Earth School Reference Library of classes with Richard Unger and Jena Griffiths

Learn directly from the Maestro. Jena Griffiths brings the teacher of all accredited master hand analysts direct into your living room to teach you about your hands. Over a 6 year period, each week Jena grilled Unger on a different topic, getting him to explain the precise meanings and differences between markers.
You’ll get videos and recordings, plus a document on the topic plus prints. Whether you are a master analyst or a complete beginner, these classes are most affordable way to access state of the art hand analysis knowledge.
Comments from participants: “Extremely generous in content.” “Invaluable.”

Get the entire reference library (2010- 2016)

Unlock the entire Earth School Hand Analysis Reference Library

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An essential resource for professional hand analysts –
the entire Earth School reference library of classes with Richard Unger
and Jena Griffiths created over a 6 year period, 2010 – 2016.
Whenever you are unsure of a marker or want deeper insight, or tips on
any marker in particular, quickly find the information you need with instant
access to a fully searchable online reference library.

Go at your own pace

  • There is no need to download anything
  • Calls, reference documents, videos and all additional study notes and marked up documents are easily accessible
  • Easily to find exactly what you are looking for
  • Access to a huge reference library
  • Search any marker and get to the exact location when it was discussed during any of the classes
  • Train your eyes to tell the difference between complex hand shapes and be able to talk to clients about them
  • Advanced soul tracking training for a fraction of the normal price
  • A lot of this material is not available through any other course

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Individual Calls and Series

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$ 57 $ 47


$ 57 $ 47

Can’t Say No

$ 57 $ 47


$ 57 $ 47

desire pollution hand reading or palm reading marker

Don’t Know What You Want

$ 57 $ 47

Relationship Problems

Relationship Problems

$ 57 $ 47

Inner Critic

Inner Critic

$ 57 $ 47


$ 57 $ 47


$ 57 $ 47

hand analysis online classes with Richard Unger

Super Talented

$ 57 $ 47

Free Will vs Destiny

$ 57 $ 47

Responsibility vs Irresponsibility

$ 57 $ 47

fear of showing up hand analysis class

Showing Up

$ 57 $ 47

Child wearing a dunce cap

Fear of Success

$ 57 $ 47

Family Complications

Family Complications

$ 57 $ 47


$ 57 $ 47

Building a Successful
Practice – Part 1 & 2

$ 114 $ 79


$ 57 $ 47

The 39 Steps
to living on purpose

$ 114 $ 79

The Desire System

$ 57 $ 47

Hand Color and Transmutation

$ 57 $ 47

Famous Hands
Part 1 & 2

$ 114 $ 79

3 Axioms of Soul Psychology
Part 1 & 2 & 3

$ 141 $ 97

4 Tasks
of Psyche *

$ 57 $ 47

Soul Tracking

Using your emotional style to stay on purpose
$ 97 $ 74

Grief and Rage

How this shows plus tools
$ 57 $ 47

Gina Rehab

reconnecting with your passion
$ 57 $ 47

Delicious Dilemmas

in your hands
$ 57 $ 47


All 10 Life Lessons Theory Classes
The Life Lessons
More information here…

hand analysis training

Advanced Hand Shapes Series I
More information here …
16 Mythological Types (32 classes)


Advanced Hand Shapes Series II
Advanced Hand Shapes 2
12 more Archetypes (24 classes)

Gift markers hand analysis classes

Gift Markings
12 classes on 17 Gift markers
more information here ..
or 24 classes for hand analysts access here

Heart & the Spiritual Journey Markers
18 Challenge Marker classes
markers that indicate how
you might be holding yourself back.
more information here

Life Purpose Topic Calls
12 calls exploring Life Purpose
with Richard Unger and Jena Griffiths

print work

Soul tracking Classes


Soul Tracking exercises specific to each of the schools: love, peace, service and wisdom. Plus four common Life Lesson fingerprint patterns : Don’t worry be happy, No-one listens to me, Mr Not Enough and Worthy of love. Plus 4 Life Purpose common combos/ “Best Life” scenarios: The Shaman, The Pioneer, Public Impact in the Healing Arts and The Big Shot.


soul topic series

broken life line

Line formation topic Classes


An inexpensive way to learn Richard Unger’s hand analysis system
Very generous in content
Verticals Lines: Jupiter line variations, Saturn line variations, Apollo line variations, Mercury line variations Minor lines: Via lascivia lines, Venus Girdles Broken lines: Broken life lines and broken heart lines The Chakras
plus 3 hand shape variations:
The Samurai hand shape, Joplin Tip type and The Connoisseur hand shape.


More on this series

Query and practice threading classes


In this series practices combining fingerprints with line formations and hand shape over 10 video calls


More on this series

Practical Classes and Mentoring


Print work classes combining markers

Click for more Practical Classes and Pricing

Who is Richard Unger?

Richard Unger is the genius behind modern hand analysis and
author of LifePrints: deciphering your life purpose from your fingerprints.
Richard’s contribution to the world of hands is staggering. His work includes decoding fingerprints,
gift markers, heart line types, challenge markers, attack lines, and more recently
his breakthrough work on advanced hand shapes and career archetypes.

Who is Jena Griffiths?

jenagriffiths profile bw Jena Griffiths is a certified Master Hand Analyst and Life Purpose coach since 2005.
She hosted Richard weekly in Earth School (2010-2016) and also teaches and consults
in Zurich and internationally. Jena is a BA., BSc., and BSc hons graduate from the University of Cape Town.
(Majors: Psychology, Social Anthropology and Geography)
Post graduate degrees in Geography (UCT) and Education (PCE UNISA)
She worked many years as a copywriter before sailing around the world and changing her life
completely. She has been on a spiritual journey for + 20 years.

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