anyway.
      Life works in strange ways, perhaps your thumb condition causes you to seek out a healer and in the process you meet someone important or learn something you need right now. Eg after searching for what this means you find me and then have a hand analysis because the timing is right. 😉
      Maybe just go quiet within and ask yourself what is my thumb leading me towards.
      Good luck¨

    • Renee Reply

      Thank you Jena!! I will be getting a hand analysis from you soon I think that will help out more than anything at this point.

  56. Amber Griffis Reply

    What a great site! I have a question about surgical scars? I badly burned my left hand on my ring finger in the lower band location.
    It scarred and puffed up so badly that I had to have the area surgically removed. Now I have a white line that crosses through that lower band. Is this significant?
    Hope to hear back from you!


    • Jena Griffiths Post authorReply

      Hi Amber, that zone of your ring finger is related to your social side. So maybe you can relate that to something that happened at the time?

  57. tina Reply

    Hi I have had this mark on my right thumb right ob the top right of the tip and I cant remember how I got it but it was from when I was a child anyway it never went away and its a light brown shade, as a teen I used to try and lightly bite the skin off it didnt hurt causs its the tip of the finger but Im 21 now and I still have it and I was wondering if you could give me some insight on what it could mean.thank you

    • Jena Griffiths Post authorReply

      HI Tina, right thumb is to do with success and manifesting what you want. Maybe you’re too self critical about yourself in this regard?

  58. Matt Reply

    Thanks Jena for this information.

    Sometimes I pick at my cuticles and it starts to bleed. I did this in my left Saturn finger and now last night I cut my right Saturn finger digging for a knife in the drawer. Hurt like a son of a gun!

    I was just looking up the right finger when I noticed what I had also done to my left finger previously this week.

    Ugh, what’s the deal?! I feel like there’s something I’m just not getting.

    • Jena Griffiths Post authorReply

      Hi Matt
      Both Saturn fingers are about self worth, value. Right hand out in the world eg getting paid. Left hand is inner value, to do with integrity and keeping your promises especially to yourself.
      Hope this helps

  59. LeeLee Reply

    Great information! Earlier this year I had a traumatic dog bite that severed my right middle finger with 3 fractures and dislodged the nails on bot the middle and ring finger. Surgery saved the finger. This happened just one week prior to me starting my own business. I’d love to hear any messages about this. thx!

    • Jena Griffiths Post authorReply

      LeeLee interesting that you were just starting your business. The right Saturn finger is about business, getting paid, value out in the world.
      The right Jupiter is about leadership, power and influence.

      So perhaps this was a way to stall the launch due to not feeling ready to step into all that responsibility and commitment?

  60. Melanie Reply

    I have an unknown scar inside of my right palm. I got it two weeks ago and it was very deep. I do not recall how I got it, I only recall the profuse bleeding. It is now healing but will be a scar for life. It is located halfway down my right palm between the pinky and ring finger. I feel it has a spiritual meaning because I am in a spiritual transformation in my life. However, I only read about cuts on fingers and not palms. Can you please shed some insight? Thank You!

  61. makensi Reply

    I had a small papercut on my left index distal knuckle top side that was painful. Then I burned roughly the same spot on the toaster yesterday. I was consternating over an issue where I was asked to tell another person something that I was not comfortable doing and was putting it off. Boundaries I felt were being crossed. Later that day the issue resolved itself anyway and the cut seems to have already healed, I can’t feel it anymore.

  62. prita Reply

    Hi Jena;

    This morning I was in my prayer room just about to light the candle. I took the match box and used one matches to swipe on the match box suddenly I burnt the tip of my middle finger. I wonder what it mean. Your assistance is greatly appreciated.

    Kind Regards

    • Jena Griffiths Post authorReply

      Hi Prita,

      The middle finger is about value. Right hand = your value out in the world. ie feeling valued; paid enough etc.
      Left hand = inner value. Self worth, integrity and guilt are all interconnected.

  63. denise Reply

    I have to scars in the palms of my hands they have been here for a few weeks I don’t have any ideal where they came from

    • Jena Griffiths Post authorReply

      Thanks very strange Denise, are you sure they are scars? Scars are formed as skins heals from a wound. If you had no wound before the “scars” appeared they must be something else. I would go and have them checked out by a GP who could then refer you to skin specialist if necessary. Good luck there!

  64. Mc Kensie Reply


    I know I am a little late to this post but I was hoping you could help me. I found a bruise on the top (opposite side of the palm) of my hand right in the center. I do not remember hitting my hand today and I normally do not bruise very easily. It is redish purple in color and is mildly tender. I am a lefty, if that makes any difference.

    I am wondering if this has any particular meaning?

    Thank you!

    • Jena Griffiths Post authorReply

      Hi Mc Kensie, it isn’t clear where this location is. Just under the pinky finger? Related to intimacy or is it lower, in the Pluto or in the Moon zone?
      Pluto zone = radical transformation and Moon zone = deep meanings, spirituality, imagination…

  65. Vaishnavi Reply

    I am a student… recently during playing a guitar I discovered that my little finger is shorter than a usual person’s.
    This happened to both my hands.Does this particularly mean anything??

    • Jena Griffiths Post authorReply


      A short little finger means the person has an unclear mirror of themselves. For example, if a person has talents they don’t recognize or really believe they have them.

  66. candelaria Reply

    Hi, and thank you. I keep getting small cuts and wounds in my hands and knew that there would be a connection. Do you know anything about accidents on legs and feet? I once heard, on hands they are about what you do and on feet about where you go. Also, please, I’d like to know what is the source of your information, compilation of old data, yours or someones research….Thank you, and blessings.

    • Jena Griffiths Post authorReply

      Hi Candelaria,
      I don’t know about legs and feet. The information about location on fingers comes from applying Richard Unger’s interpretation of using the Greek and Roman mytholocial archetypes. The archetype related to each finger and zone of the palm has been the same for centuries. The interpretation of the meaning of each archetype and what it should be used for has changed over time.

  67. Manoj nath Reply

    my left hand index and middle finger injure. its cut from planger top side. so plz give me best solution of best tretment

  68. Chris Reply

    Graduated college yesterday. Two days before that accidentally cut off my right thumb, index, and half my middle finger. Not quite sure what the takeaway from this should be.

  69. Elena E Reply

    I recently had a large hematoma on the top of my left hand after I had blood drawn from being ill my whole hand and outer part of my wrist are bruised. I understand this is in relation to my female energy and internal struggles but can you shed more light on the spiritual relation and meaning. Thank you

    • Jena Griffiths Post authorReply

      Dear Elena

      The left hand relates to family or your inner world. Perhaps remember that we each have a yin and yang side. Yin side is receptive to inner guidance, present in moment. Yang side creates an imbalance in order to have pressure/fuel to either recycle of material from the past/collective mind or to use to go higher to create at the next level. (By feeling the feeling without a story..) Good luck with balancing both aspects and all the best in the coming year

  70. Julianna Reply

    Hello! Thank you for this wonderful site and the great insight has definitely opened my eyes. I do however would love if you could help me with my situation. Today I actually got my right thumb slammed in the door on accidentally by my boyfriend’s son. It didn’t crack nor make a cut but it is bruised bad. It suggests that it relates to failure, incompletion and frustration. Is that possibly life/ my angels frustrated with me? Am I failing according to this? I would love to know what your opinion is because I do not want to make my time on this earth seem like failure. Please respond when you get a chance! Thank you and Happy holidays

  71. Anita Reply

    This is eye opening!!! For the last 2 years I’ve injured my left index finger each December before the (“adult”) step kids arrived for a Christmas visit. Boy I could write a book! Yep, their Dad has no boundaries, and somehow it is my issue. Now that I know, maybe we can have a talk, and hopefully avoid further injury! Thanks for the information!

  72. Angela Reply

    Recently got pretty deep cuts on my left middle finger knuckle (bottom of knuckle closer to nail) and my right Apollo finger knuckle (top of knuckle closer to hand). Not sure how. Also last year I smashed my right thumb nail pretty bad, the nail fell off and took a few months for the bruise at the base of the nail to heal.

  73. Dani. Reply

    I have just badly burnt the thumb on my left hand and ring finger on my left hand. I was wondering if it meant anything. I really love my parents, and I am worried, they are not going to accept a man that I really like, could this be a message…??

    • Jena Griffiths Post authorReply

      Hi Dani, left thumb is family issues, so yes you are spot on. I would suggest that the accident is reminding you that thoughts become things. Worrying that your parents may not like your new partner is a bit like watering weeds in the hope that they won’t grow. You are breathing your life force into an idea that you don’t want to activate. When thoughts like that surface in future simply say “cancel” or imagine yourself rubbing them out with an eraser. Rather visualize them all getting on and your parents being surprised that they liked him so much… or just visualize all their faces as happy whenever you think of them. Good luck.

  74. Carla Reply

    I am trying to figure out what sore and sensitive fingertips tells me. They arent numb but sensation is not normal.

  75. Adam Reply

    Hi Jena. Great article. Last night my partner and I visited some old friends of mine at their house for a cuppa after we’d initially met them out for some drinks. As soon as we arrived their male cat scratched my partner on the inside of her left wrist when she went to pick it up. Then, right before we left them I cut my left middle finger (above the knuckle half way up the finger just above the big knuckle on the outside of my hand) on a tiny fleck of brown broken glass on their couch (looked like it was from a broken beer bottle). We both ended up bleeding from the visit although at the start and finish of the visit. The husband’s friend is my old business partner and the business we worked in together did not succeed as planned a few years back. Both my partner and I interpreted that our visit meant these friends were perhaps a negative influence on us or in our relationship. Wondering what your interpretation is? Thanks 🙂

  76. praha orloj Reply

    i found this page because i was trying to figure out why my right pinky finger kept taking so much abuse: tendonitis, cat scratches, burns- the final straw was when i poked a half-healed place with a fork while i was washing dishes. i mean, come on!

    upon reading, your interpretation makes a lot of sense for my life. i am really trying to figure out how to communicate my ideas after a lifetime spent “keeping my head down”.

    thank you *so much* for your insight! this information really helped me.

    • Jena Griffiths Post authorReply

      Thanks Praha and good luck. Try to keep 2 windows open at the same time: 1- what is happening in your outer world and 2- how that makes you feel (your inner world). Can you stand next to yourself and have self compassion while you are busy getting triggered (feeling contracted) by whatever is going on in your external world? Knowing your fingerprints help as they hold a blueprint for what contracts you.

  77. Irina Reply


    Thank you very much for taking the time to write down this article.I find it very interesting.
    As a child I managed to cut all my fingers from my left hand, down to the bone ( playing with a plant , me and my friend were both pulling each end of it and when i released it , it cut through all my fingers) . Thankfully , it has been 20 years since , and all i have as a reminder are some scars.

    What do you think that means ?
    Your answers are truly appreciated! Thank you

      • Jena Griffiths Post authorReply

        Irina, the finger tips relate to thoughts or how you perceive reality. So my guess is the wounding on left hand fingertips related to you experiencing inner turmoil based on a mis-perception or misinterpretation of whatever was really going on.

    • Jena Griffiths Post authorReply

      Dear Irina it probably means you were experiencing inner turmoil or turmoil inside your family (left hand) at the time it happened.

  78. Lovedale Reply

    i was cooking cabbage and i happen to burn my left thumb from the steam. earlier today i had a dream that i will not graduate from vasity because i missed three marks. i was crying so hard. Help

  79. Lovedale Reply

    i was cooking cabbage and i happen to burn my left thumb from the steam. earlier today i had a dream that i will not graduate from varsity because i missed three marks. i was crying so hard. Help please

    • Jena Griffiths Post authorReply

      Dear Lovedale,

      left thumb is to do with family or your community. The burn is probably related to your fears about the dream and how that might impact on what your family thinks. Like a burn on your hand, a dream is a way for your subconscious mind to communicate with you or balance or correct conscious thoughts. Without letting the dream make you sad, try to reflect on what wisdom it is trying to share. Thank the dream for its message. Think of it as a gift. A piece of treasure offered to you from a deeper source of inner wisdom. Ask the dream to help you to understand what it is trying to tell you. what does 3 mean to you? And how does this relate to your family and feeling like you are missing the grade? Have fun with it rather than be upset. Good luck!

  80. Jacqueline Reply

    Hi Jena:

    I had a dream that I had two long cuts on my left index finger. I was not bleeding and two doctors were stitching my finger. I did not feel any pain and I was happy getting my finger stitched. I have not idea on what it means. Can you help? Thanks.

    • Jena Griffiths Post authorReply

      Jacqueline, left index/Jupiter finger is about your inner power: living your passions, knowing what you want, managing your boundaries… Perhaps the dream is a sign that you are actually attending to this?

  81. prita Reply

    Hi Jena;

    I have injured my right middle finger nail. Half of the nail got ripped and it was bleeding. What does this indicate.

    • Jena Griffiths Post authorReply

      Prita, right middle finger is related to feeling like you aren’t being valued by others.
      The world is a mirror. Start with actually valuing yourself and behaving that way and others will follow suit.

  82. Brent Reply

    Very interesting…….I have a crazy one here. About 1 year ago I sliced up and under my right index finger print..lots of pain…close to the bone almost removing my entire print. With 7 stitches and a cool scar around my print, I can still feel loosening pain under my print today if I use my finger too much……..Anyways the “twist” just a couple weeks ago (aproximatly 1 year later) I almost pinched my left index print off……same exact looking injury and scar, 3 stitches etc, not as deep and hardly any pain but also has a loosening feeling underneath when I use it too much. If I put my two prints together, they look like mirror image scars. Besides a couple new scars and a little uncomfortable feeling when over exerted, my fingers are great and I like the new look, but I know it means somthing, I’m just not getting it. Have you ever heard of anything like this happening before?

  83. Remi Reply

    Hi Jena, about a month ago I accidentally got the nib of a fountain pen stuck in the middle phalange on my left index finger and now have a small scar, about a week ago my boyfriend and I were play fighting and he accidentally scratched off a small bit of skin on the top phalange of the same finger and it too is now turning into a scab. What could this mean? Many thanks!

  84. Tracie Reply

    Hi Jena, I discovered your site while searching for the meaning of a finger “injury/bite/?”. It’s WONDERFUL!!! I’ve been reading but still can’t put the pieces together for the meaning and wonder if you had some insight.

