Are you thinking of leaving this planet?

Many sensitive souls are thinking of leaving

this planet right now.

If this is you,  you need to know this is not

the best way out of this labyrinth.

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The way out is to see that you have a choice

to turn the lights on or off

and you are making this choice

every moment, with every breathe.


Your fingerprints show you how to turn

your own lights on. Or off.

What’s your trip switch? This is your core fear.

Or what Richard Unger calls your ‘life lesson’.

This is visible in your fingerprints.

You can learn how to master your own trip switch.

Once you can do this no one else has any control

over you or your life.

Your life is totally in your own hands.

This is thrilling news.

But what does ‘thrilling’ mean?

Exciting but also terrifying.

For most of us, this is just too scary to contemplate.

It’s much easier to stay small then blame someone else

or life circumstances.

So what to do?

Realise you have a unique calling.

Your ‘job’ on this planet is far bigger than you ever dared

hope or dream or imagine.

Deep down you know this.

You’ve been kept small.

You simply have to see this to set yourself free.

Like Chinese women in previous years

whose feet were bound to keep them small.

and dependent.

When you are dependent you give your energy

away totally to another person.

So how do you reclaim your power?

It’s up to you to say, “Yes. I see this!”

“I see I am the one flipping the switch!”

This is all it takes to step into your own power.

But like the Chinese women of yesteryear,

you can’t just take the bandages off

and expect to walk pain free from day one.

It takes conditioning and being gentle

with yourself.

The key is to focus on your life lesson

rather than your life purpose.


Because you can’t live your life purpose unless

you can manage your trip switch.

(be conscious of the thing that triggers you.)

You alone put the lights on or off.

But this is very hard to see when you

feel you are sitting alone in the dark.

You are not alone. You are never alone.

You are always being guided.  Trust this.

Stay on this planet. And shine by being you.
Your light is needed by others right now.

You can learn how to work out your life lesson

through Richard Unger’s book, Lifeprints,

available at most bookstores or online through Amazon.

Or you can have this worked out for you when you have your fingerprints anaylsed.

You can have this done during a hand analysis consultation

or when you join a monthly support group that helps

work with this information on an ongoing basis.

Suicide is a way out but it is not the solution.

If you have no money you can get started right away free of charge by working out what Earth school you are.  See next post.

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24 thoughts on “Are you thinking of leaving this planet?

  1. charo Reply

    Hi Jenna

    Very inspiring thoughts. Even if we are nos considering leaving this planet now, your words are wise.
    Thanks to all the info you gave in your site I was able to find out my school and It makes so much sense!
    Using EFT to clear my biggest fear was also a great suggestions. I use EFT but haven’t made that connection till you suggested it.
    Thanks so much

  2. Skip Reply

    Are there any statistics you have on hand regarding this? It would not surprise me if suicide is on the rise at the moment.

    • Jena Griffiths Post authorReply

      sorry I don’t have. Just I’ve heard of entire villages, not just individuals.

      It helps to find a way to feel connected. We are always connected but it doesn’t feel like this.
      Apparently we need 4 hugs a day to stay healthy and 12 for growth….
      Here’s a virtual hug to you (reading this)
      in case you need it right now.
      You are not alone.

    • Jena Griffiths Post authorReply

      I thoroughly agree.
      And if you know what your purpose is but can’t achieve it
      you’re being tripped up by your life lesson.
      This is all visible in your fingerprints….

  3. Ted@adt Reply

    Wonderful post.
    We are living in the best of times and the worst of times, your chosen purpose will guide you into a fulfilling direction. Thanks.

  4. Ransone Reply

    Great blog!i really enjoyed reading your posts.i’ve also bookmarked your feed to stay in touch with your news.

  5. Adil@hot wallpapers Reply

    i hoch Entschuldigungen für nicht auf Englisch schreibt, war ich auf der Suche nach, und ich diese Website gefunden, Ich mag Ihre Post-und Ich mag Ihnen für den Austausch zu danken.


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