Spain wins the first 30 day life purpose challenge

Image of Erica Landfors from Facebook
Image of Erica Landfors

The first 30 day life purpose challenge was won by Erica Landfors of Spain.

Erica was the only person brave enough to actually post a video of herself tapping on her life lesson. Well done Erica!

Estrella - the prima Donna
Estrella - the prima Donna

Erica wins time with me and she also gets to see “Estrilla” (above) her Prima Donna as the very first image in our Shadow and Light arena.

If you have whorls (or highest ranked fingerprints) on your right hand thumb, index and ring finger then living the Prima Donna, making a big splash in the spotlight, is part of your life purpose too.

You can view the video of Erica using emotional freedom technique on her life lesson here.

What’s your life lesson? This is a palm reading marker that shows up in your fingerprints. The least complex of your prints shows your karmic wound. What some people call your archilles’ heel, others your core fear.
I call it your master switch because its what controls your internal weather and therefore everything in your life.

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