Are you a spiritual teacher? (Do you have a moon whorl?)

I was thrilled Sunday while hand reading at the Expat-Expo in Zug, when hand analyst author Alice Funk dropped in to have her hands analysed and to check out my new way of using EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) to tap on key markers that show up in your palms and fingerprints.

Alice Funk and Jena Griffiths at the Expat expo in Zug
Alice Funk and Jena Griffiths at the Expat expo in Zug

Alice wouldn’t approve of me calling what we do “palm reading”.

Why not?

Because the type of hand analysis that we both practice has nothing to do with predictive palmistry. In fact, rather the exact opposite.


Because hand analysis makes you more in charge rather than less in charge of what’s going on in your life.  Rather than making you feel like life is happening to you, hand analysis helps you awaken to the power of who you really are. The markings in your hand clearly show you that you’re a co-creator, not a victim.

How so?

Both the big you and the little you are visible in your hands. Hand analysts show you what choices you have and how easy it is to move from the shadow to the light once you know you do actually have a choice in the matter.

Alice is author of an excellent book on hand analysis called ‘Handanlyse’. (in German only unfortunately).
excellent hand analysis book

It’s the only widely available book on Richard Unger’s palm reading/hand analysis system that exists (beyond Lifeprints/fingerprint decoding) and it’s a must read for anyone even slightly curious about hands. Alice outlines much of Unger’s work beyond his LifePrints system. Unfortunately, Alice’s book is only available in German. It really should be translated into every language under the sun.

Alice has a very rare and beautiful marker on one of her hands and so I was delighted when she offered up her palms for an interpretation. I was keen to have another look at it as its a perfect example.

What special marker does Alice have?

A whorl in the moon region of her palm!

Sounds like some kind of romantic waltz but in reality it looks like quite a different animal. More like a satellite photo of a massive cyclone right in the palm of her hand. (If you’d like to see what this looks like, scroll to the bottom of this post. Alice has given me permission to post her prints here but until I have them I’ve posted another example from my files.)

The moon whorl is the mark of a spiritual teacher or life coach, someone who is here to teach you how to access and connect with the deep intuitive or “spiritual” side of who you are.

This marker is so rare that if you have it, it overrules any other markers that show up in your fingerprints.

Taken together with Alice’s  other fingerprints,  this marker reveals that Alice’s life purpose is to be a successful and innovative spiritual advisor. I find this very fitting. Her book ‘Handanalyse’ is a beautiful expression of this life purpose in action. 

If you have this marker or you’d like to know more about this marker, make sure you’re subscribed to my newsletter as I’ll be making an hour long class on this and other moon markers freely available in the coming days.

What has this to do with Emotional Freedom Technique and  tapping?

We didn’t actually tap on Alice’s moon whorl but instead on another key marker, one that all of us have in some form or another. This is your Achilles heel or blind spot, or what Unger calls your ‘life lesson’.  The part of you that you’ve come here to heal.

Tomorrow we’ll look at Life lessons, what this has to do with you and how you can use EFT to heal your heel. : ))

Do you have a whorl in your palm like the one below?
hand analysis marker moon whorl, spiritual teacher, lifePrints marker, how to read a palm, life purpose palmistry
If so, you will feel deeply fulfilled as a life coach or spiritual teacher.
To learn more about hands, take a hand analysis course online with personal mentoring with me. Access here

240 thoughts on “Are you a spiritual teacher? (Do you have a moon whorl?)

  1. jack Reply

    i want to ask how can i buy ‘Handanlyse’?
    i want the English version.

  2. phoebe Reply

    My name is Phoebe and I am 11 years old. My great aunt, Mallory, and I both have a moon whorl in the same spot on our left hands. Also,we both have a star near our moon whorls.

  3. phoebe Reply

    We have made ink prints of our hands and will email them to you in a few days when i get back home from vacation. Please let us know what you think and reply. My great aunt is a counselor and psychological advisor. She had a palm reading a couple of years ago and found out that she had a moon whorl. She recently looked at my palm and noticed mine in the same spot.

