Your impact on others

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Are you a workaholic?

Are you putting your heart into your work around the clock? Did you just spend the weekend working?

It’s good to be passionate about your work but are you regularly taking time off to sharpen the saw? Or just grinding away with blunt determination?

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Are you too pushy?

When your index finger looks like it’s falling towards your thumb this indicates you have a tendency towards forcing your will or perhaps being pushy.

The energy of the thumb (your will) pulls your index finger (power/influence) out of its normal alignment. Meaning you’re imposing your will on your expression of power or influence.)

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Richard Unger on the Simian line

Just posted up this interview I did of Richard on the Simian line. The good new if you have one, or if your child or partner has one.

We discussed this topic in more detail last December in our call on miscommunication. There is also an entire class on the Simian line here

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Feeling misunderstood? Our call on this topic is today

Do you feel misunderstood or like people are just not hearing or getting what you’re trying to tell them? Our call on miscommunication and what to do is today. How does miscommunication or feeling misunderstood show up in your hands? More information here.

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Family complications: are you dreading thanksgiving and the holiday season?

“If you want to know how spiritual you’ve become – go home and visit your family!” Anon

We’re getting to that time of the year when the branches we thought we’d chopped off the family tree forever suddenly start sprouting, rooting and shooting. (Or is that a polite way of saying your relatives have Click here to read more …

Are you living in disguise?

How does hiding show up in hands?

It’s not possible to show up and shine if you aren’t being your genuine self. If you’re living a lie. Or trying to hide under a bushel.

Last week we explored the theme “Hiding vs Showing Up ” from the perspective of authenticity with Richard Unger.

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Is your husband in love with another woman?

Six years ago my husband told me he was in love with another woman. This was the start of journey into hell that I wouldn’t wish on anyone. The pain and the shame were so deep, it’s taken me 6 years to even write about it openly.

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Are you carrying a heavy burden for your family?

Sometimes we’re far more loyal than is good for us. We carry burdens that aren’t ours.

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Are you responsible or irresponsible?

One of my father’s favorite sayings was “Let’s give the cat the canary!” He’d say this whenever he was about to throw caution to the wind and be ridiculously generous.

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