EFT + hand analysis. It works!

Yesterday I was on a Swiss radio show “Health Matters” with Dr. Michelle Wright and Jennifer Davidson, discussing how you can use EFT on absolutely any medical or psychological problem under the sun.

Jennifer Davidson and Jena Griffiths at DRS radio station Zürich

Dr Wright said that she had the same problem with EFT that I used to have. It seems wrong to be using negative affirmations. This is what stopped me from really giving EFT a go for a number of years.

It was only recently when I realised that a kind of reverse psychology was taking place that I sat up and took notice.

What I find interesting is that you first tap on the outer “moon” part of your hand. This is the deep subconscious side of you. It’s almost as if you wake the sleeping giant within who then sits up and disagrees with all your negative blockages.

Our session at the radio show reminded me that I haven’t posted anything here about our online class last week and what tremendous results you can achieve using EFT on issues that may have been holding you back an entire life time; issues that surprisingly also show up in your fingerprints and other key palm reading markers such as gift markers.

During our call last week,  NY life coach and EFT practitioner Tomar Levine tapped on IIHA certified hand analyst Brent Brunning, helping him free himself of his inner critic.

Together we were able to demonstrate just how effective this combined technique really is.

Everyone on the call was excited. And we’ve all been tapping on our inner critics ever since.

Personally I feel unstoppable as a result and so do all mastermind members who participated.

Start tapping right away, at least once every day on what’s holding you back, and watch your life purpose unfold.

If you haven’t had your hands analysed yet,  or aren’t sure what exactly is holding you back, start with the inner critic.

If you feel brave enough make a video of yourself tapping on your inner critic, post it in youtube and I’ll show it here on my site.

Here’s how to do it. EFT technique

In the meantime, I’ll be posting tips here to help you work out your life purpose.

I started yesterday with the moon whorl. If you have this palm marker it means you’re born to be a spiritual teacher.

If you’d like to see what this looks like, in case you have one, there’s  an image in the last post: are you a spiritual teacher?

19 thoughts on “EFT + hand analysis. It works!

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  3. Ford Reply

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  5. Carol Reply

    I’ve never heard about EFT combined with hand analysis, especially Tapping on certain points on the hand based on the analysis. It sounds like something that can sharpen the effects of EFT, because so far I tap on a general area on the spots.

    • Jena Griffiths Post authorReply

      Hi Carol, yes it can. Working with specific themes that come up during hand analysis. specifically life purpose and life lesson, can be greatly speeded up through EFT. It also fits well with body mapping and transformtional breath work. All these modalities strengthen and support each other.

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