    We’ll be interested in your reply.

    Thank you,


  4. Cynthia Reply

    I wonder whom people trust more a professional hand analyst or a gypsy who is reading on palms? Because very often their predictions can differ.

  5. Dave Reply

    She was a real psychic person who did not do any readings for people.I have psychic ability and she guided me and helped me understand alot.She was a mentor to me for many years.

  6. Daniel Reply

    I never read about fingerprints, but I’m pretty familiar with Eastern traditions. They have something to do with some lessons that we come to learn in each life.

  7. Ray Reply

    I find myself coming to your blog more and more often to the point where my visits are almost daily now!

  8. fin Reply

    I like your ideas because I share them. I look forward to your next posts.

    • Jena Griffiths Post authorReply

      Cool. make sure you’re using the IIHA system and your analyst is interested in expanding rather than contracting you and you’ll be fine.

  9. Paul Reply

    Maybe it is the happiness to find your spiritual teacher for life. Thanks for your post and for the whole blog!

  10. Millie Reply

    I have no this moon whorl, but my husband does and sincerely speaking he is the “head” in our family. But he rules so softly than nobody objects to him.

  11. Melissa Reply

    Thank you Jena, I always read your posts. Till I have found your blog I found so many interesting facts, my husband is curious about where from do I know all this 🙂

  12. Barbara Reply

    I’ve heard that you’re going to make some courses this Autumn can you give us some information about it, please.

    • Jena Griffiths Post authorReply

      Sure. There’ll be a series of monthly calls and a member site with a vast amount of information.
      Every month we’ll look at a different topic and I’ll be calling in experts from various fields. If you have any topics in particular that you’d like covered then list them below. You’ll get all your questions answered. I always over deliver on content. And if you’re interested in learning hands yourself well then this is the place to be.

  13. Bridget Reply

    Wonderful info, I found such whorl on my little child hand. It means he will be a spiritual teacher or something else interesting?

  14. Betty Reply

    I’m hesitating with my abilities and feel that the further I go with my spiritual awareness, the more difficult is to maintain enough self-discipline to continue the progress. What should I do?

    • Jena Griffiths Post authorReply

      Self discipline is the key to everything. Sometimes we get so spiritual we forget we’re in a body but actually the body is the key.
      Sometimes we try to hard when all we need to do is relax into it.

  15. Barbara Reply

    Is it possible such situation when a man have strong spiritual abilities, but doesn’t want to develop this gift. I’m talking about one of my friends.

  16. Janice Reply

    What can be worth than live without knowing your real abilities. Jena, thank you so much for discovering new horizons to us!

  17. Bernadette Reply

    Excuse me, Jena, but as I understood you can read human hands by the photo. You can do it through e-mail or I should come to your seminar with the photo?

    • Jena Griffiths Post authorReply

      HI Bernadette,
      Where are you based?
      It can be done through email and telephone or skype. It is best to use inked sheets or big pixel photos.

  18. Alexandrin Reply

    Hi Jena, maybe you have some additional information about Alice’s book “Hand analysis”. I mean when it will appear in the US.

    • Jena Griffiths Post authorReply

      Hi Alexandrin,
      This is a big problem for English speakers. The publishers think there are enough hand reading books on the market. No-one realises how cutting edge this information is. Alice’s will soon be published in Japanese but not yet English. The best thing you can do is sign up for a yearlong with IIHA or to get all the basics, sign in for my membership site where you can download the manual that I use in my workshops. There will be no classes during the summer holidays and starting September for the next 6 months I have invited Richard Unger to come and teach you hands on my site. I also have 2 years of back classes which you can buy. 12 of the topics are available here: I will post 4 of these classes up in the membership site so that people who sign in before September get a huge bonus.