    I was awoken this morning not by my alarm clock but by an intense itching on my Right hand. It’s the lower zone of my Ring Finger on the inside next to my middle finger. I washed my hands and looked under a magnifying lamp and can’t see where anything bit me or any other injury. The itching has now subsided but it’s a little painful and the area is red. The pain is mostly on the lower zone of my right ring finger inside more toward the palm than the outside of the hand. The fleshy area between the ring and the middle finger is very tender as well. The inside of the middle finger is a little red and a little tender at the very inside base but not as much as the other two locations.

    I believe my “attention” is being drawn to some thing/meaning but I can’t connect-the-dots. Do you have any thoughts on this? Thank you for all the info you’ve shared here, Blessings from Texas

    • Jena Griffiths Post authorReply

      Tracie, lower ring finger is about about being sociable. So perhaps there is stress related to that? Middle zone of Saturn (middle finger) is about finances.
      Hope this makes sense to you…

  85. Linden Reply

    I haVE strangely enough cut my fingers on 3 separate occasions in the last 48 hours. I first cut open quite deep my left saturn finger at work, then the next day I slammed my fingers in the car door and damaged my right pointer jupiter finger, then before trying to cut a peach i cut my right thumb finger. What does it all mean I never hurt myself but been in the wars lately. Fallen 1 and a half meters off 2 stacked milk crates last week fell on my right side, and had giant sores on the right side of my neck. What is the universe trying to tell me?

    • Jena Griffiths Post authorReply

      Linden, left Saturn is about self worth, right Jupiter about power issues and right thumb re success. Sound like you need to sit more to empty your mind and tune in to higher guidance

  86. Lily Reply

    Hi Jena,
    I got a whopper of a honey-bee sting on my right ring finger on Monday, I normally don’t have a big reaction to bee stings and there was minimal swelling but this was all-encompassing-couldn’t think straight-to the point of hallucinatory, pain. I got the stinger and sac out immediately before the pain hit and treated with baking soda which gave temporary relief once I got my breath back but it’s Wednesday now and it still stings and is very reactive to movement with minor swelling.
    A few years ago, I got a similar sting with less pain just above my pinky/ring on my hand, which I saw as a blessing as I had severed my Ulna nerve on that arm as a child (broke Radius and Ulna, losing the full use for two years)and lost a lot of sensation in both the ring finger and pinky, the bee sting brought feeling back 30 years later!
    With this whopper, and the ensuing “attention” it’s ensuring I’m paying to it, I wonder what the blessings are this time round! I’m in a highly creative phase with singing teaching/learning and already feel very blessed and lucky with the people and projects I’m involved with at the moment.
    Thanks for your thoughts, Lily

    • Jena Griffiths Post authorReply

      How interesting Lily, apparently bee stings also cure arthritis. I think contemplate the meaning to you personally of the location of the sting, right ring finger is about being out there/being seen/fame or about expressing your creativity/individuality. Does this speak to you right now re whatever is going on in your life right now?

  87. Marcela Reply

    Hello, I recently had an issue with my right thumb. I was walking and my thumb hit the sofa so hard that my nail was lifted and cracked almost in half. It’s really painful, I have my finger covered while the nail grows. I read that it has to be con frustration, but more information will be appreciated.

    • Jena Griffiths Post authorReply

      Hi Marcela

      The right thumb is about success out in the world, manifesting something. So perhaps the wound indicates you are currently self sabotaging yourself, or resisting positive action in some way?

  88. Himanshi Reply

    Hi Jena
    I have cut on my left thumb .the cut is towards the right edge of the thumb a little higher

  89. Nina Reply


    I have one finger (ring finger on my left hand) with a lot of bad luck. So much that I find it hard to believe it is al coincidence. This started about year ago. The finger got stuck inbetween the fridge. The nail got all bruised and black but it healed after a while and when it was almost healed I got it stuck inbetween shutters. same thing happened, it almost healed, a box of bottles fell on it. After that, my dog accidentely bit this exact finger. I have an allergy against dish-washing soap which is the worst on that finger (despite me being right-handed). By this time the nail is growing a bit skew and for unknown reasons the fingertip is all swollen. I make jokes about it that its going to fall off one day but i do wonder that these are signs for me to do deal with something mentally. Any ideas?

    thank you

    • Jena Griffiths Post authorReply

      Hi Nina

      Left ring finger is all about fear of social rejection/ being burnt at the stake. is something like this going on? I would guess that the injuries are a warning to stop worrying what others think..

  90. Melissa Reply

    Wow Jenna this is awesome! I decided to see what i could find related to the meaning in fingers and their injuries.
    My son had a seizure and bit his left index finger on the tip. He needed stiches and then the nail fell off because it was bitten in two. Then he got a bone infection. Going to really explore this.
    Also last week i got bit by a dog on my left middle finger at the nail area and this week a different dog bit me on the middle finger of my right hand in the same area! All seems a little spooky…,LOL

    • Jena Griffiths Post authorReply

      Hi Melissa,

      your injury (left middle finger) is probably about you feeling guilty (drop in your self worth) about his injury. His is on the finger related to inner power/boundaries…so maybe someone was overstepping his boundaries and this is a warning signal?

  91. Gillian Reply

    Wow. I first came across this a few years ago when I was at the start of my divorce from an abusive husband.
    In my rush to fit a lock on the spare bedroom door (now my room) while he was out, the chisel slipped and I sliced my right thumb on the outside of the lower part. I still have the scar.
    Now I am in my own home, have a lovely, lovely partner (we’re planning our life together) and I’m in the last few weeks of a college course – end of year show is looming.
    What do I do?
    Slice my right Saturn finger right next to the nail.

    • Jena Griffiths Post authorReply

      Dear Gillian

      Congrats re your new life!
      Re right Saturn finger = your value out in the world.
      However, the world is a mirror. Value yourself and watch the world respond.

  92. Kimberly Reply

    Hi Jena! I recently got my right little finger caught in a pulley. It has healed but is now curving inward. Any thoughts? Thanks so much and enjoy your information. Kimberly

    • Jena Griffiths Post authorReply

      HI Kimberly

      Right little finger is about speaking up. I would hold and massage it and breathe energy and consciousness into it in order to re-straighten it. Curving inwards means not trusting.
      Good luck

  93. Joseph Reply

    Hi Jena,
    Thanks for the article.. I’ve struggled to find any info on injuries to the fingers/hands. This is really helpful 🙂

    My left ring finger (apollo) is bent at the knuckle, and to a lesser extent my middle finger and little finger. When I force lots of energy into my fingers they click at the knuckles and kind of spasm from side to side (this happens in the same toes aswell)

    I can actually feel this in my nerves and it affects all the left side of my body, in particular my left hand(last 3 fingers – as mentioned), my feet (last 3 toes) and my face (left side of face slightly paralysed and i am conscious of it as i feel it each day – eyebrow, eye, ear all less controlled and slightly lower than right side).

    I was wondering if you might have any ideas about this?

    • Jena Griffiths Post authorReply

      Gosh Joseph, no idea re the knuckles.

      It might also be that by putting your focus here (left side of face/body) you are making it worse.

      I think you should see a neurologist to test if your face really is slightly paralyzed. If so, perhaps you had a mini stroke?

      Eat a diet good for the brain, high in Omega 3s and low in sugar and carbs.

      Good luck!

  94. Paula Reply

    My lifeline became extremely itchy. There is now a 2cm fine cut directly along the lifeline. It has been about 2 weeks now used various creams it will not heal. My friends think I’m going to have an accident or my life is now limited? ???

    • Jena Griffiths Post authorReply

      Hi Paula

      No! Do not make this erroneous connection! Your life line is related to your family or how grounded/anchored you feel. The connection to longevity is a myth.
      So either there is some family stress going on or you need to do some grounding exercises. Eg imagine a beam of light coming down through your head, filling your body with light then going out of your tail bone and into the earth, growing vast roots right down to center of earth.

      Creams are maybe aggravating it so perhaps leave them off and cover it with a bandage to keep it clean until it heals.
      Maybe get your dr to dress it? And contemplate whatever is going on in family?

      Good luck

  95. Betty Mendez Reply

    Jena Jena, thank you for your great analysis and education for so many people! I was at my daughter’s yesterday, doing my Iron Chef rendition, when a coffee cup handle broke and sliced my middle finger at the knuckle. Hurt as ut did, I actually chuckled to myself and inwardly asked “now what’s this small injury about; what’s it trying to call my attention to?” Your article has helped me pinpoint today’s healing focus: on self-love and recognizing my inherent self-worth, which of course is not what I create, what I know, or who I think I am.

    The night I cut my finger, I dreamt a baby boy with cuts on both arms, on the tops and the undersides of the arms–were cuts that ran like channels near the outer edge of the arms. So these cuts ran the length of each forearm, 2 on the top and 2 on the underside.

    I love doing soul work through the symbology provided in our dreams and there was slimy dishwater (yucky emotions) that were about to cover the child and drown him as he “went down the drain”. I pulled him out and then saw his arm lacerations.

    I sensed concern that the 1000’s of stitches required would re-traumatize the child and that made me sad, but I knew these deep channels of pain needed to be repaired. In the end, I remembered we now have surgical glue and was relieved stitches (re-traumatization) wouldn’t be needed.

    So I think in my retelling of my dream, I have answered my own question for you, which was what do the arm lacerations symbolize. My sense is they are the deep channels of pain inflicted by trying to carry too much within those arms, AND the wounds from using those arms held up in front of myself for protection.

    I appreciate your insights greatly! Blessing you Jenna!

  96. Haylee Reply

    Ok I have a v shape scar on the bottom to the left on my right palm I know it doesn’t have to do with the this but I would really like to know if u know what it means

    • Jena Griffiths Post authorReply

      every star has a meaning depending on exact location Haylee. This relates to the inner world or intuition/ the “moon” zone of the hand so maybe listen more to the small quiet voice within that knows even though it has no sensory proof…

  97. Leah Reply

    Wow! This is fascinating.

    I recently broke my left pinky finger surfing. I was holding the board and the leash got wrapped around it and pulled it, causing it to fracture three times in the middle section. And now that I analyze things, my boyfriend and I had also been fighting quite a bit lately. Maybe I need to surrender to the wave as opposed to fight it? Literally and metaphorically speaking. . .

  98. Joyce Reply

    March 7th of this year, while out taking a brisk walk, I tripped on a raised sidewalk. Not far from my house but it was so traumatic that I almost fainted at home. My right hand grew double in size, not to mention how it hurt. I thought I broke my wrist or fingers. I went to Urgent Care nearby where they x-rayed and put it in a sprint. Long story short, nothing broken but injured tendons on middle, ring and pinky fingers. Esp ring finger. Had some physical therapy, it’s mostly healed now, still not right. Healing seems to be taking forever. Any suggestions ?

    • Jena Griffiths Post authorReply

      Joyce, the right hand ring finger is about being seen. The right pinkie about speaking up. The right middle about your value or how you think other people perceive your value.
      Watch for stories you may be telling yourself related to these three issues as this is what your hand is trying to bring to your attention.

  99. Dulce Reply

    Hello, This is very iteresting thank you for the information. I was cutting pineapple and I cut my left index finger opposite to the palm. In fact I sliced trough the nail. (Will it have a different significance since it went trough the nail in order to cut the flesh?). Would that be considered the inverse left jupiter?

  100. Caroline Reply

    Hi was looking for a site like yours, I have over the past few days cut my right thumb have a knick on my right index finger on the knuckle and and a cut on my right elbow, can you help explain to me what this could mean.

  101. Helen Reply

    Hi Jena
    I accidentally cut my palm fairly deeply on my left hand just below the ring finger. What does this mean.

    Then my cat scratched me while playin on my right thumb. And a food processor blade cut the back of my right ring finger.

    What do these all mean?

    Does the cut being at the back of the finger make any difference?

  102. Michael Reply

    I Have Experienced a Few Significant cuts Through The Past Few Years On My Left Handed Ring Finger. Two Days Ago I Was At My Fathers Home With My Son In The Pool & I Had Cut My Left Ring Finger While Trying to Fix a Dollar Store Water Gun. I Noticed Later that the plastic must have had Sliced The Inside Of My Finger Leaving A Scar looking Like an Exclamation Point(!). I always Figured Because It Was The Left Hand Ring Finger It Had To Deal With Either Signifying To Not Have Marriage; Or To Have Marriage. But Now After Reading Into Your Page, I’m Thinking It Is Because Of Some other Possible Significance Within My Life!!! If You Need any other information to put together the pieces let me know; I Respect Your Insight.

  103. Eve Reply

    Hi Jena:-)

    I’m trying to work this out but still bit stuck. Yesterday I went to a prospective acting agent and the girl there (10yrs younger) insulted me and was quite malicious. She said to me, quote- ‘your head shots dont look anything like you, you look older in real life’ (which is untrue with other agent opinion and others I know) and ‘cut your hair and completely change the colour’and to use her photographer instead ( i have long hair down to buttocks and is burgundy)I was hurt but didn’t show it she then smerked and squinted at me. I said oh, ok thank you and got up to leave I could feel her unwelcoming stares at me as I left. The agent room was a hired room in a tiny office in a blg where the photographer rents out the room to charge actors. When I walked in there was a brown ripped and torn lather couch and a radio on loud like a disco very unprofessional – although I am not a prof actor as yet and have never been able to afford NIDA I’m working on starting from extras to commercials to hopefully Australian film – although after this I don’t think I want it anymore I’m not 20 or 30 and not a model type although somewhat attractive. My fear is line remembering which I’ve never been taught to do. I love animals and have an educational background in vet care now studying holistic vet nutrition with 15 yrs exp. i AM vegan and hate animal cruelty of any kind. Today coming back from the beach I sat down to put my things in my bag when I was drawn to a spot in the grass. I saw a “bee” frantically withering in pain as these ants attacking it. I immediately picked him up and put him in my hand blowing off the ants. I felt so much deep empathy for him and was very angry at the ants for inflicting so much terror and pain on him. I tried to comfort him but he was in great shock using his front legs hysterically waving his arms in front of his face and on his head. I quickly grabbed a piece of yellow wattle carrying him home in my hand to apply Homeopathy and Flower Essences. I have him here with me under a warm lamp light resting on flowers for comfort and my t-shirt. i diluted the flower essences and homeopathy for pain and terror. I dropped several drops over him immediately he stopped panicking and his body stopped withering in pain. During the hour I’d give him more drops and he didn’t mean to but as I was stroking him he stung my right middle finger tip – although allergic to bee stings I didn’t react cause he did it out of confusion and was a delayed stress release so I just wiped it aside and put some drops on me too. This was sad because now he had torn off some of his body to release the sting but I immediately aided him there with hypericum to stop any pain. I spoke to him over the hour to let go and that he did everything perfectly right during his time here and that it’s ok and time to let go go to the light where he will be loved and safe. A little yoga mantra to release fear. And told him that he is beautiful, strong and his family are waiting for him I did this till he passed over. I cried. He passed in dignity and with integrity and painlessly. Please help me understand why I chose to stroke him with this fingertip.Very Grateful for your help. Thank you X

  104. Poornima Reply

    Hello, I got a cut on left index finger from broken glass while I was thinking about my future marriage. What it means?

