How the hand reflects the brain

The hand is the visible part of the brain. Color, shape and line formations can and do change over time. They can also change instantly by responding to thoughts and feelings (color changes) or as old habitual thinking patterns are removed or personality patterns rewired (lines and shape change).

What doesn’t change is your fingerprints. These can be thought of as your “soul map” or what Richard Unger calls your “LifePrints” (in his book by that name). From this perspective, you are a spirit having a human experience. Your fingerprints, decoded using this system, reveal life purpose and life lesson.

However, after working with Richard’s system for over a decade and trying to explain how this works to thousands of people, and how to use this information in a practical and long term way, and teaching this system worldwide, this is what I find:

Your fingerprints reveal your mental programming (the “illusion” ) you are running in order to have a human life. The problem is, you can’t fix a program by running it. Essentially, there is nothing to fix. The task required is not fixing or changing but self awareness and self mastery.
You “fix” yourself by becoming aware of the fact that you are running a program and then, through mindfulness and self compassion, by figuring out how to master your own internal programming.

The irony is, even though we each have a unique purpose, the path to self mastery is the same for each of us. Namely, through developing “no mind”. Getting out of our own way and allowing “spaciousness” so that the divine can express though us using our unique persona, abilities and circumstances. The “program” is the mechanism that creates mind (generating the yang/doing side of us) in order for us to have experiences and adventures that lead us to preparing or developing our personality for the role envisioned/divinely inspired. The task is to learn to become aware of our own program without running it. (This is achieved through mindfulness.)

The danger, as always, is that we are co-creators, and thoughts are creative. What you focus on expands. Therefore, what you perceive as a flaw that needs fixing (your life lesson) could grow or become more of an issue simply because you are holding your focus there instead of simply observing it in the corner of your eye with self compassion. (While staying focused on whatever it is you actually wish to achieve.) Learning how to do this is called “soul tracking” and one can take advanced classes in this art.

Similarly with your “life purpose”. The more you chase it, the more elusive it becomes.
Why is that?
Because you can’t become what you already are. It is firstly a state of consciousness, of being and trusting and knowing and allowing your true nature to unfold; of making space for the divine to express through you in your unique manner, rather than trying to do it all on your own. It takes some of us a lifetime to surrender to our own true nature.

The work I try to bring through is to help people firstly to know and recognize themselves for who they really are, and then to speed up the process of living who they truly are, through daily re-calibration techniques so that they stay and serve as themselves consciously and joyfully rather than unconsciously and sadly. I will be offering a workshop on this in Findhorn this May.

3 thoughts on “How the hand reflects the brain

  1. Barbara Doran Reply

    Hello Jena

    I’ve read Richard’s book and have had my own hand read plus engaged in an extended 6 month tracking session with another hand analyst also trained by Richard Unger.
    After a year of working on integrating all this, I still feel no closer to where I was.
    I am not looking to undercut the work of the analyst I worked with – rather expand and I wondered if you might have some alternative/ additional light to lend?

    I always felt my life purpose to be an artist story teller and certainly I feel happy when I am doing this as long as I feel it is meaningfully creating a better world. I like to feel that I am having real world outcomes. I like to feel I have reached people on a spiritual / heart felt level.

    According to my hand analysis I am in the school of service (8 whorls) with a life purpose of exalted leader and a lesson of inspirational communication.
    I have a morning mist hand (this feels right)
    I have a jupiter star under both fingers but the right is more pronounced (deeper and more legs).
    I have a pure heart line with a bubble under my mercury finger
    I have an octopus/ hal headline.
    I have flexible thumbs and the best whorls are on my thumbs and R jupiter – a doer/ maker/ builder.
    I have desire pollution but I don’t know how to get to the bottom of that.

    I’m really wondering if you might have some take on why I feel the the artist/ imagination drive in me is so strong if I am such a pragmatic (hal) leader type?

    I have tried all kinds of things from photography, singing, doing a PhD in art, lecturing and researching at university, working on community projects in building, built my own earth house with my hands AND STILL I feel like I can’t get things to click. I always feel like I yearning for another world or I can’t find the right people to work with me. I often feel like a pawn in a huge, systemic matrix that I don’t want to be part of but I don’t know how to escape.

    Sometimes I feel like things are working but I can’t seem to set my ship sailing in the same direction. I get balls rolling but others don’t seem to recognise that I was a key source of inspiration.
    It makes me feel like a failure.

    I’m not sure if this is just one of my dilemmas I have to muddle through or if there can be more clarity bought to the picture.
    If you think you could shed some other kind light on this dilemma I would be interested in a consultation. I

    • Jena Griffiths Post authorReply

      Hi Barbara

      I totally relate to where you are right now.
      Your fingerprints are a frequency map. You simply need to learn to work with this material so that you shift to your potential future rather than reinforce the status quo/potential past.
      Best is you book a session so I can walk you through it.

      Kind regards

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