  19. Alexandrin Reply

    Thanks for answering, Jena, I’ll try to sign in before September, because I do appreciate your classes. Anyway please keep us informed if something will appear with Alice’s “translation”.

  20. Joseph Reply

    It’s so hard to find some “real” information about palm reading, so want to thank you for your blog! Jena, wait for your every post with anticipation.

    • Jena Griffiths Post authorReply

      Thanks Joseph, lots more coming as soon as I am back from holiday. Writing to you from Corsika. Blue skies calling….

  21. Albert D. Garner Reply

    Hi, just have found your site. Several years ago I was learning Chinese hand analysis. Your technique has something similar with it or it completely different?

  22. Carmen Reply

    I think it’s very useful ability in the life to read palms. For example, just one look on a friends hand and already know should you be with him or not 🙂

  23. Lynn J. Small Reply

    I’m trying to get some knowledge about hand analyze from your posts, but I feel that I should take the course of lessons from you. It’s so interesting for me.

    • Jena Griffiths Post authorReply

      Hi Lynn, Yes. This is the quickest most affordable way to get a solid foundation and framework of how hand analysis works. Then once you have a framework you can hang the rest of your knowledge on this and build up progressively from there.

      You can start quite inexpensively by joining monthly classes with me and Richard Unger. When you register for this series you get access to the bonuses and all the free stuff in Earth School (hand analysis tips, 2 previous classes by me and also great discounts on the foundational classes.)

      You can register for this series of online hand analysis classes here.

  24. sosso Reply

    Hi Jena,

    Thanks for this great article! I have a loop in my right hand moon zone. Am i a spiritual teacher or life coach?

    Thank you for your answer.

    • Jena Griffiths Post authorReply

      Hi Sosso,

      Whether you’re a spiritual teacher or life coach depends on other personality markers. These roles are very similar.

    • Jena Griffiths Post authorReply

      How can you prove anything?
      By testing it one yourself.
      Actually I rather like Richard Moss’s view that can be applied to any discipline.
      He says, half of what we teach is incorrect. The problem is we don’t know which half.

  25. Nelson Rainey Reply

    Someone told me that if you want to become a good palm reader, you have to be a good psychologist and understand people really well. Is it true?

  26. Bobby Bush Reply

    The thing is that I cannot understand how spiritual teaching is connected with palm reading! Can somebody explain it to me, please?

    • Jena Griffiths Post authorReply

      Bobby, if you read what I write you’ll see I’m talking about a marker that indicates this this type- A hugs difference.
      eg. you see a priest doesn’t mean you are one.

    • Jena Griffiths Post authorReply

      Hi Angie,

      Nearly everyone has a gap of some sort. It depends what it looks like and how big. It could represent a time of inner exploration where you’re not sure of your direction or being in the void.

  27. sosso Reply

    Hey Jena 🙂

    Thanks a lot for your answer. I feel blessed to possibly be a spiritual teacher or life coach. Thanks a lot for all the information you share. Great great. I am going to look at your online courses. I am fascinated about hand analysis.

    • Jena Griffiths Post authorReply

      Great Sosso, you can get huge discounts on all the previous classes once you’re a member of the monthly classes. lookig forward to having you with us.

  28. Anne Wolfe Reply

    I wonder if someone is going to make a hand analysis for me, is it going to change my lifestyle somehow or my point of view on life?

  29. Jason Reply

    It is really great if you can change negative into positive. If the hand analysis can help in this, then it is wonderful.

  30. Brenda Abbott Reply

    Several days ago I was feeling lost and lonely, even I knew it wasn’t so. I went to a person that offers hand analysis and after the visit I felt much much better. Jason, you should try it to.

  31. Bridgett Trull Reply

    Picture Mounts, I didn’t understand you quite well. Did you mean if a spiritual teacher can advise you on relationships with a person of another sex.

    • Jena Griffiths Post authorReply

      Hi Edith,
      Are you asking if i do prediction?
      I don’t. We talk about the future but not what I imagine I see. More what you envision and how this fits with your hands.

