Are you a heart connector or a butterfly? (free palm reading lesson)

If you have 6 or more  loops in your fingerprints this means that you are a heart connector.

(To see what a loop fingerprint looks like, scroll to the bottom of this post for the palm reading image.)

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The key to making your life work is to stay with your emotions, and express them appropriately no matter what others around you are thinking, doing or saying.

And when you truely live this, you have the capacity to connect many people together through your emotional presence, through the heart, through relationship.

You’re a kind of cross pollinator, like a butterfly.

The dominant theme in your life is all about  the mastery of emotions, love, closeness and connection.  It’s what you seek and what you fear most.

Here’s a beautiful example of heart connectors at play.

If you can’t see this, here is the link:

Because you are here to explore the emotions theme fully, you may start off of the shadow side,  having experiences that cause you to numb out and not feel your feelings. Or you may stuff your feelings in other ways, by sweeping what you feel under the carpet, by bottling up and not expressing your emotions or by exploding inappropriately. Or perhaps your emotions get blocked on the releasing side. If this is the case, you could end up torturing yourself for years, by not letting go of events that are long over.

The good news is you can shift to the positive side of this palm reading marker in an instant. And, you don’t have to buy yet another  expensive course to figure this out.  You can do this yourself for free right now.

Learn to shift yourself immediately simply by EFT tapping on whatever emotional issue is blocking you.  Instructions how to do this are
in my 30 day life purpose challenge post.

If  you’d like to know more about your fingerprints you can buy Richard Unger’s book, Lifeprints: deciphering your life purpose from your fingerprints or Ronelle Coburn’s Destiny at your fingertips.  You can get both at your local bookstore or through Amazon.

What these books don’t spell out is the fact that your blindspot (life lesson) is the key to everything. This is your master switch.

You’ll be able to work out your life lesson from Unger’s book but not from Coburn’s. If you caan’t figure this out from Unger’s book or you’d like to understand this in more detail there’s a companion manual in my member’s zone.

To understand how to use this information in your own life to shift daily, read all my posts on using EFT on palm reading markers.

If you’d like help analysing your fingerprints or working with this information daily you’ll get this in the member’s zone.

The loop fingerprint
The loop fingerprint

Jena Griffiths is a writer and also professional hand analyst, certified with IIHA. She is dedicated to sharing cutting edge hand analysis information with as many people as possible and also with other professionals in the palm reading, palmistry, handanalysis, handanlyse, chirology and hand reading worlds.
“The world is undergoing a rapid shift. This information can help you survive this shift. It therefore needs to be freely available to as many people as possible.”

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  1. Rob@DoylesRoom Poker Rakeback Reply

    Thank you very much for the free lesson. I am in fact a heart connector myself. I am now going to go run around the house reading everyone’s prints. This should be fun. Thanks again!

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    I did not know that fingerprints are related to the emotional type. Obviously there is something very mysterious in our hands, because no two human beings have the same fingerprints.

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    A friend recently enlightened me about the possibilities for self-reflection offered by palm-reading. You make some good analogy between emotionally balanced people and butterflies, the pollinators. Thanks for sharing.

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