Are you a spiritual teacher?

I was thrilled Sunday while palm reading at the Expat-Expo in Zug, when hand analyst author Alice Funk dropped in to have her hands analysed and to check out my new way of using EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) to tap on key markers that show up in your palms and fingerprints.

Alice Funk and Jena Griffiths at the Expat expo in Zug
Alice Funk and Jena Griffiths at the Expat expo in Zug

Alice wouldn’t approve of me calling what we do “palm reading”.

Why not?

Because the type of hand analysis that we both practice has nothing to do with predictive palmistry. In fact, rather the exact opposite.


Because hand analysis makes you more in charge rather than less in charge of what’s going on in your life.  Rather than making you feel like life is happening to you, hand analysis helps you awaken to the power of who you really are. The markings in your hand clearly show you that you’re a co-creator, not a victim.

How so?

Both the big you and the little you are visible in your hands. Hand analysts show you what choices you have and how easy it is to move from the shadow to the light once you know you do actually have a choice in the matter.

Alice is author of an excellent book on hand analysis called ‘Handanlyse’.

It’s the only widely available book on Richard Unger’s palm reading/hand analysis system that exists (beyond Lifeprints/fingerprint decoding) and it’s a must read for anyone even slightly curious about hands. Alice outlines much of Unger’s work beyond his LifePrints system. Unfortunately, Alice’s book is only available in German. It really should be translated into every language under the sun.

Alice has a very rare and beautiful marker on one of her hands and so I was delighted when she offered up her palms for an interpretation. I was keen to have another look at it as its a perfect example.

What special marker does Alice have?

A whorl in her moon!

Sounds like some kind of romantic waltz but in reality it looks like quite a different animal. More like a satellite photo of a massive cyclone right in the palm of her hand. (If you’d like to see what this looks like, scroll to the bottom of this post. Alice has given me permission to post her prints here but until I have them I’ve posted another example from my files.)

The moon whorl is the mark of a spiritual teacher or life coach, someone who is here to teach you how to access and connect with the deep intuitive or “spiritual” side of who you are.

This marker is so rare that if you have it, it overrules any other markers that show up in your fingerprints.

Taken together with Alice’s  other fingerprints,  this marker reveals that Alice’s life purpose is to be a successful and innovative spiritual advisor. I find this very fitting. Her book ‘Handanalyse’ is a beautiful expression of this life purpose in action. 

If you have this marker or you’d like to know more about this marker, make sure you’re subscribed to my newsletter as I’ll be making an hour long class on this and other moon markers freely available in the coming days.

What has this to do with Emotional Freedom Technique and  tapping?

We didn’t actually tap on Alice’s moon whorl but instead on another key marker, one that all of us have in some form or another. This is your Achilles heel or blind spot, or what Unger calls your ‘life lesson’.  The part of you that you’ve come here to heal.

Tomorrow we’ll look at Life lessons, what this has to do with you and how you can use EFT to heal your heel. : ))

Do you have a whorl in your palm like the one below?
hand analysis marker moon whorl, spiritual teacher, lifePrints marker
If so, you will feel deeply filfilled as a life coach or spiritual teacher

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