    • Jena Griffiths Post authorReply

      Hi Jimmy,
      Yes I have written about both.
      There’s one post on 10 ways to improve self esteem. It’s about keeping your small promises to yourself…
      building your self worth from the inside instead of in other people’s eyes. Because then if they blink or turn way it doesnt matter.

  32. Jennifer Smith Reply

    I found out that there are so many interesting points in hand analysis, that you can find out what is happening in human’s soul and mind and try to help him.

    • Jena Griffiths Post authorReply

      Hi Danielle,

      hand analysis is not at all like card reading but often you end up with similar information. It depends on who is doing the card reading- Like hand reading there arehundreds of variations and appraoches
      The main thing to know is that hand analysis is not predictive.
      The hands mirror the psyche. The more you know yourself: your shadow and light, the more successful you can be.

      Know yourself then be yourself.

  33. William M. Reed Reply

    To go to a person that performs hand analysis is almost the same as going to psychologist, but you feel better and more confident when somebody reads our hand.

  34. Jon C. Lee Reply

    Jena said: “Sometimes we try too hard when all we need to do is relax into it.” That is definitely true. Not that long ago I discovered myself, that the lack of relaxation leads to nervousness, anger, touchiness, stress that leads to problems in relations with people.

  35. Marion Reply

    After listening to the call, I understand that my question was kind of silly. Thank you for opening my eyes.

  36. Agnes E. Mayfield Reply

    I think that if you want to maintain yourself in a good spiritual condition you have, first of all, sleep and eat well, find a pleasant occupation: interesting job, studies, hobby; hang out more with your friends and try to do something to make yourself better.

  37. Janie Reply

    When one of my friends made hand analysis for me, he pointed the the aspects in my character that I should try to change. That helped me a lot in my life.

  38. Tina Reply

    I am astonished by the way the lines on the human’s hand can show his soul and emotions. It is something mysterious.

  39. Susan R. Jensen Reply

    I would suggest you to allocate on the picture the part of the palm you are talking about with red color. It will be easier to understand for readers and more obvious.

    • Jena Griffiths Post authorReply

      Hi Robert,
      Good point. Eyes do mirror the soul like hands.
      Identical twins with identical DNA have different irises and different fingerprints.

    • Jena Griffiths Post authorReply

      Hi Helen,

      I’m not qute sure what you mean? Could you tell me more? Do you mean its difficult to initiate things/projects on your own?

  40. Bobby H. Snyder Reply

    Yes Jena, I mean that its hard to start to do start something on my own. I always require, at least somebody’s advice, somebody to give me a push to begin some projects or activities. As an example, I try to have some car driving practice with my father, but he sometimes starts shouting at me and always says that I do something wrong. Now I can’t simply ask him to go and ride with me, but if he is going to ask me for this, I’m going to do it, but he doesn’t want to. What can be the solution to this problem?

    • Jena Griffiths Post authorReply

      HI Bobby, I would use Phyllis Krystal’s cutting ties exercise on your father. Not to end the relationship but to heal the past. And then I’d look at your and his fingerprints are to see how he’s helping you and you’re helping him. You can get a free class on how to read your own fingerprints in Earth School.

  41. Hele Pyle Reply

    I have almost the same problem as mu cousin Bobby, but only in sports, cause nobody wants to do it with me, I don’t feel comfortable by doing sports alone or with strangers.

    • Jena Griffiths Post authorReply

      Harriet, do you know about the water crystal work of Emoto? Different music has a profound affect on water (because water is a carrier of information) and we are mostly made of water. Saying thak you to water creates a beautiful crystal. Saying I hate you smashes the crystal. So too his finding with music. Classical music creates beautiful crystals. Heavy metal smashes the crystal. Much like saying I hate you.

  42. Harriet Frazier Reply

    Thanks for the reply Jena. I’ve also read that heavy metal music has an effect over your psychological state and people listening to this music become much more nervous over a period of time.

