Transformation at your fingertips

What if….
What if you are actually limitless?
What if you needed to step down your energy (by taking on an illusion of limitation) in order to play on this plane?
What if this limiting thought (false belief about yourself) could be clearly identified, mapped and even tracked?
Well then, you would have a key to rapid transformation, to being limitless again but also here/able to still play on this plane at the same time.
This is the real gift if fingerprint analysis. The trick is to actually see this and act on it.

A lot of people think one can read Life purpose from one’s fingerprints.
And while this is true in a broader sense – from the perspective of
“What would really light you up?” or make you feel deeply fulfilled?
Or “What really motivates me or someone else?” and also the opposite:
“What turns you off or de-motivates you?” Or worse than that, “What totally triggers you?”
“What is the stuff that really knocks all the wind out of your sails?”
Or trips you up over and over because you just can’t see it. Your blind spot or Achilles’ heel.
Surprisingly, this information is visible in your fingerprints.

But if you are looking for a more work-orientated answer to questions such as:
“What kind of job could I do that would make me feel totally fulfilled and at the same time pay me and help other people at the same time?”
That’s a different, and far more specific question.
Hand analysis including fingerprint analysis, can really help you answer career related questions but not always directly.
Fingerprints give you a unique energetic blueprint or map. Once you know how (and have the discipline and willingness to act on this information) to manage your emotional body, you can basically manifest anything you like.
It also helps to take your personality in to consideration (talents, strengths, weaknesses, inner conflicting strengths and so on.) You can think of this cluster of personalities as your inner team or inner crew. These team players are visible in your hands based on hand shape and other characteristics.
The whole thing is a beautiful dance. Your life’s dance. As as you shift energetically, more and more doors open or suddenly become visible to you that you hadn’t perhaps noticed before. Or you suddenly attract more players and partners that didn’t see you before because you were hiding in the shadows.
You can do this shift without having your hands analysed, by simply using gratitude.
Gratitude gradually shifts your energy until you are in a totally different space.
The faster route is self compassion – to see your own triggers (the on and off buttons: life purpose/life lesson in your fingerprints) so that you can shift faster and start living the life you were meant to live at long last. (The seed of passion planted in you as a steering compass.)
To understand the process more see my posts 1 and 2 titled “Think like a Diver
To learn how to analyse your own fingerprints yourself, download a free DIY Life purpose report (in the sidebar)
or take a one day Life Purpose Detection pro life purpose/ fingerprint analysis course
or (if you don’t want to invest any time learning how to do this) have your fingerprints professionally analysed by me.

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