    • Jena Griffiths Post authorReply

      Poornima, only you will know what it means exactly. This finger relates to boundaries and living passionately. Perhaps you have some fears about this related to your marriage that you need to address?

      • Poornima Reply

        I want to marry my love. But we are different religions from India. We are not decided anything to move on

        • Jena Griffiths Post authorReply

          Hi Poornima, well that fits exactly. Concerns about living fully and passionately because it seems impossible.
          What I suggest it you let go of the how. Work on shifting your energy to a very high state. Do anything that brings you to a state of joy of gratitude. Music for example or a gratitude journal. Once you are in that high state, spend 5 minutes imagining the two of you in each others’ arms with lots of people congratulating you. Make it real, feel how wonderful it feels. How happy you feel. Don’t worry about how this comes about. Leave that to the universe. Just focus on shifting your energy and not watering thought seeds that belong to a different attractor field.

          • Poornima

            Do you know any solution to get rid of obstacles between us

  105. Kimberly Reply

    My cat just freaked on me tonight and scratched the middle section of my left hand ring finger…the scratch is deep and it hurt like hell when it happened…it’s only as long as the middle section tho, it doesn’t go over the joint lines which I am grateful for considering the healing process. Any insight would be appreciated…

  106. May Reply

    I just cut my left thumb 2/3rds up towards the nail. My right Saturn nail has had a cut on the right side of the nail for around a week. I’m facing all my childhood stuff, and trying to heal the inner wounding. I just woke up from a dream about it and cut my thumb. I was mean to a guy that was a good kid (I just ignored him, I’m not a violent type or even a mean communication type) just sad because he had my true values and I was trying to fit in. A girl from the school just created a group IM with him and I in it. I’m grateful for this site as I look at my bleeding thumb I’m seeing it more as a healing than unhealable. He responded just like I felt like responding to the IM. So thank you !!!!

    • Jena Griffiths Post authorReply

      May, what’s going on from a larger perspective is always far more complex than we can ever fathom. The healing occurs when we can hold the small girl we once were and forgive her.
      Just hug her and hold her with no story.
      Good luck ,

  107. Linda Reply

    Hi Jena! Just found this site – fascinating and I want to learn more! Last week I burned my Jupiter finger left hand and last night I sliced right into the knuckle that same finger – the cut is deep – have a splint on it today as it won’t stop bleeding. Would love to hear any insight. Thank you so much!

  108. Christene Reply

    I have recently cut myself twice, a few days ago middle left finger at the top whilst preparing some fruits to cook then today my right thena part of my thumb area whilst preparing onions to cook?
    I am travelling and learning about myself. Just now when I cut my thumb area I was thinking about where the relationship (as it is ) with a partner is going?

  109. Carol Reply

    I have a wart on the inside of my right pinkie on the First digit. I also have arthritis in all my fingers but it’s particularly red, sore and swollen on my left middle finger at the first knuckle. Can you let me know what this means? Thx for taking the time to answer these requests. It’s all very interesting and I look forward to hearing from you!

    • Jena Griffiths Post authorReply

      Carol, perhaps you are telling yourself something self critical about intimacy or sex (pinkie, first digit) related to self worth or feeling guilty (left middle finger)
      the knuckles are all about focusing on the tiny details. Try self compassion. Put your hand on your heart (it makes an electric connection) Smile into your hands and into your heart and relationship (current, past or future). You can heal them all, backwards and forwards in time with compassion for yourself and others.

  110. Jax Reply

    Today I burned 3 fingers on my left hand. Pointer, middle AND ring finger. .. so I have lots of unresolved issues? !;-)

    • Jena Griffiths Post authorReply

      Jax, what negative thoughts are you currently entertaining re self worth, boundaries or desire guilt + worrying what others think?
      stop, breathe, smile…they’re burnt you enough, let them go.

  111. Honey Reply

    Hi!! I absolutely love that I came across this site!! I find it absolutely fascinating! I was sitting on my bed this morning and picked up what I thought was just a tiny piece of plastic, when I picked it up…it turned out to be a very tiny shard of glass which went into my upper right thumb puncturing it and made me bleed. I have no idea where this came from because there is no broken glass anywhere near me or in my home. Can you please give me some insight into what this means please?? Thank you so much!! I really appreciate it and I’m very grateful for this site that I came across!! Love & Light~ Honey✨

  112. Dinesh Babu Reply

    I would like to am having wart on the palm of right hand just an inch away from thumb joint. What resembles?

  113. Christene Reply

    Hi Jena
    I sent a message on 1st Oct re cutting several fingers but did not get a response, is there any reason???

  114. Sadhana Reply

    About 7 years ago shortly after meeting my current partner a lump appeared on my right thumb pad, where the thumb print is, it is a benign tumour, the doc said could be more dangerous to remove it and to wait. It’s still there, doesn’t appear any larger but is quite funny looking. Always wondered what it means. Why my right hand thumb. He got a lump on his shoulder around the same time which is also still there. Also we both tried to hide a wart from each other when we first met it turned out to be on same finger of same hand, neither of us had warts before or since, unfortunately can’t recall what finger it was. Can you cast any light on any of this?

  115. Lauren Reply

    Hi Jenna, truly fascinating! I wonder if you can help me understand about my own markings. Around 2.5 years ago I developed dermatitis on my right hand and it has left my quite badly scarred, I find this really bizarre as I do not have this anywhere else on my body. It covers the whole left side of my right palm and my index finger and a very little on my ring and little finger. Many thanks Lauren

    • Jena Griffiths Post authorReply

      Hi Lauren, I really don’t know. Right hand is more out in the world and the left side of it (away from thumb) is the moon of the hand, which is your deeper more spiritual or intuitive side. Perhaps this part of you is stressed or needs more attention?

  116. Boy Reply

    Hi, about 4 months ago i was walking on the beach with my new girlfriend and my sister when i accidentlty tripped on a rock and broke a beer bottle on my hand. (i wasnt that drunk by the way lol) anyway i got slashed by the glass from almost the tip of the finger to the middle part of the inside of the right ring finger, i rushed to the emergency room to get it stitched and recently got surgery on it which made the scar longer since they had to open my entire finger to fix the torn nerve and stuff, (i also couldnt extend my finger as it was contracted and sown in place) anwyway so far im aware that the right ring finger is about creativity and artistic pursuits, which is quite the concidence since im a singer/songwriter and have been chasing a musical career with hopes of being acknolodged since i was 18 im 23 now. i never broke any bones or had any serious stitches or even a surgery up until now what can you tell me about this injury?

  117. Shrissa Reply

    Hello, I have had one wart on my left ring finger claw to the base o n the inside for quite some time now. Recently I’ve noticed that more are popping up despite various treatments. Now there are a line of them going across nearly the entire inside of the finger. Any thoughts on this?

    • Jena Griffiths Post authorReply

      Shrissa, I suggest you go see your medical dr or a chemist for an ointment to stop the spreading. Left ring finger is about being true to your craft, innovation, not worrying what others think, fear of being publicly humiliated …

  118. pabls Reply

    I am LEFT HANDED person and I cut two of my fingers thumb and apolo (obviously on my left hand) the same day as I was cutting my vegetables.’s the same as RIGHT HANDED people?

  119. Steph Reply

    Hi Jena, I’ve experienced pain and slight swelling at the base of my right thumb restricting use for a few weeks now. Weirdly my 9 yr old daughter told me last night she has been experiencing pain in her right thumb also but at the top joint for a few months. She also has eczema on both of her hands which seems to effect her thumb nails also. Would love to know your thoughts. Thank you.

  120. J.Loynes Reply

    Years ago I was sliced on the forehead left side from hair line to eyebrow but freak accident but the crazy thing is I have a younger brother. By 2 years 2 weeks an born 2minutes apart however years before me he on freak accident was sliced on the forehead the same exact way we always wonder what could mean ???

  121. Pabls Reply

    Hello Jena, thanks for your reply, not my left hand is same size as my right. But I really do not understand my cuts, can you enlighten me about this?
    Thank you

  122. jr Reply

    OMG!!! This is so true. Had a cut on my mid. finger (left side) 2 weeks ago, then just now cut my mid. finger on my right side; I am a business owner but at the same time I experienced money issues and some behavior issues such as not doing things right…ugh!

  123. C C Reply

    Hi Jena, i cut my left thumb 3 months ago while chopping some salad stuff.I managed to stop the blood and then used plaster to cover the cut.3 or 4 days after i removed the plaster,and the open skin had closed up completely. I knew it was not healed as the pain was very much there. Now,it appeared the cut area that was initially swollen now appears to develop keloid. It’s still very painful.what does this means. I’m not sure it is gonna heal soon

  124. Rhoda Reply

    I have often paid special attention to the cuts on my hands, like they are personal messages for me to be more self aware. Last night I burnt my hand, I did it gripping a pan handle that had been in the oven with my left hand. Only my thumb pad, lowest part of my middle (really badly) and the middle of my index (lightly) were injured which when I think about it was quite strange given my angle and movement.
    Do burns represent the same as cuts, any insight would be welcomed

    • Jena Griffiths Post authorReply

      Rhoda, yes same as with cuts, it is the location that matters. Each location relates to a specific issue or range of issues.
      left thumb = family or community issues,
      middle index = material display of status eg through yachts or mansions
      lower Saturn = your foundation, values

  125. Derek Reply

    Does the symbolism differ in regard to the wound type? A lot of people are talking about cuts, but I smashed the tip of my right index finger closing a door.


  126. Vasu Reply

    I fractured my ring finger (apolo) n little finger(mercury) of the rt hand . So wot could b the psychological reason for that ?

    • Jena Griffiths Post authorReply

      Vasu, this is perhaps about hiding or feeling invisible and not speaking up. Your hand is saying be seen + speak up…

  127. Coral Reply

    Hi Jena
    I have several small warts on my fingers, thumb (1) and index finger (3) left hand, and index (1) finger on my right , they are all on the top phalanx.
    I am constantly hurting my fingers, particularly left index (a scar goes from bottom to near top phalanx) and 2nd finger (Saturn if I am reading your chart correctly), I also have a mallet finger, little finger right hand.
    I live alone so doing big damage makes life really, really hard and seldom can I seek medical attention to get stitches etc.

    TIA for any insight.

    • Jena Griffiths Post authorReply

      HI Coral. Warts may be due to self criticism. About what? look at the location for the meaning about what?
      Take the part of you that you are critical of and imagine it is a child. What age is she? Put her on your lap and hold and hug her, breathe together and gradually earn her trust by showing up daily to care and ask what she whats. Have deep compassion and no stories or expectations and she will surprise you with her transformation

  128. Yoko Reply

    Jena thank you so much – the fact that you wrote this 3 years ago and you are still responding to people’s requests today is amazing – thank you on behalf of us all!
    I am amazed I even found something about this, and also can’t believe I have never looked it up before! Just this week I have got paper cut, cut from a sharp object and another mysterious cut all on the tip of my middle finger on my right hand – it felt too coincidental to keep happening so it led me to google and this wonderful stream of information! I have recently been feeling the urge to write and perform poetry and as I am surrounded by lots of creative friends and acquaintances, I somehow feel that what I’ve got to share isn’t going to be good enough and I won’t be considered a ‘proper’ poet (whatever that is!) After reading this I can see how silly it is that I am even letting fear in to this level – I simply have words to share, I’ve always loved writing, my right hand is my writing hand it’s ready to go, stop letting fear take over! Thank you so much, this was such a great find 🙂 Love and light to you XX

    • Jena Griffiths Post authorReply

      Yoko, so glad you are back on track and that the small cut on your right middle finger (your perception of how others might value you) lead you to this post and you sharing your experience and wise counsel so that others see how to respond to a cut on this finger.
      Love and light to you too and may beautiful poems seek you out wherever you to be birthed and tickled into form..

  129. JeM Reply

    Hi Jena.
    I have met someone recently who has a missing part of his right Mercury (pointer) finger. It is cut off at the first joint from an accident.
    Does that mean he is permanently going to experience the inverse for that finger or can he work around this small amputation and if so, how?

    • Jena Griffiths Post authorReply

      JeM, Mercury is the pinkie (little) finger not the pointer finger! The pointer finger (index) is Jupiter.
      I think he can work around it through mindfulness. Awareness that he might be telling himself a story re this issue, like a stuck recording. He sees it then its no longer stuck..

  130. Sarah Reply

    Recently, I got fake nails put on. The rest of my fingers I’ve had no problem with, but my left pinky nail has been hit/caught 3 times and I’m concerned it will fall off completely. What do you make of this?

    • Jena Griffiths Post authorReply

      Sarah, left pinkie is about intimacy, surrender issues… maybe this is about your relationship to your partner or the heavens

  131. MARIA Reply

    I have a cut/split on left and right thumb on the pads. What does this mean. They are sore. Thank you

    • Jena Griffiths Post authorReply

      Maria, right thumb might be indicating self sabotage or not feeling successful, left thumb relates to family or community issues

  132. Claire G Reply

    Jena, very nice article and comments. I’ve enjoyed reading and studying this subject for awhile. Thank you so much for the great information.
    I am curious if you have become aware of a man named John Podesta? He was heading up Hillary Clintons recent presidential campaign. He has made recent headlines regarding some rather evil criminal behavior. It’s rather unspeakable so I’ll leave it at that.

    I would be curious if you would take a look at Johns hands as they are very interesting! Riddled with scar tissue and bruising? and deformity of his fingers like nothing I’ve ever seen outside of severe abuse victims.