    • Jena Griffiths Post authorReply

      Hi Armando, yes Earth School was started by me. It started off as the member’s zone of this site but it has become a far bigger project than this site. This site is 100% hand analysis. Earth School explores a new topic each month (for example not knowing what you want) and looking at solutions and interviewing experts in numerous fields unrelated to hand analysis.

      In the member’s zone of Earth School one can learn how to use hand analysis as a daily practice.

  43. Hatton Reply

    It seems a lot of the famous spiritual teachers have had an “experience” that was sudden. What if your awakening was gradual? Will the public buy it?

    • Jena Griffiths Post authorReply

      Hi Theodore,

      i was so impressed with how much of a shortcut it was, how much one can learn about oneself in so short a period of time. I studied psychology at university and nothing comes close.

    • Jena Griffiths Post authorReply

      Hi Wesley,
      What you resist persists.
      Become the watcher of your thoughts.
      You are the sky not the clouds/bad weather…
      Just let the thoughts flow, label them without judging them.
      The person who could help you here is Richard Moss -the mandela of being.
      Is the thought about the future, the past, another or yourself (Grandiose or little/depressive)?
      Label it and then focus on just being here now.

  44. Wesley Jones Reply

    Thanks a lot Jena! You really helped me out. This is the book I really need to read. I always need to fight my ego. If it defeats me, if I think about what I want, I start to ave bad feelings in a period of time, because the ego wants more and more. On the other hand, if I can step over it, I feel most of the time happy.

  45. Edward R. Jackson Reply

    I wonder if in your practice you found different specific signs, that wcould distinguish african people from european ones or russian from americans.

  46. Edward Reply

    I asked it, because people from different countries and regions have various education and mentality, so I wondered, if it could have a reaction on their hands.

  47. Tanya Reply

    Can you tell with help of hand analysis by looking at the hands of 2 different people (man and woman), if they suit each other.

    • Jena Griffiths Post authorReply

      Hi Tanya,
      Yes and no. Humans are exremely complex beings. You’re attracted to whoever can help you grow the most
      and this isn’t always smooth sailing. Fingerprints help you understand the dynamics.
      You can see if their temperaments and communication styles and needs are complimentary.
      You can also see how they’re likely to annoy each other and a lot more.

  48. Heather Reply

    I actually have very prominent luna whorls on both of my hands. I had no idea it was rare to have it on even one hand, is both even more so? Maybe I should give the meaning on that more thought…

  49. xudong Reply

    Can you tell with help of hand analysis by looking at the hands of 2 different people (man and woman), if they suit each other.

    • Jenna Griffiths Post authorReply

      yes, but people are complex.
      The thing that really helps is knowing the fingerprints of each peoson one can understand what the collaboration is.

  50. manchester Reply

    My great aunt, Mallory, and I both have a moon whorl in the same spot on our left hands. Also,we both have a star near our moon whorls.

  51. Bhindi Reply

    My sister-in-law showed me recently that tarot card readings do more to open your mind to retrospection, and are not the hokey tricks of popular lore. Your article has similiarly convinced me to look into palmistry. I found myself examining my palms for about 10 minutes before I realized what I was doing!

    • Jenna Griffiths Post authorReply

      Hi Bhindi,

      Make sure it’s state of the art hand analysis. There’re lots more posts and free stauff on this site to get you started.

  52. chandrasekharareddy Reply

    I like much this type hand print.That is the corect method to get accurate
    analasis.If you accept I will send my hand and my wife hand prints.please
    send me email ID to submit.

  53. Athina Reply

    I have a composite whorl in the moon area of both hands!! Do you have any suggestions on how I best serve them and myself? Books, articles etc. Any feedback would be appreciated

  54. Amy Reply

    Hi I was told today by a palm analyzer that she had never seen a hand like mine… She told me I have a whorl on all fingers and a whorl on each palm in my moon area on the side of my hands below my pinkie fingers. What does this mean…. She seemed shocked

    • Jena Griffiths Post authorReply

      Hi Amy, 12 whorls! That is amazing. Serve others and yourself by being a life coach or spiritual teacher.
      Good luck there.

