Self Mastery at your Fingertips

dreamstime_xs_26293278Once in a lifetime
we simply have to say yes

to ourselves and our soul’s calling

Yes to the different drummer that we have been hearing all these years.
The ache to be who we came here to be, and also to connect with a like-minded people.

If this is you too, come join us in Findhorn for a week long adventure into the landscape and sacred places of your soul’s big dream for this lifetime.

The workshop will be co-focalised by Sue Miles and me, Jena Griffiths. Sue has lived at Findhorn for over 20 years and has been running Life Purpose workshops there for many years. I bring insight into the soul maps at your fingertips and how to use this blueprint energetically to unlock your right life.

We’ll be staying at Findhorn Foundation Cluny Hill, which is a beautiful castle-like building hidden away in the woods.
We have paced the workshop to include the rhythm of Findhorn, in a way that gives you time to connect with the spirit of the place, explore nature, the Findhorn community and, if you wish, even participate in some activities to meet residents and fellow travelers from all around the globe.

There is a three tiered pricing system so you decide what price feels right for you. It is generously priced, covering not only the workshop but also all meals, refreshments and accommodation for 7 nights.

At the end of the week you will go home with a deeper connection to yourself and others, a clear understanding of your soul’s agenda, plus a unique energy map to keep you on track.

Find out more or book on their website

If you are reading this at a later date, click here to book a private session with me online.

In the cloud

by Jena Griffiths

While the whole world may be in the cloud

it is good to find solid ground.

Where is it?

In your breath. Connected to your feet.

Heaven touches earth through you.

You are a beam of light.

On the ground, one shimmery circle of

safe ground, surrounded by clouds.

The clouds are your thoughts.

But they are not really yours.

Like your car, sure you paid for it, but did you invent it?

Your thoughts belong to the cloud.

Sure, you pay for them dearly. Stale dreams

from our ancestors. Shaken and stirred up

Served fresh with our own sinew and syntax.

Without them there is only sunshine.

Feedback from a participant:
“After 49 years of walking the planet, seeking everywhere, I have found my life purpose! Ta da! It is a gift, an awareness, and right on my hands. There is good and we are awakening and we can make a difference. I feel more hopeful and lovable.” J. C.

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  1. Lesley Hetherington Reply

    I’ve been dancing around not quite finding my life’s purpose for nearly 30 years. Only just heard about scientific hand analysis .. And this took me on an e-trail to this sight.

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    I am a regular member of this site, I always notice that your blog posts are so unique and well explained with deep information. Tnx for the splendid post.

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