    • Jena Griffiths Post authorReply

      Claire, regarding John Podesta’s hands, there’s a danger of getting sucked into hearsay and fake news. In worst case scenarios people get tried by public opinion and emotions are stirred up until crowds start witch hunts, like the gruesome necklacing events in South Africa in the 80s and 90’s. We have courts for justice…and fair trial.
      Clearly this man’s hands have been mangled. But for me to guess how or why would be pure speculation. It could have been in a farming accident for all we know. The images or markings have been superimposed onto the hand images by someone who clearly has an agenda. For what intention? Perhaps to whip up a storm of mass hysteria?
      The best thing to do in these situations is pause before reacting. Instead of judging or attempting to second guess people’s agendas for posting this material, we can observe ourselves and what emotions arise, and use the event know ourselves better or where we are right now. How? We contemplate our emotional, mental and physical reactions to this sort of news. What level of mind does this take us to? Fear or anger or shame or judgement or numbness? Why invest one’s spirit in perpetuating that level of mind? And what are our motivations for wanting to get involved?
      As we feel the feelings that arise with no thought we become free of them rather than consumed.

      Our hands help us identify what thoughts are holding us hostage. Each thought belongs to a level of mind, eg sadness or joy or fear or anger..
      When we lose touch with what we feel, we project our feeling states onto others. This gives us space to see them from a more distant perspective until we are ready…
      Here’s Markus Hirzig talking about what happens when fear is projected.
      Hope this helps..

  133. Danni Reply

    Hi Jena, what a wonderful article! I keep coming back to it, so useful. 🙂 I’m wondering if you could help me out with something…I’m having a tremendous dilemma trying to make a decision whether to move with my family to Colorado which I loved when I visited for about a week (and the words “THIS IS HOME” came to me when I arrived) but with a huge possibility of for my boyfriend and I of 3+ years to not work out given the distance and not really knowing how he could come along with me. Or, to stay here in New York, with a stable job of 3+ years that I greatly enjoy (only job that I’ve ever had), with my boyfriend that I love so very much. I would still have to find somewhere to live by July, (I just moved back with my family thinking I’d go along with them, then realizing I had gotten carried away again and not actually thought my decision through, which the landlord wasn’t too happy with, but let me move out anyway) and I know people here, but I’d be far from my family, and I wouldn’t be in the environment that I really enjoyed and I am worried I’ve gotten too comfortable with my job to make a switch to something that would be a better fit.
    Regardless to which state I go I would have to be find an apt within my budget, with access to public transportation – in CO so my boyfriend can come, (but can’t happen until December, meaning long distance for 6 months) and here in NY because my family is moving. I don’t have any credit, have no proof of ever having income, no landlord references and I don’t drive, so that makes it much more complicated.
    There are some things I know for sure, things are shifting drastically for me and I have a strong feeling that it’s time for me to begin my own business, the career “of my dreams”.
    So when I was visiting CO a day or 2 ago, I fell whilst crossing the street and landed on my hands and knees. When I looked at my hands, I had a red spot (blood just under the surface of my skin) on the mound of my left thumb, about an inch above and next to the middle of my wrist. Then today, I was playing with my dog who sonetimes bites and he bit my thumb, causing another red spot of blood under the skin to appear, just below my nail, a bit more on the lower left rather than directly in the lower center. Then about an hour ago, he bit the same place. (I also just realized between the span of some years I’ve also sliced the same thumb twice, in the exact same spot, a bit through my nail)
    So what do you think these red spots of blood by/on my left thumb mean? Do you think since the left thumb has to do with family that I should go? That I shouldn’t? Any advice is greatly appreciated. Thank you!

    • Jena Griffiths Post authorReply

      Danni, I think the wounds are reminding you to stop thinking too much and listen to your heart. You already know the answer.

  134. Carrie Reply

    I don’t suppose there is such a similar or parallel chart / article regarding all the toes is there?

  135. olga may starr Reply

    A week ago a bright blue bruise mark developed on the left index finger pad area. Within minutes a bruise developed which wrapped around the finger tip to color the front top of the finger joint. The bruising only lasted a day and went away. There was no pain but a feeling of swelling. Since I cannot recall any injury, I was wondering what this might mean. Thanks.

    • Jena Griffiths Post authorReply

      Olga, left index is about boundary violations or not living your passions. Try to think about what limiting thoughts were arising at the time. Your finger was trying to remind you to let go of the limiting thought

  136. Jeremy Reply

    I hurt the meaty part of my right palm just below the thumb. It was more of an impact injury as apprised to a cut. I can’t find anything as it relates the the palms. Any help would be appreciated.

    • Jena Griffiths Post authorReply

      Jeremy, this is the Venus region. About play and delight and luxury and making sure you are getting enough of this..

  137. jennie Reply

    thank you for this article. a few weeks back, i sliced into my left thumb pretty badly. couldn’t get it to stop bleeding for at least 12 hours. it was really odd. then a week or so later sliced near the finger print of my rt index finger. also pretty bad. took out a huge chunk of finger. tonight i again, accidentally cut into the base of my pinky finger, on the top side, not palm side. completely across the whole base of the finger~ this is actually still bleeding abit~ massive amounts of blood at forst, and for awhile; ut now it has slowed down. i know that cuts andbrusies usually mean the little hurts in life etc~but i thought the mutltiple bad cuts in such close range was too pointed to not check out.. a lot of family stuff going on in my life, not so good. .. i perhaps should also mention.. when i was little, 2 yrs old, i cut off completely my rt index , middle and ring fingers.. the drs were able to sew on the rt index, and middle back on ; but the ring finger didn’t take. they had to take it back off~so i do not have the top portion of the ring finger on the rt hand. looks like my spirit really communicates through y hands; but time to knock it off, before i have none left.. just kidding, sort of. time to pay atteention, i would say

    • Jena Griffiths Post authorReply

      Jennie, it seems you know what this is about. Your hands are reminding you to be fully present for everyone and whatever is arising in the moment instead of not being present due to thinking/imagining ….
      Good luck!

      • Jennie ODonnell Reply

        oohh… that’s good. i like that feed back. thank you.. and a little giggle.. i came back on to look up finger meanings again.. just cut the middle finger of both the right and left hand…yes, your intepretation in the article seems just about right…thanks again.

  138. Anne Reply

    Howdy, I recently acquired a decent sized vertical cut in the middle of my life line. I’ve looked just about everywhere and haven’t been able to find any resources about cuts taking place on the palm of the hand rather than the fingers. Do you have any guesses as to what this might mean?

    • Jena Griffiths Post authorReply

      Hi Anne

      The lifeline is also known as the family line. Are you currently having issues with your family or is something happening that makes you feel a bit ungrounded?

      • Anne Reply

        Oh I didn’t know that! My grandmother just passed away actually (I was living with her in order to take care of her). I was trying to ground myself through house work when it happened. This all makes sense now, thank you!

  139. AS Reply

    Hi, Jena!
    Thank you very much for sharing your wisdom and knowledge with us.
    I came across with your site today when I started searching for the metaphisical reason for finger pain.
    Jena, your thoughts on my issue?
    Last night thru my sleep I felt pain in my right middle finger : dull and nagging pain.
    In my dream I was at school, and my teacher was scolding and shaming me for missing the class and coming the next day as if nothing had happened. I was trying to justify myself and felt guilty.
    She continued scolding while I was typing in Google search: Finger. Metaphisical
    But strangly, I failed to type “metaphisical ” every time I tried. Then I showed to my teacher my finger saying I had a pain and that was the reason I could not come the other day.
    After waking up I still have this pain ( I am sure I didn’t hit or hurt it. It’s kinda “old pain, coming from the depth )
    I also have an old scar on the same place.
    Can it be a start of healing process somehow, Jena?
    Since this scar is almost 30 years old, May something as old as this entering my life again?

    • Jena Griffiths Post authorReply

      Hi Alfi, interesting dream. Dreams are a lot like hands because they bring to your attention/awareness a feeling state, that you are contracting your energy over some thought or belief. Right middle finger is about your perception of your value out in the world. Your dream of feeling scolded and shamed by a teacher and feeling guilty are all middle finger issues. (Even the teacher is a middle finger issue/life purpose). It is perfect example of a dream trying to point out to you that you are contracting over middle finger issues. If you believe others don’t value you then this thought takes you to a contracted feeling state (eg shame or guilt or sadness or anger). The dream is trying to make you aware of the feeling state that you are currently visiting. If you sit with the feelings that arise, without investing in any more thoughts that also arise in this feeling state, just stay with the feeling and feel it fully, it will lose it’s grip on you. We have a chemical addiction to certain feeling states. The dream is helping you let go of a particular frequency by bringing it to your attention,so that you can move on and rise to a higher one if you choose. But you can’t let go of something until you are actually holding it. What you resist persists. You need to surrender fully to that feeling. This only lasts a few seconds unless you reignite this thought with another thought.

  140. Helen Reply

    Hi Jena, I live in a very old house (1920s) and every time I garden in the soil areas I find broken glass of all colors – clear and green. My landlord says that she has always found broken glass when gardening and to be careful as everyone has come across broken pieces of all sizes. I have been here two years and no cuts until today. I even gathered about 40 pieces before this happened.
    I used the spade and my hand to move the soil and that is when I cut the very tip (top part/pad) of my right hand / index finger (Saturn), quite deep while using my hand to move the soil before planting flowers. I have a business for which I have not been active in it since before Christmas of last year and took this week off of a contractor position that not really liking to reconnect with finishing some marketing aspects so I feel prepared to promote myself. Any insights?

    • Jena Griffiths Post authorReply

      Right index finger is not Saturn but Jupiter/Zeus. which is about issues related to standing in one’s power. Think of the index as a trigger finger. Do you shoot too fast or not at all?

  141. Ryan Reply

    I was moving something with a dolly and it waa heavier than I thought so I decided to be smart and stop it from sliding down the ramp by sticking the handle between the trailer door and trailer and it pulled the skin off my left pinky, insight on that please?

  142. Rajat Reply

    Hey Jena.!!!
    Last wednesday I went to the gym and injured my Right hand Ring finger. A dumbbell fell over my finger it nearly ruptured it resulting in clotting and bleeding between the Top and the Middle part of my finger. Exactly one week later,today I hurt the same finger in the same area (in the gym again) and no other finger was injured. I just got suspicious about this thing and found your site. What do I make of this???

    • Jena Griffiths Post authorReply

      Hi Rajat,
      Right hand ring finger (Apollo) is about creativity, individuality or being seen. Maybe you are telling yourself a story about why you can’t be out there or about hiding or feeling invisible

  143. Mikey Reply

    So a month ago I cut my inner right thumb at the base where it meets my palm and sliced my right Saturn finger tip. I had to get stitches and have nerve damage on my thumb making it feel numb and tingly. Its finally healing but last night I burned my right thumbprint, my right Jupiter print and my right Saturn print and have blisters on all three. Ugh… Can’t get a break.

    • Jena Griffiths Post authorReply

      Hi Mikey, the inner middle part of thumb is about the third eye and making decisions/discernment. The right thumb is about success issues, right index (Jupiter) Power issues, and right Saturn (middle finger) about value out in the world eg getting paid..
      so maybe you didn’t listen to the wisdom of the first injury and the second scenario is a consequence?

  144. Arsha Reply

    What about if the injury is in the inside of the hand or the outside of the hand. For example i have a small burn on the inside of my thumb and a little swelling on the side of my thumb. I believe these placements further the message or significance.

    • Jena Griffiths Post authorReply

      hi Arsha not sure about the side of thumb but inside of thumb (middle zone of thumb) relates to the third eye. About clarity and discernment and making or not making decisions ..practice lots of petty decision making and get used to exercising this muscle.

  145. Alice Reply

    Hi Jena. Two years ago I cut of the top of my left middle finger when cooking.

    I was alone at home and passed out when I could’nt find any good first aid kit. The cut healed find but the psychological effects are worse. My anxiety from the strange feeling in the finger is only growing greater. It’s connecting to other parts of the body, like the umbilical. I have trouble sleeping, and if I don’t find distraction I get hysterical. I’m learning to calm down and aren’t getting into panic any more. Things related to fingers and even seeing others navels are triggers. Can’t recognize myself in these in these states. I stumbled in here looking for something else, but I got hopeful you might be able to give me some clues about the key to overcome these problems. Love, Alice

    • Jena Griffiths Post authorReply

      Alice, left middle finger is about self worth, also integrity and feeling guilty, for example if you don’t keep your promises, particularly to yourself.
      Ii sounds like you are triggering a trans generational trauma. Shake your body to release fear but one needs to find the source then anchor the fear there. Perhaps try family constellations work, eg Jill Purce or Past Reality Integration/Ingeborg Bosch. It might serve you to have your hands analysed. then I could offer your other resources depending on what else shows up in your hands.

  146. Bel Reply

    Hi Jena,

    I have an intensely painful area on my left hand, at the inside base of my left thumb, where mars meets will, (MC joint) Arrrgh, was a little sore a few weeks back and now i am unable to stretch my thumb outwards without a real lot of hurt.
    If you could please help me to sort what needs working through?

    • Jena Griffiths Post authorReply

      Hi Bel

      Sorry only seeing your comment now, was away in Scotland a few weeks. Left thumb is about family issues or community.
      Perhaps also see a doctor if it isn’t better yet.

  147. Rally Cooper Reply

    I injured my ring finger at work by smashing it a little and getting a cut just below my wedding ring. Also, for a while now my ring has been irritating my fingrr by making it dry and red in a line under the ring. I’ve been thinking of divorcing my husband but keep wanting to make things work . I know what’s holding me back are out pets we have together, our house, family perception and just all the hassle. I know the message I need to take but would like some validation from you 🙂

    • Jena Griffiths Post authorReply

      Hi Rally, ring finger is about being seen or what other’s think. So perhaps the wound is simply reminding you not to limit yourself according to social perception.. Good luck

      • Rally Cooper Reply

        Wow since I posted much has shifted I’ve let go of my selfish thoughts and I see we can work it out (a friend randomly called about a amazing couples course) and all it is is letting go of what my family thinks of him. We have both been cruel to each other in past and were ready come back to love, with help and also counseling. Suddenly the dryness cleared up on my ring finger! Eclipse was powerful

  148. Elven Reply

    So accurate, thank you for the information! We can see our bodies as the more condensed expressions of our souls and they communicate so perfectly and exactly. I just looked up on your site what an inflammation on my right index finger means. Spot on for what I am going through. Now on to transcend this issue…

    I’m also wondering what is up with my pinkie fingers that have been crooked since I was born. I’ve been told it has to do with a family secret but I haven’t quite figured it out yet. Makes sense that it would have to do with communication.