  55. Penny Reply


    I came across this by accident got told years ago that I have these whorls on both palms and that I was extremely rare and would fulfill every stage of my life. That’s all I was told by a fortune teller and it has bothered me for years as to what exactly this means. No one else I know has these on their hands so I was always wondering what they mean?

  56. Stefanie James Reply

    I have a whorl on my Luna Mount on both my left and right hand – the one on my right is a proper spiral, the one on the left is a flatter one. On the right I have another whorl just below it that makes an ‘S’ shape.

    My mum, best friend and boyfriend all have flat ones on their right hands. I only discovered this recently and would love some information about it, I heard it is called an empath whorl and I have discovered recently (but before I was told what my whorls were) that I am also an empath. I am also studying to be a reiki healer and practice astrology and tarot.

  57. Jhonathan Free Reply

    I have whorls in both hands. I am confused by what to do as a “spiritual teacher”. Can you offer some guidance?

    • Jena Griffiths Post authorReply

      Hi Jhonathan,
      It really depends on what else you have in your fingerprints and of course your personality (hand shape and otehr markers).
      An umbrella title, without all this other information, might be “life coach”.
      Here’s how to book a consultation.
      All the best,

  58. swati Reply

    i have a whorl in my right hand palm as well as right leg palm. is it really spirituall?

    • Jena Griffiths Post authorReply

      think life coach if you aren’t spiritually inclined

  59. Angie Reply

    I know this post is old… But…. We just discovered a whorl on my daughter’s right palm on her Mound of Luna! Intrigued and curious, we researched it a little bit and read that it is very rare. She is five and when I first noticed it a few months ago, she said, “oh those are just my swirls, Mom! I’ve always had those!”
    Haha! Would love to learn more. We’ve been reading about it from various places on the internet. I took a picture of it and wanted to attach it here, but it doesn’t allow attachments.

  60. chewang Reply

    i have been wondering since when i was a child never bothered by moon whorls and i didn’t care about the whorls on my both hand palms however i searched about the whorls on internet today and and knew its called moon whorls or something and its you know kind of understandable even though i learned something so please let me understand even better

    • Jena Griffiths Post authorReply

      perhaps it is only now that you are ready to hear or need the information that your hands provide – according to the LifePrints system of analysing dermatogylphics, the way you shine best in the world is to be a spiritual teacher or life coach of some sort. Here’s an ebook
      or book a full consultation to see how this fits in with your entire personality,

  61. Andrea Reply

    Hi Jena

    I was doing some research and I have at least one whorl on the moon mount on one of my hands. The other hand I am not sure if it is a whorl or a double loop.

    The thing is that I am a certified life coach and hand analysis but I am not really practicing. Something is blocking me. I feel not good enough to do it.

    Can you shed some light into it. From a reading I had done my life lesson is emotional mastery.
    Thank you

    • Jena Griffiths Post authorReply

      HI Andrea

      Life coach sounds exactly right for you. Perhaps the belief that something is blocking you is what is actually the problem.
      Read my posts on trying to chase your purpose (yang) instead of just owning/being (yin) this. You are always this (moon whorl)
      but if you try to chase it you push it away (focus on the lack). You can’t try to have what you already are.

  62. Andrea Reply

    Thank you Jena.

    Is your course on life purpose based on LIfeprints book. If I got the book is that all you cover, or you have more? Thanks

  63. Sangeeta Grover Reply

    Hi jena , I have Solomon ring with sister line and medical four or stigmata .cross and star on Jupiter mount , sun line but only house wife. I hvall these good signs but not earning anything why

  64. Jen Reply

    I have a whorl finger print on my right palm only! I also find its a little raised (or puffier) And I have always wondered why it’s there!

