Interview with Richard Unger: hand markers related to depression

Later today is the first topic call with Richard Unger on hand markers related to depression.

We’ll be looking at the finer nuances between the different markings

And how knowing which type they have can help people find the way out of their condition.

We’ll also be discussing combinations and things to look for that only Richard knows about up until now.

Register for the calls with Richard here.

During the call there will be a link to a reference document pre-written by Richard, with the prints to be discussed.

Richard has put considerable work into this call and is looking forward to being with us.

On the webcast there is a box where listeners can type in questions before or during the call.

We’ll try to get to all questions at the end of the call. If we don’t, questions will be answered in writing and all subscribers will receive copies.

The replay of the call will be instantly available on the same password protected webpage.

You will be able to listen to it later if you miss the live event. You’ll also be able to download the call onto your computer.

I’ve tried to make this series as inexpensive as possible so that Richard’s work becomes accessible to more people worldwide.

Take full advantage of this rare opportunity to ask Richard any question you like as long as it’s related to our topic.

Register for the calls with Richard here.

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