    • Jena Griffiths Post authorReply

      Hi Elven, yes re pinkie and communication. It is always useful to go back and explore your ancestry. There’s a kink in the family heritage that makes you hold your cards very close to your chest, waiting to see what others put on the table first before you reveal your cards. This could be construed by others as manipulative or “crooked” even though that may not be your intention.

  149. David Digby Reply

    I came here because a few months ago, I had a SEVERE cut on my pinkie of my right hand. It was so bad, I had to go to the ER and get stitches. It was actually VERY traumatic and one of the worst cuts I have ever had. Well guess what, I’m a writer who’s NOT WRITING. And the pinkie (according to this) means ‘The author/speaker, person with a message!!!’. This really makes all the sense in the world! 😀

    • Jena Griffiths Post authorReply

      Yay David, well done for making the connection.

      Time to ask yourself empowering rather disempowering questions so that your mind focuses on where you want it to go…
      eg why am I suddenly so inspired? 😉

  150. Jake Reply

    Just cut inbetween my pointer and middle finger. Right through the webbing. Needed 7 stitches. Would you be kind enough to explain the meaning?

    • Jena Griffiths Post authorReply

      HI Jake, good thing you didn’t lose a finger! I’m not sure what it means. Does your heart line reach right up to that area? (That’s one of the 3 main lines, closest to the fingers.)

  151. Zhenya Reply

    Hi. i got splinter on my middle finger ball of the right foot. Which things in my life i must fix?

  152. Jena Griffiths Reply

    Zenda, I think anything on the foot is about grounding. I recommend you listen to some of my recent interviews with Markus Hirzig on this topic
    and also the interview with Ingeborg Bosch on PRI. (past reality integration)
    The beauty of PRI is it allows you to anchor into your early childhood everything that is causing you not to ground.

    Also look and see if you have any unusual markings on your feet. If you do send them to me. eg whorl patterns etc.

  153. M Reply

    My left middle finger nail has a deep culvert from tip to cuticle. I jave no memory of an injury, but I did go through a grievous blow to my self esteem in July.

  154. Lexie Johnson Reply

    What does it mean when you cut your palm right on your lifeline? Right hand?

  155. Lauren FW Reply

    Hey this is truest fascination, could you tell me what my dermatitis means I have it 3/4s over my right palm except the very centre and branching out towards my thumb.
    Only place I have it. My left hand is smooth. I’ve had a lot of changes in my life could this be relative?

    • Jena Griffiths Post authorReply

      Hi Lauren, right hand is about out in the world, rather than inner world so my guess is it is stress related to work or showing up in the world.

  156. Cole Reply

    I’ve just dreamt I got a bad cut on my left ring finger and cut off the part that would contain the ring. The top part of the finger stayed in place for a few days (by magic) and then I became distressed as it wouldn’t stay anymore and I realized I’d lost the finger completely. Then I woke up…

  157. Sigky Reply

    Hello! I have injured both my palms in the same point… in the middle of my thumb (big finger) and the jupiter finger. my right hand I injure with manicure scissors and my left hand I burned. Trying understand meaning…. what’s kind of sign it can be…
    Thank you very much!

  158. Michael Reply

    I have two identical cuts on both index fingers don’t know how I got them but it feels really strange any meaning thanks mike

  159. Tawanda Machona Reply

    Hie Jena

    The most mind boggling thing just happened to me and that’s coming across your page. Just a few days ago I cut my middle left finger, then just this late afternoon, I cut my middle right finger, in just about the same place as the left one. So I decided to google it and surprisingly your views on the meaning of these cuts are directly addressing myself as in my my state of being at the present moment. I do feel a lot frustration and not being valued or taken for granted if I may put it that way. Thanks, I’ll remember not to let outside influence not take over my sense of being. Thank you for that insight. I’ve always thought bodily injury were no mere accident.

    • Jena Griffiths Post authorReply

      Hi Tawanda

      Yes, all thoughts are illusion and the cause of all suffering. Your hands are very precise at pointing out what the illusion is about.
      A good book on thoughts being illusion is Byron Katie’s most recent: A Mind at Home with Itself
      I highly recommend it

  160. Tabatha Reply

    You’re absolutely brilliant.
    Found myself reading through every question just to read your responses.
    How did you gain your knowledge? Any books or sources you can reccomend?

  161. Reagan McDermott Reply

    Dear Jena,
    When I was 6 or 7 years old I was running around my father’s car playing with my little sister. Somehow one of us managed to open the left passenger side door (right hand drive) and then I managed to close my left hand in the door itself. It was an old school BMW made before the wall came down so the doors were like lead!
    I required six (very neat) stitches to my left hand ring finger – just under the nail and perfectly positioned between the my two top joints.
    At 42 I’m beginning to wonder if my distraction that day has caused a loveless, unmarried life for me…
    I’ve always done everything I can to have real love in my life, no checklists, no agendas, being happy on my own etc. but I just really wonder sometimes how I managed to close a left hand door on my left hand?

    • Jena Griffiths Post authorReply

      Reagan, you are looking at this the wrong way round!
      Squashing the finger doesn’t cause a loveless unmarried life for you. Squashing the finger leaves clues as to what limiting thought you were having at the time. Limiting your thinking through projecting negative outcomes of imagination on the future. The left hand ring finger is about concern what others think.

  162. Natasha Anderson Reply

    Good afternoon,

    On Friday a passenger of a taxi opened their door as I was cycling passed. I came off my bike and now I have 3 stitches in my finger.

    What does this mean?

  163. Natasha Anderson Reply

    What do you mean by power issues – standing in power? can you give an example.

  164. Reagan McDermott Reply

    Sorry, I don’t quite understand. I simply don’t have relationship that last. I don’t know what I do wrong but clearly I’m the common denominator. I’m not a push over but I’m not totally fierce in relationships either.

    • Jena Griffiths Post authorReply

      Reagan, this could be a number of factors. Without seeing your hands it is hard to guess.
      Try to be fully present with the person you are with. That’s all you need to be.

  165. Natasha Anderson Reply

    It was my right index finger, Jena. 3rd phalanx closest to my palm

  166. Awais rashod Reply

    Is saw a dream in the morning around 8am that i m making sheesha for me and i dnt knw the table has a crack on it and somehow my left hand thumb just struck between the glass when i take it out it was quite deep cut bcz of tht my thumb cut in two pieces and the nail side hangs with it meanwhile my left hand finger next to thumb also becomes dry like if u take out air from the balloon.then covered it with shoper bag so my other finger wont my imagination i think bcz of thumb my other fingers are effecting by air so i covered it with polythene bag.plz reply asap.thanks alot

  167. kate Reply

    hello i was just wondering i have this white cresent moon shaped small scar on my middle finger and i have had it since i was born,i dont know what it could be

    • Brian Reply

      I have one of those too! Side of my left index finger. It’s either a crescent moon or C. Were you born with an extra finger on your right thumb and now the thumb is bent? That would be crazy if you have that to.

  168. Lane Hensley Reply

    I’ve had two scars on my right hand since I was a toddler. They’re from accidental friction burns that went down to the Bone. And are on the inside sides of my pinky and ring fingers. What is interesting is that the pinky scar is the likeness of a snake. While the ring scar is the likeness of a dagger. And they look very close to their likeness. clear handle that meets a wide jagged blade that sharpens to a point. Then you can make out teeth on a snake that is about to bite with an open mouth. The scar is white in contrast to my pink ginger skin. But pink shows through in the snake, making an eye on the head, and even diamond like shapes on the back. I’m not making this up.Does anyone have a background in occultism that can possibly elaborate?

  169. Mel Reply

    Hi Jena,

    A month ago we finally moved into our new home, after 18months of searching.
    I have been in complete bliss ville and asked for a few weeks off from farm chores to nest, unpack and really settle in. Within hours of me “technically going back to farm work” helping outside. My left thumb got caught and degloved, between a fence post, steel chain, and tractor. The pain is excruciating. My partner feels dreadful, yet, I blame myself…for not keeping myself safe. Any wisdom to share….I’ve found myself with lots of thinking time, and want to grow from this xx

  170. cam n monique Reply

    hey there my bf cam hurt his left thumb badly while chopping up cheese for a sandwich, he was cutting it when his phone lit up n he looked away still cutting and almost cut the whole tip of his thumb off, we have been under lots of stress lately with finding new place moving etc. we were curious as to if it could mean something… when he cut his thumb …. thanks

    • Jena Griffiths Post authorReply

      Monique, left thumb is issues to do with family or community, so what limiting thoughts about family are creating the stress?

  171. Nirmala Reply

    My right hand has been throbbing lately…especially my middle finger…
    This article has been so helpful
    Thank you

  172. serena Reply

    I have a scar that is in the shape of a bird flying, i am curious what this means. i cant remember how or when i got this. It is a small scar on my left hand, on the top side. when i lay my hands flat on table i can see it between my thumb and wrist about 2/3rds towards my wrist. it sits on the bone that goes to my thumb. It has intrigued me for years.

    • Jena Griffiths Post authorReply

      Serena, this area is about being sure your are nourishing yourself…
      no idea what it means. Does this give you any clues?

  173. serena Reply

    perhaps… i have found my self only helping others for many years now but forgotten by so many when in need myself. i feel that in the near future i will rise from the ashes of the past like a phoenix and funny enough this bird scar has a long tail like the phoenix. Do u know if the scar shapes have any meaning or only the area that is is located?

  174. Yvonne Leslie Reply

    Hello. I have a birth defect on my wedding ring finger (left Apollo), it’s a split nail, not noticeable really unless I start to grow it long, then it starts to separate on the side. Wondering where this information you have posted comes from and wanted to get more information on it. Sometimes wonder if I’m cursed as far as marriage goes. Any thoughts on this?

    • Jena Griffiths Post authorReply

      Yvonne, first please read my most recent post which helps enormously re paying attention to what thoughts you are busy investing your spirit into. This finger (left Apollo) is about fears of public persecution. eg I’ll be alone and everyone will laugh… I suggest you use this little reminder you have in your fingernail to monitor your thoughts and notice when you are telling yourself negative thoughts about yourself. How does that negative thought make you feel? Then, do the 2 handed practice to free yourself of that thought.

  175. Jean Reply

    Hi Jena! I dream of my index right finger had a small cut with a blood..what does it mean?

    • Jena Griffiths Post authorReply

      Hi Jean, sorry only seeing your comment now. Right index is about power and powerlessness. It depends where on your finger the cut is.
      lower zone = territorial power struggle, middle zone is related to material possessions/display of status or power, upper section is related to ideals, holding a vision or maybe if this section is cut – feeling like you are selling out on your vision or ideals.

  176. Meredith Reply

    This is super interesting, I’m wondering if there is a general meaning for both thumbs, both index fingers, etc. Also, I am assuming that each one corresponds to an element and/or chakra.

    • Jena Griffiths Post authorReply

      Meredith, thumbs are about results in the world/manifesting.
      The meanings of right hand vs left hand – expressed out in world for right hand
      expressed inwardly for left.
      so right index – power out in world,
      left index – passion (inner power)

  177. Sharon Reply

    I cut my right hand with the glass of a picture frame around three years old. I remember it vividly. It took up my whole palm. Now, of course it is a about an inch long vertical line that crosses both the head and heart line. It is positioned between the pinky and the ring finger. Any idea what this means? In meditation, my ring and pinky finger bend on their own toward the palm.

    • Jena Griffiths Post authorReply

      Sharon, the point on the heart line between the pinky and ring finger relates to your intimate relationship. I don’t know what was going on in your life at the time but it had some impact on your perception related to intimate partnership.

  178. dianekim Reply

    Hi, I have a cut in between my index and middle finger.

    Does this mean both (i mean jupiter and saturn?)?

    and what about mole? I used to have a lot of them.

    • Jena Griffiths Post authorReply

      Hi dianekim, moles are about self criticism. Not sure about the cut, which hand, probably a mix of both is a good approach.

  179. Taaha Reply

    Hi Jena! I have burnt my right palm since I was a child , you know its shape is like a line , a horizontal , from Mount of the moon ,passing fate line then passing my life line , and ends near the middle of Venus, and a point is that fate line and life line haven’t disappeared and are shown but the skin’s changed CZ of fire . So can you please tell me what it means … I’m so curious….thanks …

    • Jena Griffiths Post authorReply

      Taaha, interpreting this as a line, the meaning depends on its angle and how high it is on the palm. (location is everything).
      a fully horizontal line in this region (low on the palm spanning Venus and lower Moon regions is a co-dependency indicator.
      Higher up its a line indicating an overbearing search for meaning and associated feelings of meaningless.
      If the angle of the line is steeper, it could indicate one is in disguise eg hiding one’s true talents.
      Does any of this resonate and if so how is it related to the fire?

  180. Juan Reply

    Just got a deep cut on my right thumb. It kind of make sense with the incompletion or frustration based on what I was thinking at the moment. Maybe you could tell me a little more about it. I didn´t find any right thumb story above…


    • Jena Griffiths Post authorReply

      Hi Juan

      Thoughts are how we create the future but thinking is also what we do to avoid feeling. The cut brings to your attention that you are focusing too much on the opposite of what you want. And this takes you into an endless loop of recreating what you don’t want. The way out of the loop is to tune into whatever feelings you are attempting to avoid. Then keep breathing deep into your belly while feeling these feelings without any stories. Here’s a book on this: Michael Brown: the Presence Process.

      Good luck!

  181. Anne Reply

    My son took a bet with a friend that he wouldn’t be able to hold ice in his hand for 20 seconds. He did hold it, didn’t get the money, but ended up with an ice burn on his right hand. Bottom digit of his right thumb, index finger middle section, over the crease at the top of the middle finger between section 1 and 2, finger pad on ring finger and generally on his pinkie. He’s only 10… sounds like he should be feeling a complete failure, feeling helpless and powerless, difficulty in speaking out for himself … anything else that I can help him with?

  182. Louise Reply

    Hi Jena, a few days ago, the skin on fingerprint of my right ring finger started to blister and peel for no physical reason. It’s not sore, but the skin is wrinkled now and more sensitive than my other fingers, which are all unaffected.
    I’d be really interested to hear your interpretation, or if you’ve come across anything like this before!

