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Here are your 2 free lectures by Richard Unger.
These are timeless classics from the genius behind modern hand analysis:

1. What the hands reveal
free hand analysis class
Part 1. 29 minutes 39 seconds

MP3 File

Part 2. 24 minutes, 39 seconds

MP3 File

2. Hand Gestures + Ring Psychology
how to read a palm using professional hand analysis
Part A

28 minutes, 38 seconds

MP3 File

Hand Gestures + Ring Psychology – part B

24 minutes, 49 seconds

MP3 File

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Who is Richard Unger?

Several decades ago Richard started using the term “hand analysis” to distinguish his system of understanding hands from other systems of thought such as palmistry, palm reading or chirology.
His system shows a simple way of interpreting lines based on how the energy running through the hand’s meridians pull on and influence lines, hand form and finger length.

Anyone who calls themselves a “hand analyst” was once a student of Richard’s or a student of one of his students.

Richard’s contribution to the field of hands is staggering. 30 years ago he cracked the code for fingerprints. But his contribution doesn’t end there. Richard also identified heart line types, gift markers, attack lines and more recently advanced hand shape career archetypes.

Unger is the author of LifePrints and founder of the International Institute of Hand Analysis. He has written a number of hand analysis training manuals and has spent over forty years analysing hands and over thirty years training other hand analysts.

The calls above explain basic thinking behind all Unger’s work including his most recent system of identifying career /hand shape archetypes.
(A class on this topic starts in February 2012 in Earth School).
Now you can learn about hands directly from Richard every Tuesday in Earth School. Join our weekly or monthly classes here.
If you have no prior hand analysis experience take Jena’s 12 week foundation classes as the first step.

What’s my purpose?

Here’s a free class by Jena Griffiths on how to calculate your life lesson from your fingerprints in 6 easy steps.
You can use the same technique to calculate life purpose or life lesson.

Here’s the reference document

Purchase a more recent series of classes on decoding purpose from fingerprints here.

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