  65. Clare Taylor Reply

    I’m new to all this! I had a palm analysis completed for my 40th birthday 2 weeks ago and was informed my life purpose includes big shot, creativity, success, mentor and empower. My life lesson is to love myself.

    She called me back a few days later excited, informing me I have a whorl on my right palm.

    I’d like to learn more about what this means, how I can overcome my life lesson, and follow my life purpose.

    Could you please point me in the right direction

    Thanks! Cheers Clare

  66. Muhammad Ayyoub Reply

    Dear Jena, thank you for this post. I have a whorl on my moon. I want more detailed analysis and guidance. How can I utilize my spirituality in a more productive manner? Do I need to seek permanent guidance from a spiritual leader? Best regards, Ayyoub

    • Jena Griffiths Post authorReply

      Muhammad, it is always good to have someone a few steps ahead of you pointing out the rocks in the path they nearly tripped over…
      The key is to find out what contracts you/the belief you are letting go of this time round. That’s visible in your fingerprints too as the location of the least complex fingerprint.

  67. Tiffany Way Reply

    Hi my name is Tiffany and I started looking into learning more about palms. And I am kind of stumped… I have a simian crease on both hands and the moon whirl on both hands. My question is what do they mean together?

  68. Arshad Syed Reply


    Please share your email ID to send you the pictures of my Moon mount where in I have whorl on my right hand moon mount and loop on the left hand moon mount, what does this signify??

  69. Kristine Reply

    I have the luna whorl on both hands, this is the first ive seen written about it ,.

  70. Mandy Byrne Reply

    Good day Gena, I have a peacocks eye on my moon mount. Can you please suggest where I can find literature on that.

  71. Melissa Burke Reply

    I have one on my right hand. Only one in my family. I’ve looked into it from time to time but often get disheartened when all I can find are articles with the link with austisim, downs and others. This is the first I’ve read with indication otherwise. I did read early studies examining those of German heritage. I am American, but my lineage is Danish and German. Do you know of any connection here?
    Thank you.

    • Jena Griffiths Post authorReply

      Everyone I have seen with this marker is perfectly fine. People from numerous countries around the world, but it would be interesting to explore the genealogy of each person.
      Every time you look at it, feel good about yourself. Smile. Breathe. The best theory about what it means is that life coaching or helping others with deep meanings is part of what you are about. If this resonates with you deeply, own it.

      • Melissa Burke Reply

        Thank you, it does indeed. I have long heard the palm is the blueprint of the mind. I would be very interested into looking into any connection with lineage. If there is any way I could assist with something like this, please let me know.
        Melissa (Foged) Burke

  72. Marek Reply


    and thanks for your interesting article…
    im a beginer of hand reading…
    and I found out that I have a lot of whorls and loops on my hands…
    on my left hand i have two moon loops:
    first is very big and looks like continuation of my head line…
    second is under first, is smaller and open to outside of palm…
    i never saw this combination on another palm or in literature…
    what doues it mean?
    on my right hand on moon i have something betweene loop and whorl… maybe peacock eye, open to head line…
    on all fingers i have whorls…
    and on both hand i have loop betwen mercury and apollo…
    on right hand is small and on left hand is big curving under apollo finger…
    my right hand is main…

  73. Arva Reply

    Hi I would love to have my palm read by you…let me know if thats possible and how..

  74. Megan Reply

    I have this on both of my lunar mounds and it makes sense because I am a psychic medium. This is so cool!! I would love to send you a closeup photo of my hands for you to take a look.

  75. Jenny Reply

    hello:) I just discovered a moon loop on the palm of my right hand. what does this mean?

    thank you kindly.

    • Jena Griffiths Post authorReply

      Hi Jenny, a loop on the moon is fairly common. I think about 25% of the time. we don’t count it towards the purpose unless all the fingerpints have lower ranked prints

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