    • Jena Griffiths Post authorReply

      Hi Louise, are you currently hiding your light under a bushel? Or not getting out there as much as you should? Perhaps your finger is trying to tell you this is no good for you. Read the list of options for right Apollo finger. look at both Apollos.

      To explain more what I mean, let me give you an example regarding another finger. A few weeks ago a friend of mine’s partner was having trouble with his right middle finger. It was getting whiter and whiter and he couldn’t move it properly anymore. He eventually went to the Dr and tests were done but they couldn’t find anything wrong with the finger even though it was really bothering him. Then I asked him about issues related to feeling undervalued at work. (Right Saturn finger issues). He is a big, no nonsense kind of guy. He laughed and said, “Bingo!” Turns out he was getting mobbed at work by some of his colleagues. Bringing this to his attention, helped him understand that the issues are inside us first and then we see them reflected out there by the way others behave or relate to us. As soon as he became aware of this and started doing something about the mobbing by reaching out and getting help in a positive and affirming manner, his finger suddenly got better.

      Look at the checklist on right Apollo and see if you can relate these themes to anything going on in your life right now.

  183. Claire Reply

    Midday yesterday the fingernail on my left pointer finger started to snag. I decided to bite at it, an uncharacteristic habit for me, and ended up peeling it back to the quick. It hurt and annoyed me! Later in the afternoon I was snipping flowers from my garden for a bouquet. I was trying to snip a stem that was giving some resistance, so I pressed my scissors extremely hard and cut clear into that same finger. I snipped it just below the nail and above the knuckle, leaving a nasty triangular flap

    • Jena Griffiths Post authorReply

      Claire this finger is about boundary issues (is someone overstepping your boundaries? or are you overstepping someone else’s boundaries?)
      it’s also about living your passions.

  184. Laura Dannemann Reply

    I would first like to say, Jena, I love your blog. I would also like to offer another possible interpretation of injuries to the thumbs. The thumb represents the ethers, that which is not yet in form, that which comes into form through our will. Right thumb refers more to our perceived responsibilities to others, to the community or to our work, and our commitment to those ideals. Left thumb refers more to our perceived responsibilities to ourselves as individuals alone seeking soul expansion / self expression and not necessarily to the self that is a part of the community. A restrictive and painful scar on the left thumb, therefore, may reflect a lack of personal “push” or commitment to do what (we already know) is needed to achieve our inner most dreams. A painful and inflamed joint on the right thumb might reflect our over exerting our will, whether in contrast to our intuition or in trying to control the outcome. Thumbs as such may also reflect our willingness to do what needs to be done as well as our our neglecting to do it in spite of knowing what to do. With injuries to our thumbs we are either grasping the reins too tightly or we are not grasping them tightly enough to direct our energies to the desire outcome. (Yes, these are both personal relevations. LOL)

  185. DeAnna Reply

    I’ve had dermatitis in my right index and pinky finger and my left ring finger for six months, I’ve never had it on my hands before and it hasn’t spread anywhere else. Whenever I am alone for extended periods of time, my hands itch and throb so badly I can’t concentrate and sometimes I scratch it to the point to where the skin breaks, causing my fingers to bleed. I give it time to heal but when the scabs grow I can’t help picking at it to which it becomes an endless cycle. I’ve gone to a dermatologist and I use prescribed creams but it hasn’t been helping at all. I’m glad I found this page. I will be paying more attention to how I’m handling things in my life.

  186. Diane Soriano Reply

    Last Sunday I closed the car door on my hand, I severed my left ring finger. I was amputated a bit to be able to stitch up skin.

    Fear of criticism, etc. does describe me, but why now, why so severe? what to do now?

  187. Genevieve Reply

    This week I have injured the top side of the knuckles on my right ring finger.. but I also had an injury where I injured the bottom of my right ring finger (an avulsion up the middle, near the top). Most bodily injuries are on my right side. What does this all mean?

    • Jena Griffiths Post authorReply

      Genevieve, the right hand refers to the part of you that’s out in the world, taking action. The right ring finger is about visibility. Perhaps the cut is telling you to stop hiding.

  188. anil Reply

    if you have a cut/slash by your knuckles ontop your left hand by your index finger…what does it mean?

    • Jena Griffiths Post authorReply

      I’m not sure about wounds on the knuckles Anil but left index finger in general is about Zeus themes: standing your ground, living your passions. It could also be power related, but being on the left hand possibly in your family rather than at work or in the world..

  189. Karolina Reply

    Hi, I cut my ring finger quite deeply while chopping carrots and making dinner for my mother. I cut off a bit of my finger tip. What could this mean?

    • Jena Griffiths Post authorReply

      Hi Karolina, was it on your right or left hand? Check the chart above for Apollo fingers. Perhaps you were feeling invisible or worrying to much about what others think. The main thing is you were lost in thought and therefore not fully present. The finger location gives you the precise issue that is keeping you a prisoner of your own mind. Identify what we were thinking at the time the cut took place. What feeling state did that thought take you to? Can you be with that feeling without the thought, until it shifts?

  190. Isabel Graham Reply

    Hi, I just cut the tip of my right thumb and it has been glued back on, but it looks like it is bleeding and infected my friend said to look into the spiritual message behind it so I am doing some research.
    I have recently lost my husband (end of September last year) and going through many different things at the moment.
    Thanks Isabel

    • Jena Griffiths Post authorReply

      Hi Isabel, the right thumb is related to your thoughts perhaps even fears about success and manifesting in the world.
      Try to stay with the feelings behind the thoughts you were running at the time of the cut (perhaps regarding consequences of loss of your husband?). It is crucial to let go of the narrative. A feeling can’t last more than 90 seconds if you are willing to stay with it and feel it. But if you push it away with thoughts you get stuck in a loop which can keep you in a self-draining feeling state forever. Every hour, write down what you are thinking. Do this for a few days until you see what thoughts you need to let of of. The only way to let go of these thoughts is through feeling whatever you are avoiding feeling. This then frees your energy for you to manifest on a different level. Good Luck! Here’s and article I wrote a few days ago – my personal wrestle with this last year:

  191. Erin M Reply

    Hi Jena,
    I cut my right middle finger twice today, a big paper cut and another big deep scratch on the knob of a cabinet ( the bolt sticking out the back). It’s also the onky finger where I’ve been tearing at the cuticle. I found your site because I looked this up, it’s so insightful! So interesting to read others’ experiences. I’ve been stressed about how to aoend money in my business, the best path for growth- and also plagued by fear of losing orders that were supposed to be in place. I feel like I’m not that great at managing money and trying to learn and make good decisions. I want to support myself instead of being semi-dependent on my husband. I’m so close. But not quite there. Anyway thank you for reading this and for the work and care you put into the world.

    • Erin M Reply

      Oh and the paper cut is on the inside near the first knuckle, the other cut from the cabinet is on the other side, near the torn cuticle.

  192. Artur Reply

    isn’t Apollo finger responsible also for a partnership? When it’s tip is injured (right hand), what could it mean?

    • Jena Griffiths Post authorReply

      Artur, Apollo is about having or not having concern for what others think about you. If you are concerned what others think about your partnership then yes. Or if you are hiding due to your partnership or not living your creativity due to your partnership then yes.

  193. Sarah Reply

    Hi Jena,I cut my right thumb needing 9 stitches it’s on the inside /palm side and is just after the knuckle bend nearest the palm. I am in the middle of a reflexology course.I have found the course a challenge with work ,kids etc.I considered pulling out at Christmas because I was finding it a hardship. Since then I have been committed working on my case studies.but the next month is important work wise and with my thumb laid up I’m not sure how to proceed.I want my thumb to heal and not put it under pressure by working on feet but I’m wondering if I’m trying to sabotage my course because it’s been hard on me with everything else I have to do. When I think about giving it up or deferring till next year it does relax something in me .many thanks for any feedback v Sarah

    • Jena Griffiths Post authorReply

      Hi Sarah, the inside of the thumb is divided into 3 zones: throat, third eye and crown. It sounds like you cut your right thumb in the middle (you say just below the knuckle) which is the 3rd eye zone or you may have also cut into the throat zone which is where the thumb joins the hand.

      Also you say you relax at the thought of taking a break from the course. The cut seems to indicate that you were pushing ahead, not listening to your own insight
      and probably not speaking up about it too. Take a moment to tune in and listen to what your body and inner knowing is telling you. For example, Imagine you are a flower. Now visualize, what happens to the flower when you continue to do the course? Then imagine what happens to the flower when you don’t do the course.. If you need outside insight on this, find a kineseologist who can muscle test.
      Here’s one who can help:

  194. Channy Reply

    I just cut a decent size chunk clean off the tip of my left index finger. On the right side of that finger more on the top and side. I’m reading what it means and it’s what Ive been feeling and fearing to feel those emotions. (In therapy for trauma) What could this mean for me?

    • Jena Griffiths Post authorReply

      Channy, you know what this is about. But things so up in the hands when it’s time to let go of the painful story about what happened because the story is what keeps us trapped. Can you ask your therapist to help you sit with the feelings whatever they are with no narrative/thoughts and just allow whatever feelings arise to just be. Make friends with these feelings. Sit with them and they will eventually dissolve. There’s a 90 second rule: feelings can’t last longer than 90 seconds unless you are feeding them with a thought or story..

      This is a process. Good luck!

  195. Terence Reply

    Hi there. I wonder if anyone has some insight for me. On Monday I gashed open the top of my right ring finger. Nothing too serious, but this morning I cut the same finger so badly that I had to get 4x stiches and after x-rays it turns out thatt i fractured it aswell. I would love to hear any input or feedback. Thank you.

    • Jena Griffiths Post authorReply

      Terence, right Jupiter is about reclaiming your power. Perhaps also issues related to feeling you can’t. Some examples to ponder: standing by the actions you take, exercising independence of action, having confidence in your abilities, not apologizing for who you are…

  196. Maureen Reply

    Within a day of each other, I have got a paper cut on the webbing between my thumb and index finger on both hands. What gives?

    • Jena Griffiths Post authorReply

      I’m not sure Maureen. Do you mean on the edge of the palm between the thumb and index? If so this is probably the Mars zone which is about having courage (Mars was god of war..)

  197. Anne Reply

    Hi Jena, Thanks so very much for all you have been doing, answering all these questions, with such clarity and depth, for years! I am 66 years old, still working. I mainly do filing. Over the past couple of weeks, I have had so many paper cuts, on both hands. I finally went to the internet for some guidance and found you. This information is so interesting and entirely accurate! I am deeply intrigued. Last week I got another cut, from the edge of a binder, on my right Jupiter finger. It is smack dab in in crease of the joint closest to the finger tip, at the far right side of the crease. It has taken days to heal and has been quite painful and even a bit swollen. It IS getting better, however slowly. I have tried to imagine what this might relate to re powerlessness and/or overwhelm, yet things were stable in those areas of my life last week. Any guidance would be so appreciated! Thank you.

    • Jena Griffiths Post authorReply

      Hi Anne, perhaps you are holding some limiting belief related to “I can’t….”?

      The wound (right Jupiter) is bringing this to your attention. Specifically, the feeling state you are taking yourself to over a right Jupiter issue.
      Try this experiment: set your timer to ring every hour. Then when it rings notice what you are thinking at the time. Over a few days, what is the dominant thought. See if you can scan your body and sense into what feeling state it takes you to, or what feeling state are you avoiding or attempting to avoid by thinking…Then sit with the feeling without the thoughts you took you there. This can only last 90 seconds and then it dissolves unless you reignite the feeling with more thoughts..

  198. B. Carter Reply

    I cut both the tips of my Saturn on each hand, in the same place, a day apart. April 1st and 2nd. This is so interesting to read because I’m literally going through a lot with the things outlined in this article right now.

  199. Georgia Reply

    Hi Jena,
    Occasionally I get a shooting pain through my left ring (Apollo) finger which focuses around the top bone joint (about a centimeter below the nail bed). I have a scar there from when I was 18 when I was cutting and apple and the penknife slipped. I was wondering what the cause might be.

    • Jena Griffiths Post authorReply

      Georgia, this will probably be something to do with worrying about what others think. The injury helps you bring to consciousenss a feeling state you are taking yourself to with your thoughts. Scan your body and try to identify the feeling behind the thoughts. Then sit with the feeling without the thoughts you took you there. This can only last 90 seconds and then it dissolves unless you reignite the feeling with more thoughts..

      • Georgia Reply

        Thank you for your help Jena, your answer really resonated with me, and your advice is helping me grow in the ways that I’ve needed. Thank you dearly

  200. Kingsely Reply

    Hi Jena,
    I just discovered a very little cut on my left middle finger while I was praying. Please I need to know what it means. Thanks.

    • Jena Griffiths Post authorReply

      Kingsely, keep your integrity to yourself and don’t over promise. You are probably overthinking something related to integrity or feeling guilty or self worth.

  201. reece Reply

    hi, i noticed that many people have random scars on their finger joints, do these have meanings?

  202. Glenn Reply

    Hi Jena,

    I got into reading your article as I accidentally cut the tip of my left ring finger. I was surprised of how deep the cut was, and I thought this could not have bern just a simple accident. Please let me know what this means. Your article states that it is an indication of paralyzing fear of rejection?

    • Jena Griffiths Post authorReply


      This finger is about worrying what others think/worst case: being humiliated in public while others laugh vs daring to convert the skeptics/be different. So it would be interesting to know what thoughts you were busy torturing yourself with at the time of the cut.

      Good luck with the healing,

  203. Kamry Vance Reply

    So I stumbled across this site trying to find some answers on this subject! About a month ago, I cut my left thumb (about 2 inches under my fingernail) in the exact same place several times! It happened so often and the last cut hurt so bad that I began to think, “could this be a sign?” It’s very strange to me.

    • Jena Griffiths Post authorReply

      Kamry, yes this is the great mystery about hands. They seem to communicate where we are trapped in thought. In your case something related to family or community. Can you let go of some limiting belief you are holding related somehow to whatever is going on? perhaps the cut is is a sign from your subconscious mind to simply be present to whatever is arising on that front?

  204. blackindeya Reply

    A week ago I cut my thumb and index finger on my left hand at the top with an axe and then this morning I stabbed my left palm with a knife dead in the centre on a slant. A / on the other way around with the top facing the index finger and the bottom of the line facing the lower right hand side of my palm. Its quiet deep. I obviously didnt take notice of the first sign I was given so have now stabbed myself! Ideas?

