What do your fingerprints have to do with conscious evolution?

Fingerprints and conscious evolution

Knowing what your fingerprints say is the quickest way to:
– transcend the ego
– manage your emotions and therefore your vibrational state
– turn a close relationship into a sacred partnership for spiritual growth
– take ownership for everything that happens because you can see how you are collaborating.
– see how your inner world creates your outer world.

What has this to do with helping humanity evolve?

As Richard Moss says, the greatest service you can do for this planet is learn to manage your own thoughts and
emotions. We are all part of a collective energy field and the more we raise ourselves, the more we raise not only
those around us but also the entire field.

This is why I call this work is your “sacred work” and not “life lesson”.
You are not born flawed, with karmic wounds. Rather, you have taken on a responsibility for the collective whole to
explore/to help humanity evolve around certain themes. These themes are visible in your fingerprints.

Starting 23 September 2010, I’ll be teaching you how to work directly with your own fingerprints right here on this site
in ” Earth School.”

There will be 2 sections:
A free lecture auditorium where we explore topics seeking solutions from experts in the field under discussion.
Then there’s a paid section for people who want to go deeper, working more closely with hand markers and
fingerprints.  Starting 23 September, for the next 6 months, fingerprint guru, Richard Unger will be joining us.

You’ll be able to ask Richard any question you like about hand markers or fingerprints during the calls

Register here  for the free calls.
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