Can you free yourself of karma?

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Your “karma” shows up in your fingerprints.

You can see what will really turn you on in this lifetime (your life purpose)
and you can see what baggage you have to drop first (your karma).

Richard Unger, the man who decoded fingerprints over 30 years ago calls your karma your life lesson.
You could call it your blind spot or your archilles’ heel or what’s blocking you.
Or DNA family baggage.

I call it your “master switch”.


Because it’s what turns the lights on in your life
or switches them off.

All you have to do is be conscious of yourself
wrestling with your karma and then you automatically get given the biggest gift you can imagine.

What’s that?

Your life purpose blossoms.

So how do you free yourself of karma?

1. figure out what your master switch is.
2. alert your inner witness
3. praise yourself (Raise your vibration) rather than beat yourself up (lower your vibration)
each time you wrestle with your karma.

(EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) is a quick, reverse psychology method for achieving 2 and 3,
but there are 1000s of other ways)

You can learn how to use EFT on your karma or anything that’s blocking you
for free during the 30 day Life Purpose Challenge.
If you’re not sure what’s blocking you, tap on your inner critic.

How do you figure out what your karma (master switch) is?

download a free report here

17 thoughts on “Can you free yourself of karma?

  1. Amy Reply

    I’d love to have better karma. I try and do good things in my life, (I’m training to be a doctor so I can save lives) yet I still seem to have a dark cloud above me all the time.

    • Jena Griffiths Post authorReply

      you are always choosing, every moment with every breath
      between having a dark cloud or sunshine.
      It’s just hard to see without someone else pointing out how.
      We flip so easily into the dark cloud side.
      Knowing what’s in your fingerprints can help you.

  2. harvey Reply

    my God, i thought you were going to chip in with some decisive insght at the end there, not leave it with

  3. Benjamin Reply

    Whenever I think of the term Karma, I think of that show “My name is Earl”. I think I have good Karma though, I deal with over 100 teenagers every day 🙂

  4. amazon product Reply

    I think all of us want to have better karma.

    But life is about choosing. if you have better choise than you have better result too.
    i mean every one want to pick the right choise in their life.

    and if we know what’s in our fingerprint about, is helping us to make better choise in our life.

    thanks, for your good information.

  5. Jena Griffiths Post authorReply

    well it sounds like you more or less agree with what I am saying.
    You are totally responsible for your own life because you can always choose
    how you respond to anything.
    So how you interpret events in your life changes your vibration significantly.
    And this changes everything else.
    It’s really just to wake up to the fact – how fortunate we are to be a spirit in a body
    having a human experience. This experience is not endless so enjoy every moment
    and feel grateful for every experience.

  6. Phil@Free PS3 Reply

    Interesting post. I have never believed karma existed but then again I have never read stuff like this. Is definately interesting and has changed my perspective on karma. Great post!

  7. Lee@Custom Lapel Pins Reply

    Its a shame there are so many out there who claim to be readers and are nothing but charlatons. I would like to give Ungers approach a try to see first hand how accurate it can be. Just too bad so many others have tainted my view of such a skill.

  8. Alex@GoodTherapy Reply

    I think I’m in need of this because I just don’t seem to get rid of the ‘baggage’ that I carry around and am not able to find the purpose in my life… would love to apply for the analysis.

  9. 3 red light fix video Reply

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  10. Rob@Internet Connections Reply

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