    • Jena Griffiths Post authorReply

      Blackindeya, this seems to be about family and issues of power or powerlessness. The second stab area is the region to do with your core self. The deep, wild intuitive side that your conscious will can’t reach. Does that help you connect the dots?

  205. Iwonder Reply

    I was a victim in a crime in which I lost most of my pinky finger on my right side. What could that mean?

    • Jena Griffiths Post authorReply

      Something to do with not speaking up for yourself perhaps, or some other communication issue. Does this make sense to you?

  206. Hadescupid Reply

    I have a bruise that showed up in the center of my palm. No idea where it came from. Could it have a hidden meaning?

  207. Shiva Reply

    forever grateful. are you ever releasing hands, toes feet or any other? willing to pay. just burnt my left wrist with hot vapour & this article helded me understand, with some other esoteric searches on body locations & its injuries, where this one on this wrist is coming from. Gratitude. Love Light

  208. Twobears Reply

    Hi Jena
    Well, where do I start?
    Me – had recent hand surgery for Vikings Disease. Surgeon did a V shaped slice from the base of my Middle Finger to the center of my palm along my life line, then straight up past the second joint of my Little Finger. But that’s not the issue because all that was healing perfectly.
    After waking up from the anesthetic I did experience some major life changes ie; I have, just separated from my 3rd wife of 12 years, stopped smoking after 50 years of mostly doing it as much as I could, etc, but these events were to be expected!
    However, while opening a can of spaghetti tonight, I badly sliced the top side of my left little finger, the recently healed one, ouch!!!.
    Something tells me (probably Louise Hay nagging me to change again!) I’m missing something big-time about communication and relationships. But that’s ok, too. At least I’m looking at it.
    We all grow through the experience, but the trick is knowing when it is no longer healthy for either to be there.
    And handling it all with integrity and kindness.

    Got to learn this lesson before I wreck the rest of my hand.
    Love and blessings
    Twobears xx
    (New Zealand)

    • Jena Griffiths Post authorReply

      Twobears left pinkie is about communication and relationships but also about listening to your inner guidance. So maybe you sliced off the top of your finger because you weren’t listening…compassion for yourself, compassion for the other, letting go of all grievances…

  209. Stacy Reply

    Hi Jena,

    I am grateful for you and your work as it has been extremely supportive to me today. Today is the second time that I have injured my right middle finger. Both times were at the gym where I dropped something on it. The first time was a fracture, this time was only stitches.

    I read your interpretation and can see why this happened. I have been working A LOT recently with transforming familial conditioning around money/my value (especially from father) and how that has impacted my relationship to money/failed attempts to financially thrive doing work that I love. Given that this pattern is conscious to me and I am working on it, I don’t understand why I had to experience this injury as well. Do you have any insights on that? Also, the injury was at the top of the finger and would appreciate your insight on what that means. Thank you in advance for your time and consideration!

    • Jena Griffiths Post authorReply

      Stacy, I think the hands bring to attention limiting thoughts that aren’t serving us anymore. Problem is, what you focus on expands/ becomes more. Perhaps you have focused enough on this and are now ready to let it go.
      How? Identify the feeling state that this thought takes you to. For example, Sadness or shame or fear or anger…?
      Then sit with that feeling without the story of why or how. Without any story or justification. When you don’t fuel the feeling state with thought the feeling dissolves within 90 seconds. So perhaps your hands are indicating you are ready for this next step. Good luck!

  210. Ven Reply

    Incredibly accurate. I had a tiny splinter on my left thumb this morning.

  211. Jodi Reply

    Hi Jena,

    I love your work, it’s so beautifully written. Thank you. Would you please interpret a lump that ‘just appeared’ several months ago now on the left side of the left middle finger in the middle phalanx zone? I need a bit more clarity so I can get to work on it. Thank you so much, Jodi

    • Jena Griffiths Post authorReply

      Hi Jodi, thanks for your feedback!
      Left middle Finger (Saturn mythological archetype) is about self work and integrity (keeping your promises, particularly to yourself)
      Middle zone is about the material plane – on Saturn finger: money etc.

  212. Thabitha Motau Reply

    Hi Jena

    I just came across this site, please can you help interpret the scars I have on my hands. On Monday I was holding a stick and then got tiny tiny thorns into my right palm and it was hurting until Wednesday. I now have bubbles in my palm where there thorns a buried just below 4 of my fingers excluding the thumb.I managed to get some out however I didn’t get all of them out. Today, I burned myself on my arm, outside of my arm. I seem to be hurting my right arm, what does that mean.

    My left ring finger also has bubbles from the thorn stick

    • Jena Griffiths Post authorReply

      Thabitha, hard to say as I can’t see the exact location. Left ring finger is about concern of what others think. Right hand generally is about out in the world. at work etc. Fingers are about your thinking.. too much thinking..

  213. Arati Reply

    Callus (hard skin) on my left thumb in the joint area of first and second phalange..
    What could this really mean?? Please inform

    • Jena Griffiths Post authorReply

      Arati, left thumb is related to family issues.
      first joint area is throat chakra (speaking up)
      and middle phalange is 3rd eye (discernment, clarity, deciding…)

  214. Arati Reply

    Thank you so much…great help!!! All my Gratitude to you for the analysis and prompt reply..

  215. Barbara Reply

    How about the spot on top of my right hand, near my wrist/bottom of my thumb, in between my thumb and pointer finger? I’ve burnt the same spot twice within in a year of each other and then hit it pretty badly on the corner of a counter the other day.

    • Jena Griffiths Post authorReply

      Barbara, underneath the thumb, towards the wrist, this area is about self nurturing or perhaps lack thereof or a need to nurture yourself more. It’s called “missing mother’s milk”

  216. Andrea Reply

    What does it mean when the area between the thumb and pointer finger is sure dry, right hand. It won’t heal all the way

    • Jena Griffiths Post authorReply

      This area is about the outer world rather than the inner world or core self. Possibly it means you are focusing too much on work and success in the outer world at the expense of your core self?

  217. Sarah Petty Reply

    Hi Jena—
    I appreciate your work here, and am inspired by your answers to people’s questions. I am looking for the chart you used to have on this page. Is there a place I can order one? Is it available as a download I can pay foe? I used to send people here to view the chart to understand their Law of Attraction events affecting fingers.

    • Jena Griffiths Post authorReply

      Hi Sarah

      Thanks for bringing it to my attention that the image was not showing.
      I recently switched my website from http tp https and now not all images show as they are still listed as http.
      I will fix each image as each case is brought to my attention.
      If you notice any more missing images please write a comment on the page I need to fix, as you have done here.
      This will help a lot. Thanks so much!

  218. Toni Reply

    Thank you Jena for bringing such detailed and excellent work to the public forum! Had a disturbing dream last nite where I had a very painful enlarged middle right finger. A very rare sort of dream for me. After searching dream interpretation clues on google the two that made the most sense was one on yoga mudra finger meditation positions and your works.

    And sure enough it makes puurrrfect sense! I am responsible for a family matter where am dealing with a lot of members with continued stress, pain and trauma in their lives. Even in recent read sessions the clients too are totally focused on their perceived outside causes to the pain in their lives.

    Your work is filled with displaying such organized detailed solutions that can brought to clients in an interesting and refreshing way.

    Can and will apply it also too with clients as well as to my own personal standards with family and extended family exchanges.

  219. Ron Reply

    Hello, I have been looking for this type of information. I bruised my right pinky near the base while splitting wood with axe. Been trying to decipher. Please advise and very grateful for your wisdom.

    • Jena Griffiths Post authorReply

      Ron, this region is to do with body/sexual communication. Perhaps you are thinking thoughts that don’t serve you in this arena?

  220. Brigit Reply

    Hi, I was trying to find out about the common scar ladies have from washing dishes and a glass breaks. It is usually at the base of the thumb of the dominant hand and is the traditional single line with 4-5 cross lines from the stitching.
    I have one and it is directly above another old scar I have from cutting myself with a Stanley blade in my youth.
    I am sure there is some meaning attached to this.

    Hoping you will be able to reply as I don’t belong to any group or forum of your website. I live in South Africa.

    Sending warm wishes ~Brigit~

    • Jena Griffiths Post authorReply

      Hi Brigit

      It depends on the exact location.

      Just below the thumb, it might be related to your larger community or “second circle”.

      On the first section (base) of thumb – this is the throat region = therefore about speak up.

      Warm wishes and greetings to South Africa

  221. Sharifah Reply

    I have been with a plan of quiting my abroad job and travel back to my homeland country, recently i cut my left hand index finger on tip, after that ,my bosses asked me again if really i want to leave ,am still thinking about it because for they dont want me leave the job. Was the cutting of finger a reminder that i change my plan and stay, so that i be in hamony with my bosses though i really want to leave?

    • Jena Griffiths Post authorReply

      Sharifah, Yes! The left index is about inner power, knowing what you want, living your passions, boundaries. I think you need to deeply reflect on why you are considering staying? Is it because of how you felt safer in the past?
      If you are feeling a calling to go home perhaps you need o honor this this inner calling and observe the external pressure (a mild sense of danger for not complying) without responding to it.

  222. Arati Reply

    Left middle finger swollen and painful…

    Also both index fingers turned towards the middle finger at the upper area
    Please do tell me the significance

    • Jena Griffiths Post authorReply

      Arati, left middle is about self worth, integrity (particularly to yourself) and a sense of guilt when you feel you are out of integrity. The upper sections of the index fingers twisting towards the middle finger is related to power issues. If you have a lot of water in your hand or makeup this could express like the Red Queen character in Alice in Wonderland Who said “off with their heads”, demanding a beheading of people over petty issues. In other words, overplaying your power on a whim.

  223. Arati Reply

    Thank You so much…. It helps me a lot to resolve my inner conflicts…
    God Bless You.

  224. livehappy25 Reply

    OMG this is insanely accurate?! I was holding onto my portable table and I wanted to open it and the able accidentally snapped my left hand, palm area at the pinkie GOSH! When I was holding the table I was thinking about my bf behavior due to some evidence I saw and I kinda trying to make sense out of it. INSANE! And when I checked, it is due to some intimacy issues. (Mercury) and right now me and my bf isn’t in talking terms! OMG mind-blowing! What does this means??? What’s happening to the relationship? To just let go??

    • Jena Griffiths Post authorReply

      Livehappy25, no not necessarily. It means you are dropping your energy over that issue. To get back up again, Stay with the feelings arising with no thought, no judgement, until they shift.

  225. Kerry W Reply

    Thank you for sharing your knowledge about this. It is fascinating. I have been attempting to meet someone through online dating and it’s quite stressful to me as I feel like my personality doesn’t really come across the way that it does in person. So I burned my left ring (Apollo) finger on the middle knuckle. Paralyzing fear of rejection is right on! I am wondering if the position being in the center knuckle provides additional information?

  226. Joanne D Reply

    I am curious if there might be a meaning, or an important message that the universe, my guides, angels, God, etc. may be sending me. I recently punctured my left palm with a knife while making lunch. It was on the heart line below the pinkie on my left palm. This was shortly after receiving news that I did not get a job. I assume they were sending me a saving grace message, thank my lucky stars that I did not get the job (although I really wanted the job, it was a good fit and close to home). Just thought I would see if you have any thoughts on possible meaning. Thank you and have an amazing 2020 and new decade.

  227. Chelsa Reply

    I was cutting a hotdog and accidentally cut the tip of my left middle finger and it bled a lot. I was not sure what is it about and all I was thinking is making sure I don’t burn the hotdogs! I was curious about my cut and stumbled on your site and i learned something new! Thank you!

    • Jena Griffiths Post authorReply

      Chelsa, left middle finger is about integrity, self worth, guilt, building self worth by keeping your promises to yourself … you might be stepping out of being fully present, with your mind on these issues behind the hotdogs…

  228. Linda B Reply

    Within the last two days I have injured the top of my left hand just below the pinkie knuckle, my thumb on the top by the knuckle and at the base of the thumb. All three of these bled profusely. I didn’t cut the flesh but hit my hand causing the skin to open (In all three places). I am in the middle of a stressful situation regarding the sale of my home. Any thoughts? Thank you.

    • Jena Griffiths Post authorReply

      Linda, the left hand is related to family or your inner world. The lower zone of the pinkie is about physical communication or sex. the middle thumb is related to discernment /your third eye, the part of the thumb where it connects o the palm is your throat /speaking your truth). I’m not sure of the back of the hand is different to the inside. I have given you the meanings for the inside.
      Does this resonate?

  229. Fred Reply

    So what does it mean when I get cuts on all my fingers. Could it be because I’m a mechanic and actually work???

  230. Adam Reply


    I have noticed Jupiter finger right hand my knuckle has become coarse and dry also like a scratch there and the shade looks a bit darker than my white hand.

    • Jena Griffiths Post authorReply

      Adam normally we focus on the other side of the hand. That being said, knuckles are all about attention to detail. And middle zone is about the material plane, specifically material display of abundance. Perhaps, given the current world circumstances, with coronavirus lockdown worldwide, it could be your hands are trying to say: think less about the future and be here now with the people around you. Reach out! Good luck! Stay well, Jena

  231. Alexa Reply

    Hey Jena!

    I currently have 4 little cuts on my LEFT hand.

    2 are on my ring finger, between the middle of my finger and nail bed.
    1 is on my middle finger, between the middle of my finger and nail bed.
    1 is on my index finger, between my knuckle and the middle of my finger.

    Please help!!! LOL.

    • Jena Griffiths Post authorReply

      2 on ring finger are about niche issues and finding your “swan group” rather than attempting to fit in with ducks.
      1 on middle finger is about value/ money
      1 on index is about material status eg house, yacht etc..

      good luck!

  232. Jas Reply

    Hey Jena!
    I was using a knife and it gave a deep cut on my left hand but it is only a bit over half a centimetre. It is on my left palm under the left pinky but right in the middle of my palm (so it is in between the top of my palm where the pinky connects and the bottom of my palm). It is also on a bit of a slant, the same as the “\” symbol.

    • Jena Griffiths Post authorReply

      Jas, is this under the Pinkie between the heart line and headline? If so this is the Pluto region relating to radical transformation, ideas ahead of their time…

      • Jas Reply

        It isn’t really between the heart line and headline but is at the very end of the headline.

  233. Joe Hayes Reply

    Hi, I’m interested to find out what the two cuts on the top of each index (Jupiter) finger mean. I cut the right index finger first, at the top, on the back of my hand, whilst washing up with a sharp knife. The next night, I did exactly the same on the left index finger, in the exact same place, with a different knife, this time a serrated steak knife, whilst washing up. What do you think this could mean?

    • Jena Griffiths Post authorReply

      hi Joe, Jupiter finger is related to Jupiter issues (power, leadership, vision, seeing the bigger picture on right hand and inner power, passions, boundary violations of left.) I’m not sure why on back but it will be an issue related to Jupiter / Zeus mythology.
      Maybe read more broadly on Jupiter themes in Gods in Everyman by Jean Shinoda Bolen (Though Jupiter was masculine the issues(mythological themes apply to all of us)

  234. Lorraine Reply

    Heyy…this is one wonderful website you’ve got..kudos!
    I’ve got this vertical cut on my line of my right thumb very close to a mole on the same thumb, 5secs later I got another horizontal cut on the same thumb close to the previous cut forming a letter L.
    Please what does it mean.

    • Jena Griffiths Post authorReply

      Hi Lorraine, The right thumb is about success, manifesting something.
      I’ll leave The L to your imagination 😉
      “All you need is Love” to manifest anything substantial?

  235. Ajda Reply

    Hey! Recently I closed my left pinkie finger between car door and damaged my nail bed and broke a bone underneath. What does it mean and which parts in my life should I be more conscious about? Thank you!

    • Jena Griffiths Post authorReply

      Ajda, left pinkie is about under or over-surrender to your intimate partner or the Divine/ a higher connection/ deeper knowing.

  236. Devon Reply

    I pierced my left thumb by accident today and then almost sliced it open from a knife in the dishwasher hours later! I am feeling disconnected from family and society but it’s quarantine and have gotten used to isolation.. my mother gets under my skin so easily even though she means well. Her energy just always opposes mine. I find it hard to connect and find our relationship draining. We have a complicated past and i just want space but these signs made me feel as though we should connect..

    • Jena Griffiths Post authorReply

      Devon is your mother living with you? You can’t actually be drained by another even if it feels like that. You feel drained when you contract or feel you need to contract your energy to match her contracted state. You have a choice here whether you realize it or not.
      You can instead notice what it feels like that she is contracted and sit with that feeling without judgement, attempt to be present to the feeling that arises, without pushing it away/withdrawing your energy. You might find you free up an enormous amount of energy in so doing.

  237. Laura Reply

    Hello, I’ve came across this site as I was looking for any clues to my injury. I’ve sort of stabbed my left palm right in the middle a bit towards the lower part of the palm. As far as I’ve discovered it has to do something with material issues and a I’ve been criticised by a few people lately that I’ve got low self-worth and that I should put a higher price for my work (I’m doing crafts, weaving). I would really appreciate any comments on this situation. So, left hand palm, middle, a little bit towards the lower part of the palm. Also it is right in the middle of a triangle which is formed by head and life line.

    • Jena Griffiths Post authorReply

      Hi Laura

      Left palm is your inner world. Not sure how the headline and life line form a triangle. What forms the 3rd side of the triangle? The career (Saturn/fate) line running under middle finger? If so a cut in this region would be a bit like a star there which is called “star of tears” thought to indicate the danger of identifying with sadness. So perhaps the cut there is a reminder to pay attention to your thoughts. Your inner being is bringing to your attention that a thought seed is being embedded and watered in your mind. “I undercharge because I have low self worth” Is that really true? How does the thought make you feel?

      Perhaps try Byron Katie’s 4 questions and turn around:
      The four questions:
      1. Is it true? (Yes or no. If no, move to question 3.)
      2. Can you absolutely know that it’s true? (Yes or no.)
      3. How do you react, what happens, when you believe that thought? 4. Who or what would you be without the thought?
      The turnaround:
      e.g. I don’t undercharge
      I don’t have poor self worth
      I deeply know and value my worth …. etc

  238. Adriana Reply

    Hi, I keep getting cut on my right palm area. Under the pinky area, by mercury mount area. One cut is touching the heart line & the other cut is below the heart line. Why does it happen in the same area all the time? Thank you!

    • Jena Griffiths Post authorReply

      Hi Adriana this area is related to your intimate relationship. So the cut would probably be an attempt to bring to your conscious attention be bringing that you are thinking too much or too negatively related to this part of your life.
      Focus instead on being fully present to whatever is arising..

  239. Nonsi Reply

    Hi Jena a mirror almost fell on my 2yr old daughter but I caught it and it cut me on the bottom of my left thumb between my point finger and the thumb but more to the thumb.I have two stitches and at the moment my marriage is going through a tough time.Can this mean the worst?

    • Jena Griffiths Post authorReply

      Hi Nonsi, thanks for asking this question as it brings up some important points about how hands can help that I would like to explain.

      As you have probably read left thumb is related to family issues as you write about your marriage and ask “Can this mean the worst?”

      A cut or marker in your hand DOES NOT predict anything. It brings to your attention what you are currently focusing on in a way that currently doesn’t serve your best interests. In other words, if you were to continue on this line of thinking then yes, what we focus on we feed and bring to life. The cut, in your case a rather severe cut, reminds you to pay attention to what you are unwittingly creating. In other words, its giving you a chance to course correct. Time to self reflect. Do inner listening. Instead of believing your thoughts and feeding them, how do they make you feel? Where is this is your body? Can you sit with feelings and digest them, perhaps with the help of friends, rather than push them away? What feels like the next step for you? Some examples: Communicate openly with your partner. Be vulnerable and transparent. Stand your ground, speak your truth or whatever it is that brings you back into alignment with your true self… practice gratitude for your daughter and whoever/whatever is currently in your life… this last step can be the first step each time you see your wound take it as a gentle reminder and write down 3 small things to feel grateful for even if you don’t yet know why- Gratitude genuinely felt helps you turn the ship around totally… good luck!

  240. Donna Z Reply

    Hello Jena.. I serendipitously came across your blog when I was looking up what the name of the line around the right thumb base is. I found out it is the “family line”. This pm while doing dishes I dropped a wet glass that shattered as I tried to catch it, creating a slice about one inch long, but not too deep, exactly along this line at my thumb. It looks as if a surgeon carefully followed the line.. lol. I quickly stopped the bleeding and curiousity led me to leave a reply. Your ability to bring attention to a matter for consideration is welcome. Thanks for your blog and insights.

  241. Jessica Reply

    Hi Jena,
    Thank you so much for this article! I got a big cut on my right thumb. (Inside top part) and the next day I got another 5 cuts. On my right and left pointer and middle fingers (all cuts closer to the top part)
    I am in the middle of deciding if I should look for a better paying job although I love the flexibility that my current one offers but my partner feels I should get a new one. I know those cuts are related but can’t figure out how. Are those cuts telling me to look inside or outside? Strangely enough I also got a cut on my lower right leg. And I hardly cut myself. What am I not seeing?

    • Jena Griffiths Post authorReply

      Hi Jessica

      It seems you need to be listening to yourself. Perhaps continue to feel appreciation for the flexibility of your current job and us the free time to focus on something else that really lights you up. Rather than follow your partner’s advice if he’s saying go for the cash… look at the meaning of the specific finger’s cut.

    • Jena Griffiths Post authorReply

      HiJessica, it would be interesting to know how this cut helped bring your attention to overthinking or wrong thinking regarding wherever the specific location of the cut is. It seems from what you are saying related to family issues, but as I can’t see your hand, it’s not clear.

  242. Alan Reply

    Hi Jena,

    Thank you so much for answering everyone’s questions! Last Saturday, I injured my right hand (mostly below my little finger at the top of my palm), but also my right index at the tip and a bit on the tip of my right ring finger. Then today, I cut my right middle finger on the tip as well as the middle of my little finger on the right hand. I just noticed I also have a small cut at the base of my little finger on the left hand (almost mirror opposite region from the right hand injury). I feel like there is a warning or meaning here but not sure what. Any help you could provide or insight would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!

    • Jena Griffiths Post authorReply

      Hi Alan

      Okay let’s take the pluge: right pinkie = speaking up/communication, right index tip = vision/ your ideals feeling compromised?
      middle little finger right hand = negotiation or practical communication
      little finger base = sexual/intimacy communication

      does tha tall make sense to you?

  243. Erica Reply

    Hi Jena, it seems that I always have a cut on my left thumb, sometimes it’s a cut and sometimes it’s a burning type scrape. And this is all the time, there isn’t a day where I don’t have a scratch. Currently I have 2 cuts! What do I do?

    • Jena Griffiths Post authorReply

      Erica, what are you beating yourself up about related to family stuff or if not family then being the lone wolf?
      Presence this. Let go of the story. Sit with the feeling without the story and the feeling will dissolve.

  244. Jacek Kowalski Reply

    Hi. Could you write more about left thumb? Hummer crush my fingernail:/ I think in my prays I asked fit this. But problem is that I dont know what this means what the Universe want to tell me.
    Out of Sync and family ties are probably, but which one . True is that both but her family ties Us, and maybe this means communty.
    What means Out of Sync ?
    I think We are Out of Sync with my beloved woman. We’ve broke up and she’s in depression, we want to get back but there’s no possibility right now. Could you tell me us more about in this? Important thing is that my right index is cutted as hell….;)
    Could you tell me that my mind is to do nothing in this case is theoretically Great thing? I think to just build my personal strnght.

    • Jena Griffiths Post authorReply

      Jacek, the hand points to what you are thinking too much about.
      Perhaps sit with your beloved while being fully present. Or better find a way to bring in some movement such a walk in the park or dance.. These deep feelings are always not about now but an earlier time.
      Try to be present with no story and just stay with the feeling and it will shift. It can’t last unless it is reignited with thought.

  245. Jacek Kowalski Reply

    Thank you very much!!!:)))) this knowledge is huge value. Maybe the same a s my specialty – natal horoscope.
    Regards and much heath to you all

  246. Jacek Kowalski Reply

    I’m not talking not about our Love but about my connection with.Creator/God/Universe. From om about two months something started to drive me. Since my personality collapsed and I’ve understood what was wrong with me.
    Univers gives me impulses at my fingers and many times its good advice. Impulses is pain, sometimes it’s unusual or its electricity like this from ring but not the same.

    • Jena Griffiths Post authorReply

      Janek think of these “impulses” in your fingers as warning you of when you are thinking too much/too much in mind instead of feeling..

  247. Jacek Reply

    I’m getting this electric impulses on right index.
    Could you tell me what You know or think about “out of sync”. I’m sure Universe tells me this. This is only what mar be legit in this finger meaning.
    She’s deeply depressed and I’m on high vibrations and forever young. To you think this is the case? What may be deeper meaning. She don’t want to contact with me. From my experience (mostly personal from both sides) high vibrations scare, stress and paralyze people on low vibrations. Do you have done knowledge about this?

    • Jena Griffiths Post authorReply

      Jacek, interesting re electric impulses. Right index is about issues of power. Are you overplaying or under playing your power? Think of your ex as a mirror. What part of yourself do you not wish to see? Instead of judging yourself as higher or lower, try compassion and gratitude for whatever she, as divine spirit disguised, is mirroring back to you..

  248. Jamie Reply

    Hello Jena
    I was just getting out of the shower today when i noticed a small blood like blister on my left hand on my thumb. It is on the right side of my thumb on the outside more top side where the nail start to grow off of the thumb finger itself or at least right next to where it starts to grow off of the finger. The crazy thing is I did nothing to have gotten this kind of injury what so ever? I also notices later today that my throat began to hurt as well i developed a kancor like sore on the end of my tongue. I have also notice on the top of my right hand about an inch from where my pressure point would be a scar that resembles a wish bone or upside down Y shape but I have no idea where or when it became. I have recollection of any injury ever that would have caused it and I know it has not been there all my life. I am weighed heavily that something is going on or going to happen but have no idea what why or when. Please any advice or thoughts is greatly appreciated.
    THank you.

    • Jena Griffiths Post authorReply

      Jamie, re your sore throat, I would take vitamin C and eat lots of raw carrots.
      If I feel a cold coming on carrots always stops it, so try this first.

      Left thumb is about family and the upper thumb is about worrying.
      It would be good for you to do some breath work, to help you stop thinking (which is a creative act).
      For example, focus on feeling your breath in your nose. Breathe in 5, hold 6, breathe out through mouth 7 while relaxing your whole body.

      If this makes you more anxious then reduce the lengths. Play with lengths til you find a relaxing pace where you can focus on the air coming in through your nose and your whole body relaxing as you breathe out. Touch your heart and think of all the things you appreciate about your family. or just feel gratitude towards one member of your family or community. This will totally shift what you experience..

      Best wishes!

  249. Jacek Reply

    How to interprate 10 fingerprints locations? What about it ? It’s about life prints?

    • Jena Griffiths Post authorReply

      Yes Jacek, its the same principle. In the above post we use the behavioural archetypes related to each finger to interpret wounds. This is based on the LifePrints model developed by Richard Unger. Lifeprints uses these same behavioural archetypes for interpreting life purpose and life lesson based on pattern intensity across all 10 fingerprints and in the palm. Where the pattern is most intense, for example a whorl, indicates the life purpose theme, and where (which finger) the fingerprint pattern is less intense (for example a gentle arch) is where the life lesson is. You can purchase Richard’s book LifePrints on kindle or in paperback in many languages. You can also get a larger manuscript +500 pages as an ebook with 3 hrs of audio classes with Richard explaining the 4 stages of life purpose in the shop

  250. Saurya Reply

    have been using this for many years, thank you deeply is all I have to say 🙂

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  252. Manak Reply

    ive had 4 Inuries on my left side, i cut my index finger, cut my thumb, injured my ring finger which now has like a cut and hurt my knee, all on the left side.
    And all of it happened in 3 days.

    could there be anything spiritual meaning?

    • Jena Griffiths Post authorReply

      Hello Manak, There’s always a spiritual meaning.
      Left hand is related to your inner world in general rather than outer world.

      Left thumb is about family or community, left index about boundary violations or not knowing what you want, left ring finger is about being too concerned about what others think.

  253. Patricia Reply

    I smashed my right index finger and have been dealing with it growing out the new nail. It is at the stage of being released from the under skin and hanging on to the new nail growing underneath. Then I injured my right thumb twice…so both my right thumb and index are front and center with everything I do. I am right handed too.

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